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indie Travel
Featured Startup
January 2022
All-in-One Booking Software for Travel Creators

Our mission is to empower tour guides with software to help them sell their product quickly and at scale.

We provide software that unlocks sales channels and connects Tour Hosts to customers around the world and locally - making sure that when the world is ready to travel again, our Hosts are ready to welcome them.

We want to show travellers the world rarely seen - through the eyes of independent Tour Hosts.

indie is all about helping you spend less time managing your tours business and more time hosting guests. We know that selling online is an important part of your business and whether you are new to it or a seasoned pro, Indie can help you continue to grow. Our vision is that indie will help unlock the power of traditional e-commerce tools for all tours and activities professionals.

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2 months ago

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Marketing Consultant

Hi 👋, I'm Jess - here to help with any questions 💜

6 months ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Jessica, thanks for sharing indie with the Travel Massive community!

How long has the team been developing the platform, and what was the motivation behind building the business? Is indie designed for existing tours & guides, or can someone with a new tour idea (e.g. a travel blogger) launch with you?

PS: Love the branding and purple colour!

6 months ago
Marketing Consultant

Hey Ian, I love the colour purple too 💜 🤣

Q: How long has the team been developing the platform?
Well, we are actually a covid start-up if you'd believe it! The platform has been under development for the past year and will continue to grow as we gather feedback for tools that our users really need and want. We have a trusty team of tour guides who help with feedback, product development and testing - If you'd like to have an impact on software designed and built for fellow tour operators then you can reach out to us directly, we have a bundle of perks for our tremendous tour testers 🥳

Q: What was the motivation behind building the business?
indie started to solve a problem that has been ignored in the larger eCommerce/restech space - why was no-one building a simple tool for solo entrepreneurs who wanted to launch their first tour or activity? There are plenty of great travel reservation software companies and booking systems for mid to larger companies, but none focused on the new entrepreneur in the tours and activities space.

Q: Is indie designed for existing tours & guides, or can someone with a new tour idea (e.g. a travel blogger) launch with you?
Awesome question, with the creator economy quickly accelerating with tools for solo/fractional entrepreneurs, Gumroad, Patreon and Substack, to name a few... We thought it was worth building an application across the entire sector, not just tours and activities.

You're welcome to a wee demo, if you want to kick the tires a little :P

6 months ago
CEO and Co-Founder, Memopin, Inc.

Love the design and UX! Nice job. Hope to see the product growing!

6 months ago
Marketing Consultant

Thanks @karen for your kind words, that's the type of feedback I like 😜

6 months ago
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