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Wozin Discover local events and activities around the world

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Discover events and activities that are typically off the mainstream radar, shared by our community members.

Whether you're a traveler seeking novel experiences, an expat looking for connections, or a local with exciting ideas to share, Wozin invites you to propose and participate in various events, creating shared experiences.

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Founder, Wozin - Who's in?

Hello, Travel Massive community, I'm the creator of Wozin.

Experience the authenticity of each locale with Wozin, your gateway to the heart of local communities.

Our dedicated local ambassadors are at your service to assist you in seamlessly integrating into the community, ensuring you feel connected from the very first moment.

We're enthusiastic about uncovering off-the-beaten-path locations and we're inviting local ambassadors to help us on this journey.

Our partnership and integration with www.nomadstays.com allows the traveler to glimpse into what's happening at these places and get excited about authentic experiences not just sights and places.

Our ultimate goal is to cultivate global connection at a local level, making every place feel like home. Join us on this mission and truly connect with any place, right from the get-go.

Eagerly looking forward to your input and any questions!

11 months ago (edited)
Founder, Nomad Stays

Great job Daniel.

It's a fabulous app and your growing network of users and ambassadors obviously agree too!

11 months ago
Founder, Wozin - Who's in?

Thank you Mark! A lot of updates are in the works now I hope you'll find those to your liking as well! I'm especially excited to start building these managed communities and if you have locations or even contacts that I could reach out to, that you think would be receptive, please connect us!

11 months ago
Community Manager, Event planner, Tour leader, AlmerΓ­a Wonder

This looks very interesting, I will definitely have a look into it these days, as I am into events in Prague - as a local who likes to know whats happening around and especially sharing with expats and helping them to enjoy their stay in my country. I used to co-organise meet-ups in Prague and my intention is to become a freelance guide in Prague, apart from guiding trips abroad - but not in a "traditional" way - more into events, hidden gems, chill, culture etc. especially in summer Prague is full of amazing outdoor events! I would like to discuss the opportunity of being an Ambassador. As well as I am open for any other professional cooperation, as a freelancer.

11 months ago
Founder, Wozin - Who's in?

Amazing, let's get in touch!

11 months ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Thanks for sharing Wozin with the Travel Massive community. Well done on the app and congrats on the integration with Nomad Stays.

Do you have some thoughts about the onboarding UX for people who join from afar (like me!) but don't find anyone nearby? This has always been the challenge for new apps in this space β€” and there's no clear answer to how to tackle this. I moved my location to some other other Australian cities to see who was there (2 people in Melbourne).

When onboarding, it would be great to see some "hotspots" (no need to allow me to join the event) so I could get a feel for the app even there's nothing in my area to attend.

One approach could be to "lock" cities until there's a minimum number of people to make the app viable in that destination. Users would join a virtual waitlist and need to have X number of other members to unlock/launch that destination. It might help people recruit others faster, and perhaps for launching new cities you get some extra points on the app. I'm sure you've already thought of these ideas!

Lmk if I can help with anything. Since Travel Massive began as an events platform (we've handled some 70,000+ attendee registrations over the years) I have some good experience with event tech, and have seen almost every edge case. Feel free to DM me if I can assist.

11 months ago (edited)
Founder, Wozin - Who's in?

Thank you Ian for your reply! I agree with you 100%, that is an issue and what you proposed with the hotspots is in the same direction as I'm drawing up rightnow. I'd like to create "managed communities" and list them for everyone to see. Those are the places where we have dedicated ambassadors. At the moment, this is only Tarifa, Spain.

This locking hasn't crossed my mind yet to be honest, but it's a good idea thank you!

Your help would be much appreciated and I'll send you a message, just let me collect my thoughts!

11 months ago
πŸ‘‹ Welcome to the Travel Massive community!
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