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March 2022
Trips for young adults with autism & hidden disabilities

🇦🇺 Travengers provides supported travel and social events in Australia for young adults on the autism spectrum or with hidden disabilities.

Explore our social group with a range of events, such as paddle boarding, VR game room, hikes, bar nights and more (currently available in Sydney).

Connect with like-minded people in a space where you can build confidence, independence and social networks. Challenge yourself and have fun while doing it!

Explore our trips:

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5 months ago

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Community Manager, YouLive To Travel

This is such an amazing idea and implementation! 🙌 Seeing it grow out of a personal life story is outstanding.

6 months ago
Tourism Consultant, Deloitte. & Australia Travel Foundation

I attended the 2nd birthday party recently and it was incredible to see the joy on the many peoples faces to have an inclusive social gathering ;-) keep up the great work !

6 months ago
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