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Fairytrail Solo Travel Matching, Dating and Friends

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Fairytrail is a matching App For Adventures, Friends, and Dating.

Our mission is reduce loneliness in the remote worker community by helping people explore the world with someone they like. We're building a community for a world that's becoming more interconnected and mobile.

Match with 30,000+ explorers on adventures:

✅ Digital nomads and remote workers (e.g. entrepreneurs, engineers, writers)
✅ Frequent travelers (e.g. consultants, athletes, flight attendants, travel nurses)
✅ People wishing to move cities (e.g. expats, students, world citizens)
✅ People passionate about travel and culture
✅ People looking to van life or travel the world together
✅ People living in remote places (e.g. Icelanders)

Join our Facebook Campfire group at www.facebook.com/groups/campfirebyfairytrail

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Co-founder, Fairytrail

Hi folks, I'm working on a travel matching app called Fairytrail that helps people find new adventures, friends, and even a life partner. It's my passion project and my day job is product management at a tech company.

My goal is to help people explore the world with someone they like. Experiences are better shared.

We started as a travel booking app but the pandemic hit shortly after we launched, so we pivoted to a dating app for remote workers and digital nomads. Since then, we've expanded it to be for making friends as well. We already have over 30,000 registered users and I'd love to grow the project further. This is just the beginning.

If you're interested in my project, I'm looking for help with marketing and tech. You can learn more at www.fairytrail.app and reach me at taige@fairytrail.app.

Excited to meet and work with some of you! Let me know if you have any questions or feedback.


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Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Taige, thanks for sharing Fairytrail with the Travel Massive community.

How did you build your initial user growth (congrats on 30,000 registered users!) and what are the main cohorts of members on the app and destinations they are visiting?

Also, any tips for other travel founders who are building / launching apps?

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Co-founder, Fairytrail

Thanks for inviting me to post!

We got quite a lot of users from Facebook groups. We're pretty evenly split in terms of gender and have ages from 18 to 70+, the biggest cohort ages 26-35.

Not sure I'm in a position to give tips yet, but would you like to chat? I'd love to hear more about your startup experience!

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👋 Welcome to the Travel Massive community!
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