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Beyond Angkor Wiki of all the historical sites associated with the ancient Khmers

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Beyond Angkor is a wiki that aims to document all the historical sites associated with the ancient Khmers.

The online database features comprehensive maps of historical Khmer sites across South East Asia, with many categories such as ancient bridges, villages, and carvings.

👋 Meet the team behind the project at beyondangkor.org/index.php/Meet_the_Team
📸 Photos from Facebook page: facebook.com/BeyondAngkor.org

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Founder, Travel Massive

I came across this in @travelfish's couchfish newsletter (thanks, Stuart!).

The ancient Khmers left behind a vast historical legacy in Southeast Asia.

Beyond Angkor is created by some temple enthusiasts with over 5000 hours of work over the past 2.5 years, and is entirely non-profit and privately funded. They claim to be compiling the most comprehensive database of Khmer sites with many never before documented and catalogued sites.

I've traveled over many parts of South East Asia and have always found ancient sites and ruins of temples fascinating. This is a really great project and worth supporting!

The online documentary page is a good place to learn more: beyondangkor.org/index.php/Recommended_Documentaries

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Hey Ian, which newsletter in couchfish did you see it? I can't seem to locate it when I jumped on.
Are you able to send me a screen shot? Much appreciated.

11 months ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Allan, it was in the Travelfish newsletter (not Couchfish, my bad)

Here's the link:


11 months ago
Event Organizer & Traveler, GlobalGaz

Look forward to checking this out. Angkor and its associated temples are one of history's greatest gift. This kingdom was an amazing period of time.

1 year ago

Thanks Ian for your shout out, much appreciated :)

11 months ago
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