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Montenegro Tower A coworking space in Montenegro

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Montenegro Tower is a new coworking space in the south of Montenegro, opening on October 22nd, 2022.

A beautiful 18th century stone ruin from the ottoman empire makes the location truly breathtaking, next to amazing views to the just 2km distant beach in Dubrava.

The Montenegro Tower is located exactly between the southern towns of Bar and Ulcinj and by May 2023, we will add more space, a pool, gym and accommodation options as well.

If you are interested in our progress, head over to www.montenegrotower.com

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CEO & Founder, Montenegro Tower

I'm Chris, a travel and guitar addicted German guy, opening a Coworking space in Montenegro on October 22nd!

The Montenegro Tower Construction Series continues with a new video on adding the bathrooms, electricity & plumbing. Check it out if you are interesting in how Montenegrins are building houses πŸ˜€ Some interesting techniques for sure!

If you are interested in the progress, head over to montenegrotower.com and sign up for the newsletter there!

1 year ago (edited)
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Chris, I’ve been watching your YouTube channel and enjoyed checking out your renovation videos!

What got you started on this project? I’m sure there’s a fascinating backstory.

1 year ago
CEO & Founder, Montenegro Tower

Thanks Ian. Well, actually it kind of just happened. I wanted to buy property to open a Bed and breakfast, then I was shown this amazing stone house and I could not say no and knew I had to do more than a Bed and breakfast with all that space. So now its just kind of developing into a few different things :)

1 year ago
Co-founder of MNE Chapter, CEO, HYVΓ„ Coaching & Consulting

Hi Chris, great to see traditional architecture get some love and old houses new life (compared to the terrible building sins in the big photo of the coast...) + Warm welcome to join us on the 15th Oct at our next event! The FitCamp Montenegro near Nikőić has a bit similar home-made transformation story.

1 year ago
CEO & Founder, Montenegro Tower

Thanks, would love to join but one week before my opening will be very very busy sadly. I still hope everything will be done on time hehe

1 year ago
Event Organizer & Traveler, GlobalGaz

looks like an amazing locale!

1 year ago
CEO & Founder, Montenegro Tower

The location is simply perfect indeed :)

1 year ago
Founder, Nomad Stays

I hope to do a drive past tomorrow enroute from Kotor to Tirana. Might have to come back after it opens too. We'll add you into our free co-working space map as well.

1 year ago
CEO & Founder, Montenegro Tower

Sounds good! Just reading this, if you are in the area again best to hit me up through my official channels and have a look in real life! We just finish rebuilding some old stonewalls and it looks amazing

1 year ago
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Montenegro Tower

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