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November 2021
Simplifying group travel planning

🀳 Troupe helps groups share and vote on important trip details like travel dates, destinations, and where to stay, keeping all of your friends on the same page as your trip takes flight! ✈️

Frustrated every time you start planning your annual ski trip or family vacation? Troupe is here to save your friendships and minimize the stress with one easy-to-use, collaborative trip planning tool. Simply create a new trip and start inviting friends to get the planning started. Your group can suggest and vote on when to travel, where to go or stay, and what to do. Get your friends on the same page faster, so everyone is all smiles before you buckle up for takeoff.

Did we mention it's completely free? Start planning your first trip today.

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22 days ago
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Marketing Manager, Troupe

Hi everyone, my name is Emily and I'm the Marketing Manager at Troupe. We are so excited to help you all get your group trips off the ground with minimal stress and maximum fun. Try out our free web app that helps you to organize your trips through features like voting, commenting, and sharing options. We are all about building for your needs as the planner so feel free to let us know what you like, what you want, and what we can do to make sure planning your trips is as pain-free and easy as possible.

22 days ago (edited)
Founding Designer, Troupe

πŸ‘‹πŸ½ Greetings, Travel Massive community! My name is Max and I'm the Founding Designer at Troupe. Despite it being a rough 18 months for group travel, the team and I are excited to see people once again starting to organize group getaways with friends. Whether you're planning a long weekend domestically or rallying a crew for a big international adventure, we want to help your group decide on all the important details. We soft launched Troupe in September and are looking for all the feedback we can get, so feel free to drop me a line with any and all thoughts you have on your experience using Troupe. Nothing is too big or too small to suggest. You can reach me at Happy travels!

22 days ago
Technical Director, Global Convoy

Wow sounds great! My team and I are regularly organising group trips - professionally and otherwise - so will 100% be giving this a go! 😁

19 days ago
Co-Founder, Paradise Ride

Yeees this is amazing! Can't wait to jump on board and test it out with our travel crew. Cheers for creating such a helpful tool! :)

19 days ago
Product Manager, Troupe

Hello Everyone! My name is Laura and I am a Product Manager at Troupe- where we are focusing on simplifying the planning required for group travel through collaboration. We are so excited to join the Travel Massive community and would love to learn more about your group travel wins and woes! If you start planning a trip on Troupe, don't hesitate to reach out to me,, or my teammates if you have any questions/thoughts on how Troupe can further support your planning efforts! Wishing you wondrous travels! ✨

18 days ago
Executive Producer and Host, travel-dance web series, "Follow My Lead"

This app sounds really interesting! I think sometimes the appeal of solo travel for me is NOT having to plan with other people haha :) This app sounds like it could really reduce the group-travel stress!

6 days ago
Founding Designer, Troupe

You wouldn't be the first person to tell us that. The complexity of planning things as a group is certainly enough to push some people towards solo travel instead. Definitely give Troupe a try and let us know what you think!

4 days ago
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