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You can say Lagos is the capital of Africa and you won't be wrong. The megacity of thirty million residents is a throbbing pulse of the continent and hub of the West African coast. Lagos never sleeps and it is steadily becoming the go-to destination for many visitors to the country. The Lagos Chapter of Travel Massive brings together everybody that works in the travel industry - tour operators, travel agencies, state tourism boards, online travel companies, hotels, airlines and travel aficionados.

Our events and activities are aimed at promoting ideation, tech innovation and solutions to travel/tourism problems in Nigeria. Naturally, these events are suited to provide a relaxed environment for travel/tourism insiders to network and share knowledge. However, we aim to also use it to pull our resources together to embark on CSR initiatives that will improve the lives of residents living in the host communities of tourist attractions, and the facilities therein.

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Founder, Travel Massive

Hey Lagos team! When is the next Lagos Travel Massive event? Any plans for this year?

1 year ago
Founder | Content Creator, Travelanders

Hiya! Yes, our next event is scheduled for next month. 😊 We will be sharing details soon.

1 year ago
Trip Leader, JoinMyTrip

Hi Team, I’m Goodness I’m New here and this is a very lovely space 😊 I’m From Nigeria, currently based in Lagos.
I would be lovely if we all come together and plan a Meetup or Networking session celebrating people who love travels and also shear ideas on great destinations to visit as travel is now opening up currently.
Hope to hear from y’all, can’t wait for this years meetup

1 year ago
Chief Explorer, TravelWithSamGlobal

Hi Goodness
We've had quite a number of meetups in Lagos over the past few years
Something is in the works before the end of the year
We'll keep you posted

1 year ago
Business Development/ICT, Cadril Tour and Travel Limited

Hey Team nice joining the Lagos massive travel community

1 year ago
Chief Explorer, TravelWithSamGlobal

Lovely to have you here

1 year ago
Md/ceo, Posnap Travels Ltd

My name is patience okoro MD Posnap Travels Ltd, i feel blessed to be here

1 year ago
Chief Explorer, TravelWithSamGlobal

So glad to have you as well.

1 year ago
Travel Consultant, Travel Now and Tourism

Hello Everyone am Tobbie a new member here from Travel Now and Tourism, I would like if we can scheduled a tour in some interesting places in Nigeria, Ghana , Togo and few Africa countries towards ending of the Year 🙏

11 months ago
Chief Explorer, TravelWithSamGlobal

Hey Tobbie. Glad to have you here. Please feel free to come for this Saturday's hangout so we can plan it together with the rest of the crew. Cheers :)

11 months ago
Travel Consultant, Travel Now and Tourism

Yes Boss, I will try my best and God Almighty keep us all alive till then 🙏

11 months ago
CTO, Nirvana Tech

Glad to be here.

11 months ago
Travel Consultant, Finchglow Travels

Hello! I’m new here. My name is Bukola. I’m a Travel Consultant with Finchglow Travels.

11 months ago
👋 Welcome to the Travel Massive community!
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