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Active Africa Luxury active travel experiences in Africa

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Active Africa was founded by a tribe of walkers, climbers and mountaineers. So it is unsurprising that our goal is to share Africa’s high and wild places with travellers who enjoy exploring on foot.

We have been designing and leading walking and trekking tours for nearly 20 years, from Table Mountain in the south, to Kilimanjaro near the equator and Toubkal in the north. Our philosophy is to encourage our guests to travel slowly, whether on multi-day treks, safaris or short city tours. By exploring on foot, we’re able to immerse ourselves in the environment around us.

From south to north, Africa offers some of the most diverse and exciting travel destinations in the world. We offer culinary and historical walking tours in world class Cape Town with its luxurious hotels, exceptional restaurants and plentiful outdoor activities. Our cultural walks through Kigali demonstrate how trendy neighbourhoods blend modern conveniences with traditional ways. And in Old Cairo, we follow the cobbled back streets that tourists won't find as we indulge in the tastes and smells that are authentically Cairene.

Every trip is personally designed and curated by one of our founders, in consultation with the traveller or their agent. We are committed to making Africa accessible to travellers who are looking for more than just safari.

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Co-founder, Active Africa

Hi everyone, Jacqui here. After many years of study, culminating in a doctorate in molecular biotech, I took a year on sabbatical and led safaris into Africa. Well, that was more than 20 years ago and I guess I'm still on sabbatical.

During that year and the many after that, I met travellers who regaled our tour groups with stories of far-flung adventures. It was the unforgettable experiences that made them continue to travel. Fast forward 10 years and I found myself designing trips for travellers like those I met. I decided that I would create those unforgettable experiences that would be recounted around dinner tables for years.

Africa is an easy place to do that. This continent is blessed with a diversity of landscapes, people and cultures that get under your skin in a way that makes you want to return again and again.

We work with local suppliers and guides throughout the continent, who share our passion for learning, sharing and delighting. If Africa is on your bucket list (and ESPECIALLY if it isn't!), consider visiting and we wager you'll fall under its spell..

NB: We work closely with private trip planners and agents who do not have a footprint in Africa.

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