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For over a decade, the Travel Massive community has connected thousands of tourism professionals, travel media, influencers and startups from around the world to meet, connect and share ideas.

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We're a global community that helps travel startups, tour guides, leaders, and travel insiders learn, share, and connect.

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We support Responsible Tourism, Diversity, and Accessible Travel and provide resources to initiatives that promote these causes.

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The Travel Massive Story

Travel Massive started on the rooftop of a Sydney hostel back in 2010 and soon became a world-wide phenomenon. Hosted as free monthly meetups to bring together travel bloggers, tour guides, and startups, Travel Massive grew to over 150 cities, connecting thousands of change-makers. Enter: COVID-19. As the pandemic shook the globe, travel stopped. We cared for our community and became a support network that never turned the lights off. Travel has changed forever, and we hope for the better. It's time to re-discover the world, and we invite you to join us.


Travel Massive is brought to you by: Ian Cumming (Founder), Maria Stoyanova (Producer), Matt Platts (Developer), Peter Daams (Developer), Nic Hoban (Testing), Joel Chevaillier (Podcast), Kevin O’Shaughnessy (Podcast), Stephan Ekbergh (Mentor), our beta testers, angel investors, over 200 Community Leaders, and thousands of members just like you who have supported our community. Thank you.


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