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How far can you go by train in Europe?

How far you can travel from each station in Europe in less than 5 hours?

🚞 Hover your mouse over a station to see the isochrones from that city.
📍 An isochrone depicts the area accessible from a point within a certain timeframe.
👨‍💻 Created by Benjamin Td (, a developer based in Paris.

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10 days ago

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Founder, Travel Massive

This is a great little website I came across, that allows you to explore how far you can travel in Europe from any major train station, within 5 hours.

Check the website for more details about the project:

12 days ago (edited)
Social Media Enroute Communications and freelance writer, Life is Full of Adventures

Love this, travelling from London to Rome via train in the fall!

12 days ago
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