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Wheel the World

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Wheel the World is an online travel agency for travelers with disabilities and seniors to travel the world.

Find and book accessible Places to Stay, Things to Do, and Multi-day Trips +160 destinations with detailed information about accessibility and an experienced customer support.

We are the most comprehensive guide for travelers with disabilities to find and book accessible travel experiences. We provide detailed information about what is accessible and specialized customer support throughout the entire experience, making sure your needs are fulfilled before, during, and after your trip.

๐Ÿ† Growth Track Winner 2022 at the Social Entrepreneurship Competition (

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Founder, Wheel the World

Thanks for featuring Wheel the World!

At Wheel the World we are using the power of technology to make travel more accessible and allow people with disabilities explore the world without limits.

We believe that we, people with disabilities, should experience the world like anyone else. We know that all of us have different needs when it comes to accessibility and planning a trip can be a big effort.

8 months ago (edited)
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Alvaro,

Thanks for sharing Wheel the World with the Travel Massive community, and congratulations on winning the Social Entrepreneurship Competition in Tourism!

Accessible beaches in Tasmania (where I live) have been recently highlighted in our local news as an issue that needs to be addressed (both for locals and tourists). With this in mind, Wheel the World acts as a helpful showcase of accessible places and demonstrates a huge market that destinations are missing out on if they don't invest in accessibility.

Any plans to add Australia to your list of destinations? :)

8 months ago (edited)