What's πŸ”₯ In Travel 2023

We unearthed 12 trends that are transforming travel, and curated 101 travel startups, apps, organizations and projects created by the Travel Massive community that showcase what's possible when we think differently.

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The year of Accessible Travel

1 in 5 people have a long-term health problem or disability. The state of Queensland, Australia declared 2023 the "year of accessible tourism". The market is estimated to be over $400 billion in North America, Europe alone.

Nomad Apps build communities

Digital nomads have built their own apps to maintain friendships and create new connections. Apps also provide city guides and resources for all-things nomadic.

The Coliving revolution

Co-living is growing in popularity as remote workers seek community and belonging. Accommodation platforms for nomads are also growing, including subscription living.

Slow Travel is a movement

Conscious travelers are staying longer in destinations, and where possible opting for trains and buses instead of planes.

Africa's hyper-growth

Africa's tourism sector is turning digital, with over 500 million internet users (and growing). Travel companies are tapping into local demand (Africa's population is 1.4 billion) and a growing number of international arrivals.

Affiliate Marketing is cool again

Travel bloggers are monetizing their content with modern affiliate programs that provide no-code widgets, real-time reporting, education, and online community portals.

Travel Tech empowers travel creators

Bloggers and influencers are turning their know-how into bookable tours, powered by platforms built for creators. Want to sell flights? You can do that too.

Gamification turns cities into playgrounds

Why follow a guide around town when you can make your own adventure! Gamification gives people agency to explore cities in new ways, either solo or in teams.

Trip Planning gains AI super powers

Travel plans can get complicated, so how do you keep track of everything? Trip planning apps are making a comeback with group sharing and AI-generated itineraries.

There's a map for that

Maps are a universal language, and curated maps are helping travelers find anything from quiet cafes to the best beers nearby. Or, publish your own maps with modern tools.

Micronations on the rise

Want to create your own country? There are around 140 active micronations β€” with their own flags, constitutions and currencies. Some even offer citizenship for a small fee.

Impact travel goes mainstream

Travelers are aware of their footprints and seek experiences that make a positive impact. A growing number of B Corps are bringing greater accountability and awareness to the tourism sector.

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Updated 31 August, 2023