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July 2022
Listen to immersive natural soundscapes is a non-profit, free repository of pure, immersive natural soundscapes as a fundraising platform for local, grassroots charities.

The platform provides a world map featuring natural sounds from around the globe β€” from an island in Costa Rica to native rainforest in Tasmania, and more.

🌍 Dubbed the "Spotify for natural soundscapes"
🎧 shares new natural soundscapes every three days.
πŸ€— Support local charities who are taking care of the Earth
πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ Listening to natural soundscapes has a great positive impact on our wellbeing.
🐘 Soundscapes are increasingly scarce as humans continue to destroy ecosystems.

Learn more about the project, founded by Catalin Zorzini, at

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26 days ago

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Founder, Travel Massive

This is a great gem of website, especially if you need some relaxing music while writing your blog. I hope others enjoy it, and let me know your favourite location.

1 month ago (edited)
Travel storyteller, WideOyster Media

Super cool. (-:

1 month ago
Travel Blogger and App Developer, VacationCounts

Very cool idea and helps support charities as well! I'm always looking for travel inspirational background soundtracks. I'll give it a try for sure. Hopefully you can launch it as a Chrome extension or Chrome app so it is always handy.
One issue I had was the first soundscape I selected did not work: "INDONESIA - NEW GUINEA - LOWLAND RAINFOREST DAWN Birds Head Peninsula, West Papua". Every other one after that seemed to play fine.
Good luck with this worthy project.

26 days ago
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