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SoundPrint Crowdsourcing quiet places around the world

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SoundPrint app helps you find quieter restaurants, bars and cafes for great conversations and connecting.

⬆️ Use the decibel meter to measure a venue’s sound level and submit it to the database for everyone to see.
🤫 Find quiet and moderate places so you can hear and connect with others.
👉 Check a list of quiet places in cities including San Francisco, NYC, and London: www.soundprint.co/quiet-lists

SoundPrint is based in New York, and founded by Gregory Scott: www.soundprint.co/about/story

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Founder, Travel Massive

Have you ever been looking for a quiet restaurant or cafe to work from, or catch up with friends without having to shout across the table?

Soundprint is an app and directory that allows users from all over the world to record and share quiet venues.

1 year ago
Business & Product Developer, World Discovery

Cool idea. A lot of times I went to work from a cafe that was very loud and was hard to focus. Would love to check that beforehand.

1 year ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Exactly! When I lived in Bangkok this was the hardest thing, to find a cafe or space that didn't play loud music.

1 year ago
Product developer, GetAboutAble

My first thought was "That's so great for accessibility purposes as well!" So many travellers don't want to deal with loud environments and I know it's not the main purpose of this app but it's a good example of how technology can serve unexpected markets.

1 year ago

Thank you Ian! New city Quiet Lists inc. Denver, Toronto, Boston and others will be published soon!

1 year ago
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