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Affiliate Marketing Q&A With Travelpayouts Learn how Travelpayouts is powering the creator economy

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Travelpayouts is one of the leading providers of affiliate marketing solutions for content creators in the travel industry. In this interview, we talk with Ivan Baidin, CEO of Travelpayouts about the world of affiliate marketing and the wide range of travel-related products and services that affiliates can promote through their platform.

How big is Travelpayouts and where is the team based?

In the past 10 years, we’ve grown from about 10,000 affiliates to over 300,000 affiliate partners and more than 100 well-known brands! This is thanks to team’s hard work and the trust of brands and partners.

Travelpayouts is committed to the remote-first concept. This allows our employees to work while they travel, just like our partners. That means Travelpayouts employees are actually scattered all over the world. Our core development team is based at our headquarters in Phuket, Thailand.

What travel products can affiliates promote through Travelpayouts?

Content creators can promote any services that enhance travel experiences.

For example, our partners can make money with brands from the Accommodation category, such as, Agoda, Expedia, and many others. In addition, they can promote flights from WayAway and CheapOair, and activities from GetYourGuide and Viator. In addition, partners can earn on cruises, insurance, transfers, train and bus tickets, car rentals, package tours, and even SIM cards, including eSIMs.

With more than 100 travel brands every content creator can find a partner program that suits their audience.

What commission rates do affiliates earn through Travelpayouts?

Partner rewards depend on the partner program and its category. For example, with, our partners earn 4% of the booking amount. With Trainline, they earn up to 27% of the booking total.

We also have partner programs that pay out more than just a percentage. For example, Travelpayouts partners can work with brands that share revenue from each sale – brands like Tripadvisor pay per click. Others pay a fixed rate per sale, like Insubuy – an insurance program that gives partners $7.50 per sale with a minimum policy of $50.

That means Travelpayouts has partner programs to suit every kind of affiliate marketer.

Travelpayouts partners can track their program stats in easy-to-use reports: they can see how many clicks have been made on partner tools (links, widgets, banners, etc.), how many of those clicks resulted in sales, and what rewards they’ll receive.

How are commissions paid out with Travelpayouts?

All earnings are reflected in the partner’s balance in their personal Travelpayouts account. Once they’ve met the minimum threshold for earnings, partners can withdraw them via bank card, PayPal, or WebMoney (WMZ). The minimum payout depends on the payment method and starts at $10. Bonus: Travelpayouts covers all transfer fees!

What tools and resources are available to Travelpayouts affiliates?

The Travelpayouts Academy offers free courses, webinars with industry experts and a blog.

We provide many tools for partners, including “no-code” tools, such as Banners, Widgets and Links (our deep link generator has a built-in link shortener, meaning partners can make their URLs shorter). There are also tools for coding pros, including White Labels, an API, and Travel App (a template for creating mobile travel apps).

In addition, we have a script that turns normal links into partner links with a couple clicks, a Google Chrome extension that allows partners to generate links from any browser tab, a WordPress plugin, and much more!

What are some recent success stories from Travelpayouts affiliates?

Over 370,000 partners work with us, including people who have just started their journey into travel blogging and monetizing their content, as well as advanced affiliate marketers who have worked with other affiliate platforms.

Recent success stories of Travelpayouts affiliates include:

Our partners are travel-driven individuals who are interested in exploring the planet, so they’re found all over the globe. Some lead nomadic lifestyles and have even turned affiliate marketing into a main source of income.

🎉 Read more of our partner success stories on our blog.

What are some of the challenges that affiliates face these days?

It’s hard to be specific, but in general affiliate marketers struggle with SEO, keeping up with content creation, placement of partner tools (e.g links, widgets, banners), traffic generation and managing social media pages.

To help solve these problems, we create free courses, host webinars, and write free guides and articles on our blog. We also maintain an online community where partners can share their experiences with one another.

If a partner has difficulties working with the Travelpayouts platform, our support team is always here to help.

What new technology in the affiliate space are you most excited about?

We’ve been closely following the development of artificial intelligence and exploring its possibilities.

There are a lot of AI assistants that solve tasks for affiliate marketers, such as finding content ideas, regularly creating quality content, and even generating traffic (for example, AI writers can create SEO-oriented articles).

We also know that affiliate bloggers have a lot of time-consuming tasks, such as tracking down broken links, reading statistics, finding the most performance-driven tools, and changing affiliate strategies to increase their earnings. As the technology improves, we’re confident that artificial intelligence will allow affiliate travel bloggers to focus on their main passion – travel!

What’s your top tip for someone hasn’t tried affiliate marketing?

If you’ve never done affiliate marketing, put aside all your fears and prejudices and just get started!

We notice that some partners put off starting to earn through affiliate marketing. For example, they wait for their traffic to increase, for their social media followers to go up, or for a new travel season to begin. We know that it can be really daunting to start, but it’s important to begin monetizing your content as soon as possible to learn how partner marketing works, test different programs, and become proficient with the various tools.

👉 Curious to learn more? Get started with Travelpayouts affiliate program today!

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