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colive values stay in remote work communities that share your values & interests

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colive values is a platform for remote workers to discover & book tailored remote work communities across the globe which share their values and interests πŸ•‰οΈ πŸ„πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

Whether you're a digital nomad, remote worker, or just looking for your next workation, colive values helps you find an inspiring community to embrace your remote lifestyle and thrive personally and professionally.

Our mission is to connect you with:
β€’ like-minded people who share your values/interests πŸ‘‹
β€’ incredible new locations to explore together 🌴
β€’ a supportive, inspiring environment that boosts productivity and accountability 🎧

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Hi everyone πŸ‘‹, I'm super excited to be launching colive values, a platform that I think you'll love. Here's my story.

Three months ago, I decided to embark on a workation of sorts to combat the social isolation I had been experiencing from WFH life as well as to escape the freezing Canadian winter ❄️

Fortunately, as a remote worker, my company allowed me the freedom to work from anywhere for a few months in the year. However, most of my friends did not have the same flexibility. Hence, I turned to the internet to search for communities of other remote workers that I could become a part of and alleviate my feelings of loneliness.

The search proved to be quite challenging, as popular communities were often fully booked out. I found myself scanning through old Reddit posts, blog articles, abandoned websites, and random Twitter threads in hopes of finding the right community. It was utterly frustrating.

When I finally did find a community with availability in Medellin, Colombia πŸ‡¨πŸ‡΄, I arrived with high hopes, only to realize that it lacked the sense of community I was looking forward to.

This process led me to the create colive valuesβ€”a platform for remote workers to discover and book exceptional communities worldwide 🌍 to work from, centered around a community-first approach shaped by shared values and interests.

Our mission is straightforward, we aim to help remote workers find their perfect community and thrive by:
- connecting them with like-minded individuals πŸ„,
- captivating new locations to explore together 🌴,
- and a supportive, inspiring environment fostering productivity and accountability 🎧.

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