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African Travel Crew
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June 2021
Stories and journeys on paths less traveled in Africa

We have explored the roads less traveled, paddled the mighty rivers, slept under the stars and danced around a campfire Africa provides the greatest show on earth.

Be sure to check out our #shorts for behind the scene action and footage that didn't always make the final cut.

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4 months ago
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Founder, Travel Massive

Neil, I really enjoy your videos and discovering new places in South Africa that I haven't been to. Where is the next road trip to?

3 months ago (edited)
Founder, Connector, Proud African. Avid Explorer @africantravelcrew

Thanks Ian. We're trying to capture one small town a week, capture the feel of the town. Winter has just hit us here in Cape Town, and with that much needed rain, so we head over the mountains into the Karoo ( desert region) for the next few months, starting in a small town call Villiersdorp ( dorp is Afrikaans and means town in English). Thanks for the support it means the world to us. Big UPS on the new look @TravelMassive platform. It is awesome.

3 months ago
Travel blogger, author, documentary producer, podcaster, speaker, GlobalGaz

Great stuff! A vast continent with 54 unique countries. So much to offer, discover and learn.

2 months ago
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