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Wayward Photo and story-sharing platform for adventures

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🀳 Wayward tracks and shares your adventures in real-time.

Flipping through epic photos, showing off your journey, and reminiscing about adventures around the campfire. Who doesn’t love a good travel story?

πŸ—Ί Wayward helps travelers track and share their adventures in real-time

🧭 Automatically track your route via GPS

πŸ“Pin photos and updates along the way

🀳 Adventure storytelling in the palm of your hand

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Freelance Writer, Wayward

Hey, everyone! I’m Erica, Director of Partnerships Wayward. We’re all about helping travelers track, share, and document their adventures – no matter how big or small.

Most other travel apps out there help adventure-seekers plan or find destinations. We help you track, document, and share your experience along the way with family, friends, and coworkers.

We’re looking to connect with travelers and content creators who want to share their outdoor adventures, global travels, and local trips.

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1 year ago
Founder, Lost Travel

Hi Everybody! I'm Jake, the founder of Wayward. We'd love for you to use this to share your adventures around the world. It's been used in over 94 countries and every continent except Antarctica (Who wants to be the first?!?!).

We love feedback! Please share any ideas you have for the app and thoughts on how we can make this better for travelers who want to publish stories of their adventures!

1 year ago

Have used Wayward now on motorcycle trips through Romania and Peru, as well as on some bicycle touring trips. It's a great lightweight tracking app that lets me share not only my route through time and space but also automatically geotags my photos. I really like that last part because months or years after my trip I can reference exactly where I was when I shared the photo (e.g. the exact restaurant, bar, hotel, landmark). For travelers who fancy themselves a writer and/or photographer you can also sign up to get paid for traveling which is pretty great.

1 year ago
Co-founder / Chief explorer, Large Minority

We look forward to using Wayward for our first Italian Ape (Italian tuk-tuk) trip in a few weeks!

1 year ago
Founder, Lost Travel

We can't wait! That's going to be such an incredible adventure.

1 year ago
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