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TripMapper Travel planning & budgeting app

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TripMapper is a cross-platform trip itinerary toolkit, designed to make organising your next getaway fun.

TripMapper has been tailor-made to be the perfect at-home & on-the-go tool to help you organise your next trip.

🏄‍♀️ Visualise your trip
A new way to see and understand what you’re doing and when whilst on vacation.

💰 Manage your money
Stick to your vacation budget or keep an eye on your spending with our powerful budgeting tool.

🖇 Everything in one place
Keep everything in one app - your booking confirmations, your alerts and any useful notes.

🌍 Interactive, customizable itineraries
Pre-made itineraries, ready for you to edit; a great way to start planning your next trip.

🤝 Collaborate with others
Share your itinerary so others can join in with the planning and get excited about your vacation.

🗺 Map it out
See your trip laid out in a large, beautiful map giving you a birds-eye-view of everything.

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Co-founder, TripMapper

Hey, I’m Emma, co-founder of TripMapper, a new travel planning & budgeting platform.

TripMapper is different - a beautiful kanban style layout, granular trip budgeting (including currency conversion) & customizable pre-made itineraries to give you a starting point or a little inspiration. That’s just the start of what we offer!

Creating travel plans with TripMapper is fun; for every plan added, the anticipation and excitement builds about the upcoming trip.

Check out www.tripmapper.co for an amazing desktop experience or download TripMapper on iOS & Android.

To celebrate our launch on Travel Massive we are giving the Travel Massive family 2 months of our Trip+ plan for free. Just head here and sign up:


This link is valid throughout June 2022.

…and one more thing! We have recently developed our technology to enable itinerary embedding. In just a few simple steps travel writers and bloggers can enhance a traveller’s experience, both before and during their trip, with visual, interactive and customizable itineraries! Please get in touch if you’d like early access.

Thank you for your support and happy planning!

1 year ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Emma,

Thanks for sharing TripMapper with the Travel Massive community! (and for the generous bonus for members)

How long have you been working on TripMapper & what inspired you to get started?

I'm sure the itinerary embedding feature would be of interest to many bloggers here — do you have an example page or demo you can share?


1 year ago (edited)
Co-founder, TripMapper

Hi Ian

Thank you so much for welcoming us into the Travel Massive community!

Since meeting 13 years ago, Alex and I (my husband and co-founder) have shared a passion for travel. We found ourselves researching and planning our trips meticulously to make sure we got the most out of our limited time off work. We tried various tools and travel apps but none of them quite hit the spot! So with our travel plans grounded and changes to work in 2020, we set out to design and build our own travel planning platform, incorporating both itinerary building and budgeting. We launched in September 2021 and haven’t looked back since!

Yes, absolutely! Below I have added a link which provides some further info about TripMapper itinerary embeds. We would love for travel bloggers to give it a whirl!


All the best,

1 year ago
seeker, open

I want to check it out. What can I do in early access. How do I get the free access for trial

1 year ago
Co-founder, TripMapper

Hi Puja,

It is great to hear from you and thank you for your interest in TripMapper's new itinerary embedding!

I will message you directly so I can find out a little more about your travel blog and guide you through.

Many thanks!

1 year ago
seeker, open

OK also let me know bout the two month free trial. I ve never used the messaging feature hahah

1 year ago
Co-founder, TripMapper

To get 2 months of our Trip+ plan for free you just need to click the link below and sign up:


This link is valid throughout June 2022.



1 year ago (edited)
Head of Product, Travelcoup

Interested to check this out and see how you handle importing booking confirmations from various sources in particular. That is where I have found other apps like this have come a little unstuck. Wish you plenty of success with it Emma.

1 year ago
Co-founder, TripMapper

Hi Daniel

Thanks so much for your message and good wishes!

That’s a good point and one my co-founder and I have discussed. We’re in the process of investigating options, and as you’ve alluded to, it’s a super hard problem to solve. If we do it, it needs to be perfect!

We’ve had similar experiences with apps that didn’t do it right and found that it was quicker to add the data ourselves manually. So that’s the position we’re currently taking; we’re not ruling it out, but you need to enter everything yourself, for now.

That said, we’re also working on a browser extension (desktop and mobile) that would allow you to add things straight from a web page to your itinerary. In the long term, we see far more utility in being able to add any page on the internet as a card on your itinerary than just confirmations.

I would love for you to give TripMapper a go and if you have any feedback please do send me a message (you can use our live chat as I pick that up!). All and any feedback from our users is very welcome!

Thanks again,

1 year ago

Hi, I think these are all necessary things to plan a great trip. I will definitely be downloading for my next trip. Thank you for sharing!

1 year ago
Co-founder, TripMapper

Thank you so much - that is very kind of you.

I'd love to hear your thoughts once you give TripMapper a go! We really love hearing from the TripMapper users!

Many thanks,

1 year ago
Co-founder, TripMapper

Hi TM community!

I'm very excited to announce that we have launched our second product, TripMapper for Business, a travel planning platform for tour operators, DMCs and travel agents.

From client enquiry to beautiful, custom-branded trip proposals, and CRM functionality to trip payments, TripMapper for Business is the new user-centric travel planning platform that tour operators and travel agents have been searching for. In addition, it seamlessly integrates with our consumer travel planning platform, so all those premium features (usually only available on subscription) which have been a massive hit with travellers, such as attaching tickets, setting notifications, inviting trip companions, currency conversion and map view, are free for their clients.

We've used our knowledge of what today’s travellers value in the travel lifecycle, intuitive technology and UX design when creating TripMapper for Business for professionals. TripMapper for Business' design optimises usability and a simple, streamlined workflow for travel professionals without sacrificing its beautiful aesthetic to impress their clients.

We’re the perfect fit for travel professionals wishing to inspire clients, increase conversions and retain that competitive edge. Whether presenting itineraries to clients via our mobile-friendly link or generating a beautiful PDF, with TripMapper for Business, you’ll create itineraries your clients will love.

TripMapper for Business is available to trial for free for 10 days.

For more information, please visit business.tripmapper.co

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