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Share your travel plans and meet new friends
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December 2022
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Nomadago is a social app to keep nomads connected around the world and meet new travelers along the way.

Add your friends, post your travel calendar, discuss plans, and get notified when your paths cross. We’ve made it easy to schedule trips with friends and cut out the back and forth messaging of where everyone will be visiting.

🗺 Create your personal travel community as you move around the world.
📣 Share plans to keep friends up to date on where you’ll be.
🤝 Post or browse public plans to meet new travel buddies.
🗓 Search plans by date range when planning for a certain time period.
🗾 Filter by specific country to see all upcoming plans there.
✅ Mark plans as Official, Tentative, Looking for Friends, Looking for Roommates.
📍 Track past plans to see everywhere you’ve visited.

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Hello Travel Massive Community! I wanted to share Nomadago with everyone as an easy way for this community to stay in touch around the world.

I started Nomadago in 2021 after a few years of nomading full time. I met so many amazing people each place I went but would always run into troubles planning when we would see each other next. The constant messaging, changing of plans, and last second scheduling made it a logistical nightmare to keep track of. It often led to falling out of touch with friends or missing simple opportunities to meet up.

So I decided to make this process easier with Nomadago! I initially created an MVP version that received instant positive feedback, and this summer my co-founders and I released version 2 of Nomadago. Nomadago is now helping 1500+ users stay connected around the world and we think it would help this community as well! Please let us know how we can improve as you use the app so we can continue building the best product for nomads.

5 months ago (edited)
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Ben, thanks for sharing Nomadago with the Travel Massive community.

Congrats on the user growth (I’m a member!) and the updates to the app. It’s very fast and easy to use, well done.

If possible, a magic link / passwordless login option would be great.

I’m not clear what to comment on other people’s plans - I could probably offer advice/contacts for most places but not sure if that’s the intent. This part of the UX could be underutilized.

Last, I noticed a brand profile - are you differentiating between people and brands? I think they should be separated because talking to a logo is less personal than a real person. Something to consider!

5 months ago

Awesome to see you on the app, Ian!

This is great feedback, it helps a lot with prioritizing what to build next.

The magic login is a good point and we probably need to push that up the roadmap.

That's very interesting on the comments section! I think we need to give guidance on best practices for utilizing comments. I'm thinking now that an intro tutorial to the app could be very useful in general. The comments section are meant to be open for any type of conversation. People often give advice on a location, discuss the details, or sometimes it's a casual "hi".

We do have companies signed up adding trips and events on there as a marketing tactic and a way to help keep their communities connected. We definitely want to create business specific profiles that cater to a brand's needs so that is on the roadmap but were still in the process of researching exactly what features would make up a business profile. Would you ever look into creating a profile for Travel Massive for the meetups around the world? I'd be happy to talk that over in more detail with you!

5 months ago
Founder, Travel Massive

I've thought about offering an API (json feed) of Travel Massive meetups for developers.

5 months ago

Love this app! Been using it for a year now and it has really helped keep me in touch with some of my best travel friends. I’ve been able to catch a friend in Portugal I otherwise wouldn’t have known was there, as well as help me plan for a future trip by seeing where my friends were going. Would definitely recommend a download!

5 months ago

Thanks Danny! Glad to hear it's helping out with your travels.

5 months ago

Huge fan of the app. As someone who travels a lot I used to feel as if I would meet super cool people then never seen them again. Now, wherever I go I tell new friends to download the app so I can follow their plans and hopefully meet up in the future. Recently, I noticed that a friend and I are going to be in the same city in a few weeks. I reached out and we’re going to be able to meet up. The app really makes it easy to have one social media platform where I can communicate with friends and make concise travel plans.

5 months ago (edited)

That's amazing to hear Connor! We love to see it keeping friends connected.

5 months ago
Event Organizer & Traveler, GlobalGaz

Hey Ben ... this seems like a powerful tool to network across the globe. I will be downloading the app. Continued success. A fellow Bostonian.

5 months ago

Thanks Ric! Great to see more Bostonians on the app. I hope you find it useful.
If you have any feedback once you check it out, let me know!

5 months ago