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Ancestral Teachers Learn ancestral skills through tourism

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Ancestral Teachers is a platform that connects travelers with unique community-based tourism projects, where they can learn or refine ancestral skills (such as textiles, ceramics, cooking, music) directly from local experts.

Despite the efforts of the UNWTO and national governments to promote rural tourism, many rural communities still face challenges with short stays and low demand.

Our goal is to address these challenges by offering extended stays and making rural communities more appealing to travelers. To achieve this, we plan to provide an 'e-learning' module before they arrive. This will include information about the community and a theoretical foundation of the skill they will learn. Upon arrival, the focus will shift to a hands-on experience where travelers work on their final project with their ancestral teacher.

We understand the importance of protecting and preserving the heritage of these communities. As such, the workshop program for each community will be co-created through a bottom-up approach, ensuring the involvement and input of the local villagers.

🏆 Launch Track Winner 2022 at the Social Entrepreneurship Competition (socialtourismcompetition.com)

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My name is Paola and I'm the person behind the initiative of 'Ancestral Teachers'.

What did you think about my project?

In case you have any comments and/or questions, don't hesitate to contact me directly, I'll be happy to connect!

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Travel & Tourism Journalist | Greek Culture & Travel Expert | Founder & Storyteller @ TheGreekVibe.com | Writes for @gtpgr, TheGreekVibe.com

This is a great idea. More and more travelers are seeking genuine experiences, experiences that actually made destinations famous in the first place but are now quickly and sadly disappearing.

1 year ago

Thank you, Maria! Indeed, one of our goals is to offer unique and transformative experiences. We believe that local communities are the heart and soul of a destination and our goal is to showcase their unique offerings and cultural heritage.

1 year ago
Travel writer and content creator, The Travelling Sociologist

This is a wonderful initiative, Paola. A much-needed, more immersive travel experience that also reinvests tourism dollars back into the local economy. Which countries are you initially planning to launch in?

1 year ago

Thank you, Roslyn. Definitely, one of the goals is to involve communities and promote participation, hopefully leading to more employment opportunities. We are now focused on Peru but are planning to expand to more destinations to showcase unique experiences with communities.

1 year ago

This is a great concept that is much needed. I think it's so important to learn about these communities that at times get overlooked. Do tourists choose how long they wish to spend in the community, or will there be a suggested timeframe?

1 year ago

Thank you, Erin. We are aiming to increase the length of stay in the communities, and each stay will depend on the skill that the visitors are learning, some of the skills are easier than others. But of course, visitors will always have the chance to prolong their stay if wanted.

1 year ago
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