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Bikepacking The Sicily Divide A vlog cycling for 7 days across Sicily from Trapani to Catania

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The Sicily Divide is a 465km long bikepacking route that makes its way from Trapani on Sicily's northern coast to Catania on the southern coast. Learn more about the route at sicilydivide.it/en/

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Freelance Travel Writer, Cian Writes

Hello! I'm Cían, an Irish adventure and travel writer.

Cycling the Sicily Divide brought me through parts of the island that have been devastated by natural disasters and depopulation. By making the Sicily Divide, the trail creators are bringing vital tourism funds through these dying towns and villages.

I found incredible sections of gravel biking, met incredibly warm and welcoming people, and enjoyed a slice of rural Sicilian living on every day of the adventure.

If you liked this video, there are plenty more links to my other work on my website over at www.cianwrites.com

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Bikepacking The Sicily Divide

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