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Digital Nomad Visas
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July 2021
Explore digital nomad visas around the world

Find out which countries have digital nomad visas to make remote work from anywhere easier. Includes tax risk, cost and application links.

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3 months ago
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Travel blogger, author, documentary producer, podcaster, speaker, GlobalGaz

Great info to know!

2 months ago
Co-founder, CultureMee

Thanks Ric, appreciate it!

1 month ago
Co-founder, CultureMee

Hi everyone, John Lee here, the co-founder of the Work From Anywhere Team. Before Covid, my wife Dee and I travelled all around the world with our daughter Rosa. By the time she was 17 months old she had already been to 23 different countries, so we can't wait to get travelling again. We hope this digital nomad visa tool will help the community. One big difference we saw with digital nomad visas was that some catered for income tax and some didn't, so we added a filter to make it easy for anyone to filter the digital nomad visas that don't have any income tax locally. Would love to hear any feedback you have!

2 months ago
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