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Nomads Tribe

Find community-focused coliving and coworking spaces
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Nomads Tribe showcases different, boutique coliving and coworking spaces that focus on building a community and making an impact. We consider these handpicked communities as β€œtribes” because they bring together like-minded individuals that help each other grow and develop.

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Social Media Manager and Host, Sun and Co.

πŸ‘‹ Hi, I'm Iva! I've been working in a coliving space for two years, and have met many inspiring nomads, travelers and remote workers along the way.

Together with a nomad friend, we decided to create Nomads Tribe, in order to bring the coliving and community world closer to everyone.

Our mission is to support and connect digital nomads, and the website will evolve over time to reflect the changing needs of the digital nomad community.

Some of our upcoming features include:

πŸ“‹ New Listings
πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Coworking-only tribes
β˜• Cafe-based spaces
πŸ‘₯ Long-term coliving communities
πŸš€ Community software for communities and individuals
πŸ“— Digital nomad guide
🧠 Skillshares between nomads

Weekly, we also share different nomads stories that you can follow on @nomadstribe_ Instagram account. Feel free to reach out if you'd like to be featured, or if you have any comments, questions or feedback on what you would like to see more! 😊

What I've learned through experiencing and listening, is that coliving spaces transform people's lives. And the main thing behind it is the community.

The digital nomad lifestyle has become increasingly popular in recent years, driven by the desire for greater freedom and flexibility. As more people embrace this way of life, it becomes clearer that freedom and flexibility alone are not enough.

To truly thrive as a digital nomad, we must also cultivate a deeper sense of connection and purpose, both within ourselves and with the world around us.

Tell us your story: what kind of community would you like to be a part of? 😊

19 days ago (edited)
Travel Designer, AIM Travel Design

Is this family friendly or could it be?

18 days ago
Social Media Manager and Host, Sun and Co.

Hi Ciara, we will also list family-friendly colivings, and we will add the "family-friendly" tag, so it's easier to navigate. Thans for the feedback! :)

18 days ago
Travel Designer, AIM Travel Design

Thank you!

17 days ago
Content & Community Manager, Travel Massive

I really enjoyed the Coliving Matching Quiz! My result ended to be the place I am at right now πŸ˜„ I can't wait to see more places and functionalities added on the platform :))))

19 days ago

Great website and idea! I like the matching quiz you have

18 days ago
Social Media Manager and Host, Sun and Co.

Thanks Erin, we look forward to having you as a part of out community, and we hope you'll find your perfect tribe as well! :)

17 days ago