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SafetyWing Launches Ambassador Community Hub

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SafetyWing, a leader in insurance for digital nomads and remote teams, is successfully partnering with more than 2000 creators in their Ambassador Program. Now, they’re launching a new Ambassador Community Hub to provide a space for creators to find resources and an online community to support their success as Ambassadors.

We talk with Carlota Ganduxé, Head of Community at SafetyWing, to learn more about the ambassadors program and the newly launched Community Hub.

Who is SafetyWing and what do you do?

We are a company of digital nomads, supporting other digital nomads. Our mission is to create an adaptable, software-based safety net for individuals worldwide. In doing so, we hope to remove geographical borders as a barrier to equal opportunities and freedom. Our first project is tackling healthcare. We’ve achieved this through our insurance products – Nomad Insurance for travelers and Remote Health for remote teams and companies.

What is the SafetyWing ambassador program, and who can apply?

The program is for both aspiring and experienced travel content creators who earn an affiliate fee for promoting our Nomad Insurance product. It’s a great opportunity for collaboration, mentorship, and support within the travel community.

If you’re a travel content creator and interested in affiliate marketing, you can join. We’ve grown our network to around 2000+ active ambassadors and we’re always expanding. Signing up is free and takes less than 5 minutes.

What is the new Ambassador Community Hub?

The Ambassador Community Hub is our newly launched, exclusive online community. We created it for our ambassadors to grow their network, connect with other creators, enhance their content game and maximize their earnings. Our goal is to equip them with the tools and knowledge they need to thrive in their careers.

In the Hub you gain access to live webinars with key industry players, participate in mastermind groups, engage in peer-mentorship within the community, and receive early access to bonuses and incentives. We focus on fostering a real community where members can connect, share travel meet-ups, photos, stories, and engage with each other.

What benefits are available in the Hub and the Ambassador Program?

We’re constantly evolving and growing our program alongside our ambassadors. We take their feedback to heart and actively work to provide more value and support for them.

For example, we offer monthly contests with prizes like bonus earnings, free Lightroom presets or a free spot in a retreat. Right now, our ambassadors have the opportunity to earn an extra $100 just for creating content that shares their favorite coworking destination. The grand prize is a free flight to anywhere in the world.

Now that the Hub is officially open, we plan to create more networking and collaboration opportunities for our ambassadors. It’s the perfect time to join if you haven’t already.

👉 Learn more about the SafetyWing Ambassador Program and join for free.

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SafetyWing Launches Ambassador Community Hub

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