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Coliving Semkovo Community owned coliving destination in the middle of nature

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⛰ Coliving Semkovo will be a community owned 200-unit coliving destination in the middle of nature in Bulgaria for remote people and distributed companies.

The vision is to convert an existing, 16K m2+ building into 200 apartments and provide a unique community experience in a very remote setting in nature.

The communal areas of the building will be operated by a coliving co-op that all apartment owners own together, controls the mayor decisions and reaps the commercial benefits of building a successful coliving business.

There will also be professional service providers and partners for things like accounting, legal, insurance etc. that have representatives in the building to support our owners and guests.

Coliving Semkovo can offer a range of different benefits to attract complementary target audiences. It makes a great remote office, campus, startup incubator, educational facility, off-site location, and more.

There will be various activities on site like hiking, biking, cinema, volleyball, ATVs, massages, recording studio, maker space, video game rooms, library, bowling, and many more.

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Co-Founder/Owner, Coworking Bansko

Hello, my name is Matthias and I'm the founder of Coworking Bansko and Bansko Nomad Fest. Our latest project is Coliving Semkovo – a project based on community, collaboration and cooperation.

There are many unused buildings and old hotels all around Bulgaria in places that have fallen out of favour. This is a great opportunity to buy real estate much cheaper than in more developed places and build something amazing there and own it together!

We post regular updates on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/colivingsemkovo

🚀 I am also going on a RoadShow around Europe this October and November 2022 to visit main digital nomad cities and present our project. Meet me at:
• Cologne, 28 Oct
• Online, Oct 30
• Amsterdam, 10 Nov
• London 14 Nov
• Barcelona 15 Nov
• Lisbon 16 Nov
• Munich 17 Nov

You can find the events on our Facebook Page: Coliving Semkovo

👉 You can get part of this project and buy an apartment too – see more info at colivingsemkovo.com

Our next goal is to get 200 backers and start working on the project!

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Content & Community Manager, RaizUp

I went to see the building on the first visit and it looks stunning! There is a lot of work to do but the area is also amazing, the ski slope is just behind the coliving-to-be. I can only imagine how it will look like after renovation and bringing the community together. Looking forward to be part of this journey!

1 year ago
Brand/E-com/Tech - Hiring?, Irish Bootstrapper

While I haven't visited Bansko or the nomad fest yet, in theory, I like this coliving idea and it could set a standard for the future. :)
Also, it looks like it could be sustainable while also benefitting the local economy too. For example, like we saw with Lisbon, the digital nomads and tech money floating around driving up rents, inflation and unintentionally driving out Lisbon locals...in the medium to long term, that's a big no-no and so probably wouldn't happen with a contained, coliving mini-economy existing within the Bulgarian/Semkovo economy.
What are your thoughts?

1 year ago

I agree with this. I think when creating a digital nomad hotspot, social and environmental ethics and responsibility should always be considered - especially when the local economy is weak, as this provides huge incentive for those who are nomadic/semi-nomadic whose incomes are based on a 'global north' dollar. Cheap lifestyle in a cool place?? Yes please.
When I saw this I thought about Lisbon and other nomad hotspots, and how an entitled attitude from globe trotters has caused issues for locals such as the housing crisis in Lisbon. It always pays not to fuck off the locals.
On initial glance at this project, I think it's quite a different story and has some unique potential. This co-living project is in remote wilderness, rather than beautiful and stimulating cities. It will be its own little city. As far as I understand, Semkovo is a failing local economy. It is also very small. My perception is that this could be done in such a way that it brings life back to an otherwise struggling area. I would hope that everything may be done to assist the local community in uplifting itself and getting in on some of the economic action, so to speak.
An example could be for those of us who are interested in buying an apartment, but have friends and family with children who may want to visit for a holiday and see what life is like in the mountains of Bulgaria. If they aren't allowed on premises due to the no-child rule, other local accommodations could benefit from these visiting families.
Just a few stray thoughts of mine. I'm super enticed by the whole thing and strongly considering investing as a backer.

1 year ago
Cofounder at a social nomad app, www.punta.app

Hello!, my name's Carles and I am running an app for nomads to find each other along their travel plan and they can create events there. I was wondering whether you wanted to have a meeting to see if we can help each other

9 months ago
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