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Plan, share, and sell travel itineraries
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Worldee is a marketplace for itineraries created by travel experts and influencers.

🌍 We package itineraries with services such as flight tickets, car rental, accommodation to create a holiday.
🤑 Creators can sell their itineraries as a new revenue stream, or monetize existing blog content as an affiliate.
✅ For itinerary creators (we call them Travel buddies), we provide legislative support (they operate under our license and insurance so the itinerary sale is legal), marketing, and 24/7 customer support.

Are you a guide or do you live abroad and help (not only) Czechs discover the world? Contact us and start offering your services legally on Worldee! Learn more at

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head of influencer relations,

Hey Travel Massive community!

I'm Tomas from Worldee, where I am responsible for partnerships with content creators, influencers and travel brands.

At Worldee, we believe that everyone should be able to explore the world easily. We make authentic travel available to everyone. Our goal is to create the world's largest database of quality itineraries, created by travelers for travelers. So if you are an experienced traveller and you want to help less experienced travellers discover the world with ease, you can join to our comprehensive community programme with various options of paid partnerships for content creators and influencers.

👉 You can learn more about our partner program at

Do you have questions or comments about our platform? Please, let me know. Lets connect, lets chat, lets collab!

29 days ago (edited)
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Tomas, thanks for sharing Worldee with the Travel Massive community.

Worldee is a fantastic and innovative concept — well done on building a platform and marketplace to enable creators to create and sell their own tours.

A few quick questions:

1. What destinations are you seeing demand from your community, and what are the ideal places you'd like to onboard Worldee Travel Buddies to create itineraries?

2. In general, how long does the onboarding process take to apply, build, and launch a new itinerary and make the first sales?

3. Is your model restricted to the EU or can you can provide the same framework / support in other jurisdictions outside of Europe?

4. Where is your community growing outside of your Czech user base? For example, do you have Australian customers?

29 days ago
head of influencer relations,

Hello Ian, I am glad we are part of TM community and hopefully we will see soon on some of TM events.

Let me answer to your questions:

1) Most popular destinations for our clients are Portugal (Madeira, Azores, Algarve, Porto); Iceland (Northern light tours, and hiking tours), Norway – hiking trips. In general our clients are most interested in adventure travel and outdoor activities – hiking, surfing, climbing and wellbeing activities (Yoga retreats etc.)

2) It really depends on time capacities and approach of each potential Travel buddy. Onboarding proccess include: Digital track record, 2x onboarding call, creating and pricing the itinerary. It could be easily done within a week. We have an onboarding guidelines and video tutorials for our new Travel buddies. So in fact, it is really easy and user friendly to become our new travel buddy.

3) Right now, our business model is restricted in EU. When we take our clients outside Europe, we cooperate with DMCs and local guides

4) We are starting expansion in Germany, Poland and Slovakia. So we have first customers from these countries, where we continue with marketing and business activities

28 days ago (edited)