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NomadMania A hub for global explorers to track and map their travels

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NomadMania provides powerful tracking and planning tools to navigate your journeys.

NomadMania is absolutely free. We’re a registered not-for-profit organisation dedicated to educating about the world and helping people with limited means to travel more. We are committed to raising awareness and believe in making a positive impact through meaningful, sustainable travel that benefits travellers and destinations.

The basic entry feature we offer is creating your map of visited places. And then rabbit hole takes you very far depending how nomadMANIAC you are. Just give a try and design your map at nomadmania.com

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Partner, NomadMania

Hey there. I'm Orest, a partner at NomadMania. I visited over 130 countries and can't imagine my life without traveling and exploring the world. That's why I'm super excited to share this project with you.

Our unique positioning is that we approach the world and travel beyond a conventional division into continents and countries. We aim to go deeper and further. Thus we decided to divide the world into regions which in our opinion is a better approach to understand and explore our Planet.

Our Masterlist is made up of 1301 regions. We divide countries based on 5 Criteria:

- Territory (Size)
- Population
- Cultural Importance (World Heritage) and Cultural Diversity
- Economic Significance
- Tourist Appeal (based on tourist arrivals)

We then seek to divide each country in regions relative to other countries, so that our list of regions is rational and each country gets its relative worth in terms of regions. There are some exceptions for ethnically divided nations (such as Bosnia and Herzegovina) or for small island nations (such as Micronesia).

We believe that a total number of about 1,300 regions is optimal – big enough to be challenging, small enough to be achievable. Beginner travellers and real vagabonds who visited every country on Earth have their profile on NomadMania.

Recently we've upgraded out functionality making the entire platform more user friendly. Have fun and let us know if you have any suggestions for improvements :-)

👋 Let me know what do you like about it and what not. Let's connect!

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Founder, Nomad Stays

Yes, this is a very cool travel recording app. Months of work must have gone into it - great job!

1 year ago
Partner, NomadMania

Thanks. In fact - year of work :-)

1 year ago
Founder, Nomad Stays

Yeah - the more I play the more I see how much work has gone into it. Great job - I'm loving it.

1 year ago
Partner, NomadMania

Cool map :-) I see you did some serious travels.

1 year ago
YouTube | OTA, African Travel Crew

Looks pretty cool. Def going to play around with it.

1 year ago
Partner, NomadMania

Can't wait to see your map

1 year ago
Event Organizer & Traveler, GlobalGaz

A great platform, a great resource. An excellent way to track your travels as well as help you plan your travels by region.

1 year ago
Partner, NomadMania

Thanks, Ric. I guess next year we'll meet somewhere in Soth-East Asia if not earlier ;-)

1 year ago

Hi, I’m Mette and chair of NomadMania executive Committee. I am still more engaged in NomadMania as it is both such a cool website and app to track, register and map my travels, and to get inspired to going deeper as there are 1301 regions rather than just countries and then even lists of all thing cool as unesco world Heritage sites, lighthouses, architecture, museums, national parcs, darc sode and art. Furthermore I personally love, that its such good values that run through all activities like July being sustainable travel month with balanced and nuanced advises and Annual Awards focusing on amazing Travelers in such a positive way.

I always traveled. Traveled solo and with family and now as much as possible with my three kids who are 15-21 years old and have visited 85-122 countries each. So for me finding NomadMania was really cool and something I love spending time doing. I even had my travels verified by NomadMania.

1 year ago
Founder, Filipino World Travelers

Hi Everyone! I'm Dondon, a NomadMania Executive Committee member and I lead the sustainable travel advocacy initiatives. We're excited to focus on sustainable travel this July to increase awareness on this important topic for our travel community. Come and visit our website to fill up a sustainable travel survey, register to attend our webinar on the last Saturday of the month where we will discuss about how to travel sustainably with our partners: Center for Responsible Travel as well as the Travel Care Code Initiative. Check out our blogs on sustainable travel topics as we look to connect independent travellers, inspiring them to go beyond the ordinary and obvious through deep, meaningful, and sustainable exploration.

1 year ago
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