Event Guide + How To Host A Travel Massive Meetup.

Travel Massive events have connected more than 78,000 attendees to learn, share ideas, and collaborate.

Attendee Code of Conduct

By attending a Travel Massive event, all attendees must agree to these simple rules:

  • Share your ideas. Bring your ideas and be willing to share and discuss them with other members. By learning and sharing we can help travel change the world!

  • Be respectful. Be courteous towards other attendees, speakers, the event organizer, venue staff, and anyone else involved. Positivity spreads.

  • Be safe. By attending an event you are taking full responsibility for your own safety and well being. Travel Massive is not involved in the transportation to and from the venue, your interactions with other members, or the actions of any individuals at the events. If you see something unsafe, speak up about it.

Why host a Travel Massive event?

Hosting events in our community are a fun and rewarding way to create connections.

Benefits of hosting events include making a positive impact in travel, growing your network, making new international friends, and developing your leadership skills.

Travel Massive events can be coffee meetups, travel talks, workshops, networking events, or local tours — it’s up to you as the event organiser to pick the topic, venue, and format! Attendance can range from 5 to 200 people, depending on your event.

Hosting an event in our community is on a volunteer, not-for-profit basis for the purposes of sharing knowledge about travel and tourism.

Event Hosting Rules

If you organise or host a Travel Massive event, you agree to:

  • Be professional. As the event host you must be organized, responsive, and ethical in the arrangement, communication, and hosting of your event.
  • Your event must uphold our values of responsible tourism, diversity & inclusion, and accessible travel, and share our mission to create the future of travel.
  • Promote your event. Share your event with your network and promote it on your social media. Spread the word about your meetup and invite your friends!
  • Attend your event. You must be committed to attending your event, unless there are exceptional circumstances. Have a back-up plan if you need to postpone.
  • Capture your event. You must appoint an event photographer (or yourself) and document your event in a short write-up on your social media, for us to share.

A successful event requires good organizing and social skills. We recommend co-hosting your event with a reliable friend or colleague to share the responsibilities.

We reserve the right to cancel your event if it does not meet these standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you host an event, please review these commonly asked questions.

  • Can I charge money for my event? Meetups are not-for-profit, however you may ask attendees to donate up to $20 (or equivalent) to cover venue hire or costs.
  • Can I host a meetup if there is already a Travel Massive group in my city? If there haven’t been any meetups in the past 6 months in your city, you may organise a meetup. We recommend to check in with the local organizers first.
  • How much time does it take to organize an event? We recommend setting aside between 2 to 4 hours to organise your event, with at least 14 days to promote it.
  • Can I restrict who can attend my meetup? Travel Massive events are inclusive for all members, however you can specify an interest (e.g. hiking) or industry (e.g. travel bloggers) group that your event is intended for.
  • Can I use Eventbrite or other RSVP tools? Travel Massive’s event platform is the easiest way to announce your meetup, keep track of registrations, and communicate with attendees. If you’d like to use an external RSVP system, please discuss this with us first.
  • Can my event be sponsored? Only if we give you permission beforehand.
  • Can I host a webinar on online event? Travel Massive meetups must be in-person, unless we grant permission to host a virtual event.
  • Can I host a Travel Massive meetup as part of another conference or exhibition? You must get our permission first. We don’t do media partnerships with events.
  • Can I publish my own, non-Travel Massive event on your platform? We charge an advertising fee to list other events — see our advertising guide.
  • How many meetups has Travel Massive hosted? We’ve hosted more than 2,500 meetups in over 80 countries with more than 78,000 attendees.
  • How do I submit a meetup? Create a new meetup to get started.

📚 Check out our Event Handbook with many helpful examples, ideas, and tips.

Travel Massive Chapters

You can apply to form a Travel Massive Chapter to grow and support your local travel community or industry. You must have hosted at least 2 meetups to apply.

As a Leader of a Travel Massive Chapter you must ensure that:

  • You host at least 3 Travel Massive events per year in your city
  • Chapters are not-for-profit, and run on a volunteer basis
  • You act in a professional and responsible manner at all times

To apply to create a Travel Massive Chapter, contact us with an introduction about yourself and why a group would benefit travel in your city or region.

We reserve the right to make changes to any groups if we have any concerns.

Using the Travel Massive brand

Event hosts may use the Travel Massive brand in accordance with these guidelines:

  • Event hosts are granted a free creative license to use the Travel Massive brand to promote their event (example: “Travel Massive New York”)
  • You must not modify the Travel Massive logo or name in any way.
  • Social media accounts or domain names which contain the Travel Massive name or abbreviated name (“example: NYCTM”) are the ownership of Travel Massive.

Travel Massive’s trademarks includes “Travel Massive” and the Travel Massive logo, which are registered in the United States and other countries.

If you would like to use our brand in a way that is not covered by these guidelines, please get in contact with us a request.

Questions and Feedback

Have questions about hosting an event, or feedback? Contact us.