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October 2021
An accessible travel community to make travel more inclusive

TabiFolk is a social network for people to share information and ask questions about accessible and inclusive travel.

15% of the world's population has some sort of disability and this number is expected to grow as the populations of many countries age. Often people with specific needs travel with multiple companions and stay longer - a multiplying effect for their economic impact on tourism. But it is still an untapped market that is eager for accessible travel opportunities - first movers can have the opportunity to find loyal customers who are very eager to share successes with their peers!

We have groups based on different locations and themes where members, guides, and companies can interact and help remove the extra concerns many people with disabilities have when traveling. "Is there an accessible tour of Paris?" "Hey I just found a great accessible taxi company in Tokyo", "What are the accessible toilets like in Mexico City?" - community and communication!

Users can connect with others and build friendships, and each user has their own blog where they can share their personal travelogs.

Guides and companies are welcome to join. In fact, we encourage it! If you chose to register as a guide or company, you can also share some of your tours/packages on your profile. (Though, please focus on ones that are the most open to everyone.
We are all in this together, so come join us and prepare for your next trip or help others get ready for theirs!

We welcome everyone - if you are interested in expanding your offerings, or have questions about how to best serve a new customer with a disability, this is a great place to start!

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18 days ago
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Founder, TabiFolk

Hey! I'm Josh and I started TabiFolk because it is the site I always wished I had when I prepare to travel. No one made it, so I decided to!

I have cerebral palsy and use a power wheelchair to get around. I love to travel, but there are so many unknowns when you are traveling with a disability: can I get an accessible hotel room? Can the shuttle bus to the airport accommodate a wheelchair? I really want to go to xyz but can I get in?

I am so excited to see the way the internet has improved access to this type of information, but there is still so much that falls between the cracks... I wanted to create a community where people could ask locals, guides, or those who have already been about their next destination, get answers, and stop worrying so they can enjoy their trip! And then, when they get home, give back to the community by sharing their knowledge. I sure want to!

I hope that you can join me in this community, help welcome people to the places you live and work, and find new ways to make travel more inclusive!

17 days ago (edited)
Content Manager & Travel Coach, Vacayou Wellness Travel

Hi Josh! I'd love to interview you for a piece on Vacayou Magazine about accessible and inclusive travel. How can I reach you?

17 days ago
Founder, TabiFolk

Hi! Sure! I don't really want to put me email up here and don't see a way to send messages... you can add me as a contact on TabiFolk and send me a message:

17 days ago
Content Manager & Travel Coach, Vacayou Wellness Travel

Thanks Josh!

15 days ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Josh, thanks for sharing your amazing community with Travel Massive! I just signed up to TabiFolk and the onboarding was really straight forward and mobile friendly (love the welcome email with tips).

I’ve joined a couple of groups so looking forward to getting notified of new discussions.

What’s planned for future updates on the site?

12 days ago (edited)
Founder, TabiFolk

Thank you! Hoping to get an app out soon!

12 days ago
Founder, The Travel Community Hub

Hiya Josh, nice to see you here :)

8 days ago
Founder, TabiFolk

Good to be here!

8 days ago
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