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Safari Wallet A marketplace of African experiences

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Safari Wallet is a personalized online travel marketplace that gives ownership, freedom, and access to local Africans travelers and beyond to search, find, design, compare and buy holidays experience from local African tourism operators, and local guides β€” with the flexibility of their income flow, time preferences, and securely pay per installments.

We create and enable affordable travel experiences for local Tanzanians, Inter-regional African travel, as well as transformative experiences for the African diaspora and global travellers interested in ethical African travel.

The Safari Wallet travel team has the unique taste of a multicultural collection of people that carries an international mix of mentors who are playing a big role on the advisory board of Safari Wallet.

πŸ† Second place winner 2022 at the Social Entrepreneurship Competition (socialtourismcompetition.com)

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Ceo, Safari Wallet

Lots of thanks to Travel Massive for featuring us here.

My name is Iddy (Eid) John, a founder, and CEO of Safari Wallet; we brought Safari Wallet to life to change the notion of travel for local Africans, build a culture of travel, make it easy for locals to travel, and localize the African travel for locals as well as empowering services providers on the sector economically.

African tourism for decades it has been only being promoted to the west - i.e.: America, Asia, and Europe, which is a good thing.! But it can be a pain for locals to afford to access their dream holidays for many reasons, including pricing, packages, experience, and the timing of everything. On the same note, most on-land service providers focus on something other than thinking local.

Safari Wallet is a travel fintech. It aims to connect both service providers on one platform and also build a culture for locals to travel by making it easy and accessible for all types of experiences locals would like to access or buy, and they have the opportunity of buying slowly in instalments or access Pay After Travel service - where they when back from their travel.

We wish to make it simple for a local Tanzanian to visit Namibia and a Cape Town fellow to access Zanzibar easily.

The local Africans who could travel within Africa despite all challenges that are there are more than 26 Million middle-class Africans, all we have to do is the proper work, and I know for a fact that will sustain several smb-operators, businesses, local guides who depend on the gig economy and majority of those who are employed within the sector.

1 year ago
Director, Traveltech for Scotland

Thanks for sharing - this is a fantastic idea

1 year ago
Ceo, Safari Wallet

Thank you Joshua, we should connect

1 year ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Iddy, thanks for sharing Safari Wallet with the Travel Massive community and congratulations on your achievements.

I agree with Joshua - it’s fantastic to see African innovation provide a solution and service that benefits both sides of the tourism market.

How do you find tech talent in Tanzania? Are you working with local universities or developing the tech skills within you business?

All the best from Tasmania!

1 year ago
Travel Blogger, Travel & Marketing Consultant

Love this! It's great to hear about your vision for Safari Wallet and your goal of making travel more accessible for local Africans. It's true that African tourism has primarily been promoted to western countries, and it's important to empower locals to explore their own continent and build a culture of travel.

1 year ago
Ceo, Safari Wallet

Hey Ian, thank you for the reply - the talent pool is has lots options but its so difficult to fetch pure talent, getting the right talent is an issue in short, I must tell you! However, we were lucky to have two brilliant in-house local engineers, and here and there, we had to consult external talent for short time support. Still, identifying one can sometimes be challenging since we have lots that can not do what they say they can.

1 year ago
Ceo, Safari Wallet

That is very true, Joyce. We wish to see more local traveling and contribute to building a solid domestic African market that can serve the African tourism sector and make it sustainable with an economic impact on all levels, from low to high.

1 year ago
Tourism Consultant, Brand It Now

Great concept Iddy! The web app UX is easy to navigate and the listed destinations / experiences are well packaged. I have a proposal that will make your marketplace even better than it already is. Let's connect.

1 year ago
Ceo, Safari Wallet

Hey Des.! Happy to connect with you.! I'll be happy to listen to you

1 year ago
πŸ‘‹ Welcome to the Travel Massive community!
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