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The Principality Of Sealand Is this the smallest country in the world?

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The Principality of Sealand has their own flag, national anthem, currency and so much more. So does that make it a country?

Sealand is located in the North Sea off of the UK and can only be reached by boat or helicopter.

I was fortunate enough to be invited by the Royal Family of Sealand to visit, and I wrote about it on my blog.

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Founder, Travel Massive

Great article and interview, thanks for sharing Ric!

I was curious how many other island-based micronations there are, and came across this Wikipedia article: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_micronations which lists approximately 100 or so self-proclaimed entities.

How many people in the "country counting" community are also visiting micronations? And do you plan on visiting more?

2 years ago
Event Organizer & Traveler, GlobalGaz

I have seen that list on wikipedia ... it is quite fascinating. And there are a lot more than that as well.

I think the biggest challenge is determining how many micronations there are. I am not sure there is a clear number on that. Jonny Blair has a list of 600 or so "countries" he is chasing with a lot of micronations.

2 years ago
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The Principality Of Sealand

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