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Roamr Get a personalized travel itinerary for any destination

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Roamr is a desktop and mobile app to help you go from idea to fully planned travel itinerary in seconds!

We were tired of seeing 50 tabs with 50 different recommendations while researching a trip. And then taking those, mapping it out, and putting it all into a day-by-day itinerary is daunting and time consuming…

So, let's automate the process and focus on the fun parts of planning! Given a few inputs, we'll deliver a fully planned day-by-day trip itinerary in seconds - perfect to use as a starting point or to brainstorm or to run with!

Would love to hear your thoughts and get your feedback.

We’ve got a lot more planned but would love to get your feedback as we continue to evolve - we’re completely free to use!

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Co-founder, Roamr

Hey, my name is Nikhil!

I made Roamr to help travelers research and plan their next vacation faster. I remember it taking me weeks to do all the research for a personalized trip, and wanted to lower the bar for casual travelers.

I'd love to get your feedback and/or suggestions to improve the tool!

1 year ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Nikhil, thanks for sharing Roamr with the Travel Massive community.

I just tried it out, and generated a 10 day itinerary for Tasmania (where I live πŸ˜€) and was very impressed. Bravo!


This is a great itinerary, although it does duplicate Freycinet National Park on day 3 and 10... but otherwise it's a good round trip of the island. Also, great UX and easy to use.

What is your business model going to be? What kinds of members in the Travel Massive community are you looking to connect or partner with?

1 year ago (edited)
Co-founder, Roamr

Awesome! Thanks for trying us out and providing your feedback!

Business model will be similar to others - commission based on trips booked through us.

Currently, we're just looking for feedback on the current product, but as we look into integrating with lodging and transportation services, we would appreciate any guidance there.

1 year ago
CEO, Founder, Mentor, MSU-InvokeXR-RedyXR-HawkenAQ

Does this return results that take into account travel time to get from one destination to another and perhaps the airport at the end? Is the roadmap going to pull in lodging and dining options along the route as well?

1 year ago
Co-founder, Roamr

We are working on the algorithm to take into account travel time a bit more, but currently it should be reasonable for most trips created.

Roadmap definitely includes adding in lodging, transportation, and food for each destination!

1 year ago

Don't know because I can't manage to find my way to the desktop software to test planning an itinerary. I downloaded and installed it but am still stuck on website advertising this product

1 year ago
πŸ‘‹ Welcome to the Travel Massive community!
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