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Natural Habitat Adventures

Marketing Production Manager

Natural Habitat Adventures (Nat Hab), a global nature travel company based in Boulder County, Colorado, is seeking an experienced Marketing Production Manager to take ownership of several important programs that promote Nat Hab’s worldwide travel experiences and advance our mission of conservation through exploration. This person will join a high-performing marketing team to meaningfully contribute to this inspiring company’s continued growth and success.

Louisville, Colorado
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Customer Success Account Manager

We are seeking a highly motivated, tech-savvy Customer Success Account Manager to join our dynamic team at a fast-growing Travel/Restech SaaS company.

As a Mid-Level Customer Success Account Manager, you will be responsible for maintaining close relationships with our clients, resolving common (and, with help, uncommon) technical issues, keeping up with frequent product changes, conducting sales demos for prospects in the U.S., onboarding new clients (via Zoom and occasionally in-person), escalating larger issues to YouLi’s product team, and ensuring overall customer happiness & success.

This is a remote position, with our core team based in Australia and other support team members based in the Americas, offering the flexibility to work from home or an agreed upon location with a solid WiFi connection. However, core hours will likely be 10am-6pm PST (U.S.) but this may be adjusted during the training period to accommodate different timezones.

Remote - PST Timezone
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Discover Africa Group

Africa Travel Safari Expert

Bellville, Western Cape, South Africa
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Marketing Designer (Email, Digital, Web)

Nebraska & New Jersey, United States
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Partnership Manager

If you have experience in a travel agency or ticket sales and passenger support - we are waiting for you at !

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Social Entrepreneurship Competition in Tourism

Final Call: Apply for the Social Entrepreneurship Competition (€3000 prize fund)

⏰ Deadline for applications is 30 June 2024 (11:59 CET)

We are thrilled to announce a €3000 prize for the winners of the Social Entrepreneurship Competition in Tourism, provided by our new partner – Neusta Destination One! 🎉

The two first place winners in Launch and Growth Tracks will receive €1000 each, and second place winners - €500 each.

Don't forget there are many more benefits not only for the winners:
• 8-week mentorship program for 10 finalists
• Increased visibility for your project
• Expert feedback on your application
• Access to video educational resources
• Networking opportunities with other social entrepreneurs

Learn more and apply before 30 June at

Online / Global
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Survey: AI and travel publishing

Given the news that some AI platforms are ignoring robots.txt, here’s a survey I’ve put together looking to get a handle on sentiment among travel publishers (of all flavours) about their work and AI. I plan to keep it open until the end of July, then will publish takeaways from it. If you’re in the travel field, please consider both filling it out & sharing it widely!

It should take 5-10 minutes to fill out, and final page has some links for further reading should you want to learn a bit more about what is going on.

Thanks! — Stuart McDonald, Founder,

In your hammock
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Senior Frontend Engineer

Fully Remote (within Europe only)
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Head of SEO

Vienna, Austria (Hybrid)
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Extraordinary Travel Festival

Call For Speakers: The Extraordinary Travel Festival

The Extraordinary Travel Festival is a gathering of the world’s most accomplished, avid, and adventurous travelers. 200+ travelers are gathering in Bangkok (November 15-17, 2024) for a multi-day event full of speakers and social get-togethers.

Who Should Apply? Those who can be categorized as accomplished, avid, and/or adventurous travelers. Check out the current speakers to get a sense of their travel CVs at

Keynote Talks: Motivational, inspiring, unique, storytelling.

• Travelling to every country in the world without flying on a 10-year unbroken journey
• Building 17 schools in the fabled city of Timbuktu to fight Islamic extremism
• Living with a local family in Mogadishu in a homestay

Breakouts Sessions: Product experts in visiting a difficult country (e.g. not visiting Iraq for 3 weeks, but visiting Iraq multiple times over different time frames for cumulative months)

• Visiting PNG over 10 times for a cumulative 12 months in the country
• Travelling independently for 4 months in West Africa

How to apply: Send us your pitch with your Bio and Topic Overview to with "Speaker" in the subject line.

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Bangkok, Thailand

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