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Planit Earth

AI generated personalized travel itinerary
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Planit Earth harnesses the power of generative AI (GPT4) to compose a personalized travel itinerary filled with activities suitable for each traveler. Enter your destination, the length of your trip, a budget preference, and any specific types of activities to include — we will recommend a tailored itinerary for you with just a click.

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Hey all, I'm the founder and CEO of Planit Earth and we're thrilled to launch the first iteration of our AI-powered travel planner!

The problem: Trip planning can be overwhelming and time consuming. While some may find excitement in planning, many folks are overwhelmed by the prospect of figuring out where to go and what to do once you arrive at your destination. The typically requires copious amounts of research in order to uncover the major attractions, determine their relative proximities, and weave everything together into an actionable travel itinerary. To complicate things, everyone has different preferences for the types of activities they would like to partake in.

The solution: Planit Earth aims to help travelers shortcut this process by leveraging the power of AI to generate personalized itineraries with a click. We've just launched our prototype and plan to incorporate additional information to help travelers (weather forecasts, travel advisories, etc) while we continue to fine tune our itineraries. The vision is for PlanIt Earth to become the go-to starting point for your trip planning needs.

I'm excited to hear your thoughts! Constructive feedback on how we can improve the product is always appreciated:)

12 days ago (edited)
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Dave, thanks for sharing your project with the Travel Massive community.

I like the look of the UX (I’m a Tailwind fan!) and how easy it is to get started.

As always, I gave it the “Tasmania” test and came up with this itinerary:

The individual suggestions are good, but it’s an impractical itinerary as it requires hours of driving back/forward around the island.

I’d suggest prompting the AI for a more optimal route.

Are you planning to monetize your website, or is this a side project? Any tips for other people looking to build AI solutions in travel?

Hope this feedback is helpful!

12 days ago (edited)

Hi Ian, thanks for the thoughtful feedback. Agreed that the itineraries that are generated can be further optimized for travel time and routes, especially in non-urban destinations. We are working on fine tuning this for our next iteration.

At the moment we aren't monetizing the website yet and want to focus on building something that travelers love to use, but over time we will certainly consider various options.

As for tips for people building AI solutions in travel, this is a nascent space so it's anybody's guess what will stick. I'd say the most important thing is to keep an open mind!

6 days ago