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JellyRide ChatGPT trip planner

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Explore and discover destinations around the world based on your personal preferences and AI recommendations. Generate innovative travel ideas, and create tailored itineraries with our AI-powered travel assistant.

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Hey there Travel Massive community, I'm one of the JellyRide co-founders.

We are happy to share our AI solution for personalized travel ideas and experiences, across web and mobile platforms.

We believe that every journey starts with an ideation and meditation phase :) - like when you are on a coffee with your friends, or sitting on a couch and thinking "where could I go for my next adventure?", "what can I find there?". JellyRide is committed to making this process easier, funnier, and more engaging for everyone involved. After all, it is not only about one person, but about your friends, partner, or colleagues you are traveling with. You all deserve to have fun!

Your journey with JellyRide can start by visiting jellyride.ai. Fill in the form to discover some great ideas for your next travel. Or you can just hit the "Explore" button if you are feeling lucky :)

Our mission is to build a community with personalized travel experiences in focus, with travel seekers, on one side, and local tour providers on the other side. We believe in direct contact with full transparency among these parties, and this is the cornerstone around which we are building our matchmaking platform.

Are you eager to embark on this adventure with us?

We invite you to check our web and mobile apps and look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions.

1 year ago
Co-Founder, Travellerspoint

Hi Vedran, I thought I'd give it a go.

The problem is, I'm not willing to pay $5 for a "Full Preview" of my AI generated trip plan. Especially because I could only select between 1 and 5 day lengths and my actual trip is for 2 weeks so I already know it's not really suitable for my trip. But even if it was set to 2 weeks, I would still not pay because (based on the samples shown), the results look about like what I'd expect to get for free on ChatGPT's website (minus the photos I suppose).

Some feedback on the form
1. As mentioned, the 5 day restriction is a blocker
2. In my case, the destination (Darwin) does not have the four seasons, rather it has 2 seasons, wet and dry. So that field was kind of useless but I was forced to pick one anyway. Could I not pick the month of the year instead and the AI could work out what season that is?
3. The location select box including street addresses is too specific and just clutters the options.
4. Some suggestions on interests might be good to help with filling out that field.

Hope it helps.

1 year ago
Founder, Travel Massive

This was also my feedback to the team - although you do receive an email with a link to the full itinerary (for free), but this isn’t very clear.

1 year ago

Thanks Peter for the comments

We'll surely make some of the points and capabilities of our platform more clear as we see this creates a bit of confusion.

- Season vs. month is a very valid point and we are in fact already working on this (though, currently it is not a mandatory selection so you can skip selecting the season)
- Location input box is designed to be quite flexible so you can provide country, city, region, or even specific locality (like some National park or something). No need to provide more details (like the full address), unless you explicitly do so.

About the pricing - it might be a bit unclear as Ian mentioned - however, the price includes not only direct access to the itinerary with an unlimited number of travel ideas generation but also integration with our mobile app with priority access to current and upcoming features.
The itinerary itself is sent to your email with full access to details - and this is fully FREE.

Thanks again for your feedback - we are upgrading the system in behind as AI & GPT is evolving as well.

1 year ago

Hi Peter,
We are happy to share that users can now select up to 14-day length itineraries (soon it will be even more).
Users also now select month (not season) as a preferred period for their travel.

We have listened to our users' voices and have also updated how our pricing plan is applied. Travel idea generations are now fully free for all itineraries up to 5 days length. For longer stays, if users want to enjoy full access and sync with a mobile app, we provide an option with a paid plan, the same price as earlier.

Thank you for your valuable comments earlier!

11 months ago
Founder, Nomad Stays

Concept looks great. Wide variety of leisure travel suggestions noted. Didn't get to see any results though as it requires a Google or Facebook account login. That's a roadblock but let me know when you change it and I'll try another test.

1 year ago

Thanks Mark for your feedback.
We are extending our login options so we'll surely let you know when more options are there.
We'd surely love to hear your full first-hand experience then :)

1 year ago (edited)
Founder, Nomad Stays

Super. Thanks.

1 year ago
Business Planning Manager-New Business development, INFINI TRAVEL INFORMATION Inc.

Very good. Would you ever consider long stay periods like 14-21 days? (I thought 5 days was the max.) I tried a Japan destination check, but was unsure about the content based on the preview email, so I opted out. Can you share what you are using for local informations sources...just curious?
Best of success to you.

1 year ago

Thanks Scott for the feedback, appreciated!

We are looking into extending the travel periods to at least 14 days - the main consideration at the moment is the time needed to generate longer itineraries - for that reason, we have currently limited it to 5 days only. We hope to extend it soon.

About the information sources - we are connected to several ones, but primarily taking the information from Open AI's GPT, alongside integration with other providers for images, maps, locations etc. to improve interactivity, especially via the mobile app.

1 year ago
Business Planning Manager-New Business development, INFINI TRAVEL INFORMATION Inc.

Thanks for the quick reply. Looks promising to me!

1 year ago

Thanks Scott
We'll be happy to give you a ping once we extend our itineraries to 14+ days.

1 year ago

Hi Scott,
Just a short update that we have recently enabled longer stays for our travel ideas creation, up to 14 days. We are looking into extending this even further soon.

Thank you for your valuable feedback and interest shown earlier :)

11 months ago
Business Development, Travel Startups

Hey, you mentioned that "We empower tour agencies with automated content creation and presentation, trends insights ...". Could you please give more details on how it works?

1 year ago

Hi Leonid, thanks for getting in touch..
Sure, here are few guidelines on how to use more of the power of our platform:
1. Go to jellyride.com
2. Create account via Login/SignUp button
3. Create trips, activities or offers and distribute/present them to the audience via E-shop, mobile app or via invitation links

Feel free to get in touch via vedran@jellyride.com or support@jellyride.com if you need any assistance.


1 year ago (edited)
Business Development, Travel Startups

Thank you! Do you mean that me as a travel agency can use your service as a private person? So you don't have specific functionality for travel agencies, right?

P.S. I can't longin in the app. I don't receive a code. I have Kazakhstan number.

1 year ago

Sure Leonid, you are welcome

Let me give a bit further an overview of our platform :)

Our platform consists of 3 components:

1. Web portal/dashboard (portal.jellyride.com) - designed for tour guides and agencies to create, present/sell their experience offers and enable online bookings/collect online payments

2. Mobile app (Android & iOS) - designed for travellers and tour providers.
- Travellers can search for existing activities or create their own, team up into activities and share content/tags/impressions/images among each other.
- Tour providers use mobile apps as a channel to present and sell their offers as well as coordination tool for guided-tours activities on the field.

3. GPT Trip planner (jellyride.ai) - designed for everyone who wants to get some travel ideas and proposals. Can be connected with mobile app for a seamless experience across platforms.

So back to your question - you probably tried to install the mobile app (as it requires a phone number for a verification). But for a set of tour agency/tour guide exclusive tools, you should visit jellyride.com -> Login, or simply go to portal.jellyride.com and register with email. This should be straightforward.

Let me know if any obstacles or any further assistance needed.

P.S. We can look into the potential issue with a Kazakhstan number - generally we support telcos numbers globally.

1 year ago (edited)

Hey Travel Massive friends,

We are happy to share that we have recently upgraded our JellyRide AI travel ideas explorer with additional options and a more convenient subscription plan for users.

You can now:
- create travel idea proposals for up to 14-day stays (soon even longer stays to come)
- select the exact preferred month of travel
- share more details about the travel reason, like vacation, honeymoon, or simply discovering exotic destinations or looking for better weather :)
- also an option to select a budget category is provided (though, this is somewhat arbitrary per individual, country income, etc.)

From now on, all trips and itineraries for up to 5 days are fully free.

It is continuously improving with more capabilities and options.
Hope you'll try and enjoy it!

Vedran & JellyRide team

Announced 11 months ago

Hey Vedran, it's a good concept however unfortunately the suggestions were poor / irrelevant.

I tried 5 days Tokyo Luxury Trip - "Onsen", "Foodie", "Ryokan"

The suggested trip was very generic that was basically taking the usual tourist spots to visit in Tokyo without any deep consideration on my queries.

- The suggestions were not luxurious at all eg. suggesting to go to an old street, cemetery.
- It didn't suggest any ryokans to stay in
- It did suggest an "onsen" themepark (not a real onsen) that is already closed down.

I guess it's the limitation of OpenAI rather than your trip planner tool.

7 months ago

Thank you Jeremy, your feedback is very much appreciated.

You are right :) - we are sometimes struggling with ChatGPT to extract the most relevant information. Hopefully, with the next update to the most recent GPT engine, we'll be able to direct it to provide more relevant and up-to-date suggestions.

We are looking forward to sharing with community the updates as soon as they are live.

Kind regards

7 months ago
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