Post Guide.

How to get featured on Travel Massive.

How it works

Travel Massive is the launchpad to share great ideas in travel (and get feedback) without having to pitch a press release or attend an expensive travel conference 😁

Here’s how it works:

  1. Create and submit a post about something worth sharing in travel
  2. Our moderators review your post and notify you of any feedback
  3. We schedule your post to be featured on our homepage (within 5-10 days)
  4. When your post is published, members can upvote and comment on your post
  5. The most upvoted posts are included in our weekly newsletter 🎉

Things you can post on Travel Massive include: Tours and Activities, Articles, Apps, Blogs, Startups, Destinations, Discussions, Places, Festivals and Travel Videos.

Our audience reaches more than 80,000 travel influencers and industry insiders.

Get started and create a post today — it’s free.

✅ Posting tips

To be a good fit for our audience your post must meet the following criteria:

  • Is it interesting? Is your content fresh, adventurous, or inspiring?
  • Is it engaging? Does your post create a call to action to comment and discuss?
  • Is it worth sharing? Are travelers likely to recommend and share your post?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to each of these, then you’re heading in the right direction!

✍️ Style Guide

You can get published quicker by adhering to the following style guide:

  • Write concisely. Less is more.
  • Include high quality imagery or video
  • Don’t include specific dates (e.g. tour dates), prices, or discounts
  • Avoid “sales language” (e.g. “best product”, “unique tours”)
  • Introduce yourself in the first comment

We may make changes to your post to improve readability, and if we need any clarifications we’ll contact you directly with any questions.

❌ Things we won’t publish

As a general rule, we won’t publish spam or click-bait.

Here’s a list of some content we won’t publish — Guest blog posts for SEO; Listicles; COVID-related news; Outdated Content (eg. written in 2019), Safari or trekking tours; Competitions, surveys, or sweep stakes; Affiliate links or promo codes; Discounted tours or travel deals; Agencies; Exhibitions or conferences; Products or services that expire soon; Unethical animal shows or experiences (e.g. Elephant riding); Health or medical related products; Multi-level marketing schemes; or anything not aligned with Travel Massive’s values.

We reserve the right to remove any submitted content at our discretion.

Why didn’t we publish your post?

If we feel your post is not a good fit for our audience, we won’t publish it.

👉 We are looking for fresh, new, interesting travel content worth sharing — we’re not a travel directory from A-Z. See our homepage for helpful examples.

If your submissions is rejected we’ll give you some feedback or refer you to this guide.

🎉 Upvotes

The more upvotes your post receives, the more people will discover it.

Here’s a few tips to increase your reach:

  • Send to your friends and colleagues
  • Add a link on your website press/media page
  • Share your post on social media

The posts with the most upvotes each week are included in our weekly newsletter.

💬 Comments

Members can comment on posts to share their feedback.

  • Please share thoughtful comments or replies.
  • Do not advertise, or list your email or contact details.
  • Comments that are not relevant may be removed.

We’re a supportive community and value constructive feedback and discussion. Negative or off-topic comments will be deleted. We’re good vibes only! ✌️

Questions and Feedback

Have questions about hosting an event, or feedback? Contact us.