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Duffel Links The fastest way to sell flights online

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Use Duffel Links to sell flights online fast. In 3 simple steps through one single API request, offer your customers a best-in-class shopping experience tailored to your brand.

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CEO, Duffel

👋 Hi everyone!

I'm Steve, founder and CEO of Duffel. We're so excited to introduce Duffel Links today - a low-code solution for selling flights.

Since day 1, we've made it our mission to break down barriers in the travel industry and make it easy for anyone to start selling travel. Now with Links, you can still use Duffel even if you don't have technical skills. It truly has never been easier to get started selling travel.

🛬 The Problem:
We've removed many blockers to selling flights, but until today, offering even a simple flight shopping experience could be a complicated task. Even with Duffel's developer-friendly APIs and components, you would still face challenges such as handling search inputs for passengers of all ages, getting the details of one-way, return and multi-city trips and more. Whatsmore if you need to gain the technical skills available to integrate with an API, it will be costly to acquire them and take time.

🛬 The Solution:
Welcome Duffel Links! Links take care of all of this for you so you can start offering flights to your customers immediately; with a single API call, you can generate a link where your customer can access our best-in-class flight shopping experience, customised to match your brand. Leverage thousands of hours of product design and travel expertise every time you generate a link.

💫 Highlights:
• Search intuitively - Your customers will be able to input search parameters to ensure they see the most relevant flights and filter itineraries, so they can find the perfectly timed flight.
• Optimised for conversion - When booking, they can pick the fare with the right level of flexibility and amenities, complete our simple checkout, and instantly access all the information needed to fly.
• Access to 300+ airlines - including low-cost carriers, NDC and GDS.
• Add markups - Quickly and dynamically add markups to fares when creating a link and easily charge your customers. Up-sell to your customers by offering premium seats and paid bags.
• Make it your own - Customise the entire search and book experience to match your brand. Include your logo, custom URL and brand colours throughout.
• Compatible with all screen sizes - Links is fully responsive for all devices - including mobiles, tablets and desktops.

🚀 Duffel is on a mission to make travel effortless. Try Links now - we're looking forward to your feedback and comments. This is just the beginning; we've got a lot more in store for this year.

👉 Try it out at duffel.com/links


1 year ago (edited)
Founder, Travel Massive

Hey Steve, thanks for sharing Duffel Links with the Travel Massive community.

I just checked out Duffel Links and it's very impressive, especially on mobile. Great to see coverage in Australia too. The best way I can describe this is "Stripe for airline bookings". This could be a fantastic tool for conference and festival organisers to help their customers book flights as the next step of their trip planning.

Technical question. I'm curious how a tour operator or blogger with WordPress could utilise Duffel Links. Would they need to generate a link for every unique visitor (via the Duffel client API), or can a single link be generated to place on the website. If code is required, are there any plans to provide a WordPress plugin?

1 year ago (edited)
CEO, Duffel

Today you'd have to generate a single link for each customer / session. A few people have asked about the ability to generate a permanent link, we're looking into.

We don't have plans for a Wordpress plug in at this stage. We've seen a few community experiment but nothing production-grade afaik.

Duffel trivia: believe it or not Wordpress plugin is one of our top requested feature since we launched Duffel.

1 year ago

Very cool idea!

1 year ago
Founder, Made to Wander

Looks like a great idea.

So are the bookings made through Duffel or direct with the airline? Who manages things like cancellations?

1 year ago
CEO, Duffel

Hi Brad - bookings are made through Duffel or your own agency if you have one. Either way you'd be responsible for supporting the customers post-booking.

We have APIs that enable you to build self-service flows for cancellations and changes but haven't made these functionalities available in Links yet (stay tuned for that!).

1 year ago
Founder, CityHook

Love the way you guys keep knocking it out of the park. Nicely done Steve and team!

1 year ago
👋 Welcome to the Travel Massive community!
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