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#1. Turkey's Only 2 Michelin Star Restaurant: Full dining experience at Turk Fatih Tutak in Istanbul (4 upvotes, 2 comments).

Posted by Raymond Cua in Video, Istanbul, Turkey, Turkiye, Food, Restaurant.
Featured on Mar 1, 2024 (3 days ago).

Watch what it's like at the world's first two Michelin star Turkish restaurant and it was one of the best meals I had in Istanbul! This video features the Chef's Table tasting menu with wine pairing plus goes behind the scenes at the restaurant and chefs.


Raymond Cua (Founder, Content Creator and Consultant, Travelling Foodie):

Do you travel for food? I travel around the world, exploring destinations and highlighting culinary experiences as a way to enjoy them.

Sandra Weinacht (President + Co-Founder, Inside Europe Experiences):

Who doesn't travel for food?

End of comments.

#2. Is it possible to find 'authentic' food in overcrowded Kyoto?: A video exploring Kyoto's food scene and overtourism (7 upvotes, 5 comments).

Posted by Cassandra Lord in Video, Kyoto, Japan, Food, Responsible Travel, Discussion.
Featured on Feb 29, 2024 (4 days ago).

Although I knew that Kyoto was crowded, I didn't truly know until I recently visited again for the first time in a few years. I had intended to make a video showing some places to eat in Kyoto that have history, but once I went to them, I didn't feel like I could just ignore the overtourism of it all. In this video, I explore how I felt that Kyoto was affected by overtourism, what we as travelers can do to lessen our impact, and a place to go instead of central Kyoto.


Cassandra Lord (Japan content creator, ):

I'm intrigued as to what people's thoughts are on overtourism in Kyoto.

When I travel to a place for the first time, I tend to look for the 'must do' things first, especially if it seems unlikely I'll ever visit that city again. But lately I've been more aware of the overtourism and sustainability aspects of things. Is this something that plays an important part in your trip planning, or do you prioritize one over the other?

Melani ():

Very informative, i myself hate overcrowded places

Cassandra Lord (Japan content creator, ):

I'm glad you think so! Yes, crowds can ruin an experience for many people. There's so much of Japan to explore instead

Ricardo Akhona Pieterse (Co-founding Director & Cultural Tour Guide, Victoria West Tours (Pty) Ltd):


Aashi Vel (Founder and Co-CEO, Traveling Spoon):

Really insightful video Cassandra! Thank you for sharing. Love that you point out how Nishiki market had to change in some ways and also that there are places like Uji/Jintaro that truly give you a feel for local life and culture. I had a similar experience to you when I was traveling in Mexico - I started Traveling Spoon to give travelers a chance to experience local food and culture by connecting them to locals, in their homes, for a cooking class and meal. Let us know if you're interested in trying Obanzai, a cuisine (and philosophy) native to Kyoto with one of our hosts in her home.

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#3. Tukio: Plan and book your safari itinerary in a few clicks (5 upvotes, 4 comments).

Posted by Marina Cangelaris in Marketplace, Safari, Planning, Booking, Africa, Kenya.
Featured on Feb 28, 2024 (5 days ago).

Planning your safari should be as exciting as being on a game drive and spotting your first lion! We have been there, and we know that it can become overwhelming very quickly, especially for first timers.

This is why we are building Tukio:

🧭 Discover and book your accommodation, inland transportation and activities all in one place
🔍 Transparency: See what you can get for your budget without having to wait for quotes
⭐️ Quality: We carefully select our partners and make sure our listings match reality
✅ Payment: We collect payments securely, so you don’t have to worry about making transfers


Marina Cangelaris (Co-Founder, Tukio):

Hi Travel Massive Community,

I am Marina, the co-founder of Tukio (gotukio.com)

How it started
I went to Kenya for the first time a year ago, and naturally wanted to go on a safari. I soon discovered that this is a market that works mainly by word of mouth or through multiple emails and quote requests to travel agents. I thought in 2023, there must be a better way to do this.

Introducing Tukio
Our mission at Tukio is to bring transparency to the Safari market and allow our users to discover destinations, lodges and activities, and see what they can get for their budget without having to request and wait for quotes from lodges or travel agents.

We launched an MVP for our product a few months ago in the Masai Mara and have since added Amboseli and Lake Naivasha in Kenya. Our objective is to get feedback on the product from avid travelers and safari-goers before designing the next version of our product.

Special Offer for the Travel Massive Community:
As we are still collecting feedback, we would like to offer the Travel Massive community an exclusive code for $150 off any booking made using the code TMC24. You can enter the code at check-out.

Ian (Founder, Travel Massive):

Hi Marina, thanks for sharing Tukio with the Travel Massive (and offering a discount!).

Where is your conpany based? Also, what has been your biggest challenge so far developing your business?

Who in the Travel Massive network would you most like to connect with? If you haven’t already, our members search will help you find operators and members in various countries in Africa! There’s also a few Travel Massive chapters, including Nairobi, Lagos, Joburg and Cape Town.

Marina Cangelaris (Co-Founder, Tukio):

Hi Ian! We launched Tukio out of Nairobi but will soon be expanding outside of Kenya. At the moment the biggest challenge is getting people to know us and trust us for their Safari booking.

As Safaris are big trips and most people are not familiar with African destinations, it can be difficult to trust a brand new website that has very few reviews. At the moment the biggest help we can get is spreading the word across travelers, as well as outbound travel agents who would be interested in adding Africa to their destination portfolios. This way we can start building a strong base of early adopters in order to solve this "chicken and egg" problem.

Ricardo Akhona Pieterse (Co-founding Director & Cultural Tour Guide, Victoria West Tours (Pty) Ltd):

Africa has the best safari experiences

End of comments.

#4. Meet The Winners of the Japan Travel Awards 2024: Championing diversity, inclusion, sustainability, and creativity in travel (8 upvotes, 7 comments).

Posted by Ally Hongo in News, Japan, Diversity, Accessible Travel, Sustainability, Responsible Travel.
Featured on Feb 27, 2024 (6 days ago).

The [Japan Travel Awards](japantravelawards.com/home2024-en), an annual Japan-based competition that highlights outstanding travel destinations around the country, recently announced this year's winners. Selected from over [160 applications and 18 finalists](www.travelmassive.com/posts/japan-travel-awards-finalists-2024-122455407), the winners this year are champions of diversity, inclusion, sustainability, and creativity in travel.

Read about the winners below, or visit the [official awards page](japantravelawards.com/jta-2024-en) to learn more about each award.

Top Prize (Grand Prix)
[Zerogravity](zerogravity.jp) (Kagoshima) — A marine activity provider and accommodation focusing on universal marine sports and wheelchair diving.

Article image #1
*Zerogravity sets groundbreaking standards creating an accessible marine sports facility that everyone, regardless of physical abilities, can enjoy. The Grand Prize recognizes their achievement of establishing a one-of-a-kind destination in Japan that is not only open to all, but also sets groundbreaking accessibility standards.*

Best Accessible Travel
[Naniwa Issui](www.naniwa-i.com/en/) (Shimane): A long-standing traditional inn with multiple universal rooms and unique accessible travel policies and stay plans.

Article image #2
*Naniwa Issui, founded in 1918, first introduced an accessible room in 2006 and did not expect to receive the positive feedback it did from both guests and staff. From then on, they continued improving room after room, service after service, essentially changing their corporate policy to make their services more accessible for all.*

Best LGBTQ+ Travel
[Hotel Palm Royal NAHA Kokusai Street](palmroyal.co.jp) (Okinawa) — A family-run hotel that openly celebrates diversity.

Article image #3
*This hotel is dedicated to establishing a safer, welcoming, and engaging place for everyone in the LGBTQ+ community.*

Best Sustainable Travel
[Okinawa Diving Service Lagoon](www.lagoon-diving.com) (Okinawa) — An educational diving experience contributing to environmental protection through coral conservation activities.

Article image #4
*From making coral seedlings to planting the coral while snorkeling and diving, tourists can explore the Okinawan seas while simultaneously contributing to environmental protection.*

Best Inbound Travel
[Temple Stay Kakurinbo](kakurinbo.jp) (Yamanashi) — A Buddhist temple stay facility that offers unique, foreigner-friendly stays and cultural programs.

Article image #5
*This long-standing shukubo (temple inn) has succesfully transformed a truly authentic Japanese experience into a foreign-friendly destination, without sacrificing the needs of the local communities.*

Best Cultural Travel
[Ama Hut Satoumian](satoumian.com/en) (Mie) — A restaurant where visitors can dine with traditional “ama” divers, female freedivers who are an integral part of Japan's seaside communities.

Article image #6
*Ama Hut Satoumian is a restaurant and a cultural experience where tourists can dine with "ama" divers, traditional freedivers who played a crucial part in the development of Japanese coastal communities.*

Best Family Travel
[Mori no Kuni Valley](morino-kuni.com) (Ehime) — An eco-village with various educational stay options and outdoor experiences for children and families.

Article image #7
*This initiative aims to create an eco-system that teaches children, our future, of the importance of co-existing, understanding and valuing nature and our surroundings.*

Best Transformative Travel (two winners):

[INOW](inowkamikatsu.com) (Tokushima) — An educational program providing guests with sustainable stay experiences in Kamikatsu, Japan's first zero-waste town.

Article image #8
*This program equips travelers with a deep understanding of the logic and cultural aspect behind Japan’s first 'zero-waste town' local policies and how we can all learn from it to address the climate change emergency.*

[Tautasya](tautasya.jp) (Kyoto) — An eco-village offering accommodations, a restaurant, and farming experiences, all centered around sustainable efforts.

Article image #9
*Tautasya is a fully self-sustainable eco-village that offers guests multiple lodgings, a restaurant, and outdoor and farming experiences that present the essence of self-sustainable living.*

Best Destination Development
[Togakushi Universal Tourism Desk](togakushi-21.jp/universal/desk/) (Nagano) — A regional bureau that promotes accessible tourism in a popular ancient pilgrim town.

Article image #10
*Since its establishment, the Togakushi Universal Tourism Desk has supported dozens of travelers with mobility disabilities in visiting and exploring the wonders of Togakushi.*

Best Accommodation
[Naniwa Issui](www.naniwa-i.com/en/) (Shimane) — A long-standing elegant traditional inn breaking physical, social, and dietary barriers to provide remarkable hospitality and comfort to all travelers.

Article image #11
*This ryokan has demonstrated unparalleled attention to detail and hospitality, from creating gorgeous guestrooms to accessible communal baths and diverse, accessible services.*

*Congratulations to all winners for the work they do to promote memorable travel to travelers from all walks of life.*

🏆 Visit the [winners page](japantravelawards.com/jta-2024-en) to learn more about each award, and information about applying for next year's competition.


Ally Hongo (Writer & Editor based in Tokyo. Founder of Japan Travel Awards., Shiitake Creative):

Hi, I'm Ally, the co-founder of the Japan Travel Awards. We are overjoyed to share the news of this year's winners! They are all inspiring travel operators doing amazing work to promote accessible, sustainable, and inclusive travel in Japan, and we are so grateful to have discovered them. They are also genuinely wonderful places to travel to, so we hope you'll put some of those on your itinerary the next time you visit Japan. :)

A huge thank you also goes to Ian from Travel Massive, who was one of the Awards' honorary judges this year. Thank you, Ian, for all the hard work in helping us award these amazing places! :)

Ian (Founder, Travel Massive):

Hi Ally, congrats on announcing the awards!

I'm so glad to see a few of my personal favourites made the list, incuding Zerogravity (accesible diving) and INOW (Japan’s first zero-waste town).

Also thanks for inviting me to be a judge in this year's awards. For everyone else reading — the level of detail and research that Ally and her team go to, to make these awards happen is incredible. They conduct site visits and share detailed notes of their experiences with the judges. These awards are authentic and I'm extremely proud to have contributed to the process, and learn more about these amazing tourism initiatives in Japan. Bravo!

Ally Hongo (Writer & Editor based in Tokyo. Founder of Japan Travel Awards., Shiitake Creative):

Thank you for your kind words, Ian. This means so much to us! 🤩

Josh Grisdale (Founder, TabiFolk):

Congratulations to all of the winners!

Ally Hongo (Writer & Editor based in Tokyo. Founder of Japan Travel Awards., Shiitake Creative):

Thank you, Josh, for being the Awards' rock since year 1!

Jodie StClair (Travel Content Creator, Learners and Makers):

Outdoors + accessibility, so brilliant to see Zerogravity on this list!

Maria Stoyanova (Content & Community Manager, Travel Massive):

Great to see these amazing examples of tourism in Japan championing diversity, inclusion, sustainability, and creativity!

End of comments.

#5. Matter Lens: A storytelling platform with augmented reality (6 upvotes, 3 comments).

Posted by Steve Christensen in App, Augmented Reality, Travel Tech, Startup, Tour, Storytelling.
Featured on Feb 26, 2024 (7 days ago).

At Matter Lens, we're transforming how stories are told using augmented reality, turning every location into a vibrant canvas for captivating narratives. Think of us like "Pokémon Go", but for tourism — every tour is an experience.

Whether you're a seasoned guide, a museum curator, or an eager traveler, Matter Lens empowers you to add a layer of interactive, engaging content at any location for anyone to discover.

🤳 Post pictures, videos, audio, and text in places around the world, and find stories left by others.
🔎 Discovery: Allow potential guests to discover your content in your location and convert them into buyers.
💬 Artistic Narratives: Add exclusive insights to your tours, adding a captivating layer of depth to your storytelling.
⭐️ Tour Enhancement: Use Matter Lens to augment every stop, providing guests with additional content.


Steve Christensen (Entrepreneur, Matter Lens):

Hey everyone, I'm Steve, the CoFounder and CEO of Matter Lens.

Travel isn't just a passion for me; it's a gateway to new ideas, people, cultures, and ways of life. This deep appreciation for exploration is what led us to create Matter Lens.

Our Vision: To make world discovery irresistible.

At Matter Lens, we believe in the magic that happens when content and context come together. Imagine a world where stories seamlessly blend with the places they unfolded. That's what Matter Lens is all about.

Our platform empowers anyone to share their videos, pictures, voice, or text at precise locations worldwide, creating an exciting community of discovery and learning from others.

We envision the future of tourism straddling real life and augmented reality, enhancing the experiences we already love. Matter Lens is the platform that makes this vision a reality. I’d love for you to join us on this exciting journey into the future of exploration!

👉 Join Matter Lens and be part of a global community where every story has a place! We’re currently in BETA and look forward to your feedback!

Ask me some questions!

Ian (Founder, Travel Massive):

Hi Steve, thanks for sharing Matter Lens with the Travel Massive community!

I’m curious about the back story, how did you make the transition from your previous startup Neuwly (an app for real-time video tours) to Matter Lens? Are you working with the same customers and users, or is there a shift?

I love this kind of tech, but what are your thoughts on reducing the friction of installing an app to enhance a local visitor experience? Does the business case favour premium experiences (eg you paid $50 to visit a modern art museum, or a luxury hotel), or mass visitor experiences (eg a public art festival or sculpture walk)?

I admire your innovation, keep it up!

Steve Christensen (Entrepreneur, Matter Lens):

Thanks for your questions, Ian!

We actually we’re building something similar to Matter Lens before launching Neuwly Live but then when COVID hit and the tourism world shut down we had to pivot and created Neuwly Live to stay active. Once the world was back in action we moved back to our original vision armed with more insights into how to build a better product.

Installing apps can be a tough sell for some people for sure, but to properly create what we’re building we have to utilize the technology provided by Apple / Google. To reduce the amount of friction between downloading the app and experiencing the AR created by venues we removed the requirement of creating an account. Anyone can download Matter Lens and experience any augmented content immediately but if you’d like to create and post your own content in AR that’s where you’d have to create an account.

We have a big pipeline of ideas and are currently raising our next round to build them out! What you see is just the tip of the iceberg. I absolutely love this industry and couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it.

End of comments.

#6. Legal Guardian: Travel legal subscription service for visa, immigration, and legal assistance (33 upvotes, 7 comments).

Posted by Andrew Jernigan in Service, Digital Nomad, Remote Work, Expat, Startup.
Updated on Mar 3, 2024 (yesterday).

Legal Guardian is an international legal service subscription providing up to 20 hours monthly for matters such as criminal incidents, driving infractions, minor violations, visa & immigration and more.

Get peace of mind through a trusted network firm in 124 countries ready to provide assistance as needed.

The world is your playground and you choose to live, work and play where you want but things happen and legal counsel is needed — now you have Legal Guardian. The subscription provides a set of legal assistance benefits to give professional guidance and peace of mind when you are outside your home country.

⚖️ Vetted network of law firms at your service for up to 20 hours in a month
💻 Ideal for the remote worker, vacation, expat and digital nomad lifestyle
🗺️ Services available in 124 countries (and expanding)
📲 Digital member card in your Apple or Google Wallet

We can provide this to companies, travel advisors, and organizations to protect your group.


Andrew Jernigan (CEO & Co-founder, Insured Nomads):

Hey Travel Massive community!

We're excited to launch Legal Guardian — a legal subscription service for digital nomads, remote workers, and expats — developed (and tested!) by our remote team at Insured Nomads.

Examples of common uses:

🚔👁️‍🗨️ Car wreck, speeding ticket, parking violation?
🏛️⚔️ Initial legal representation and document services
👮‍♂️💥🔒 Detained and criminal incidents
🛂 Visa problems and immigration issues
and other additional services

Our local representative law firms will serve you in the host/destination country to communicate between the Traveler, Local Authorities, Embassy, Consulate and the traveler’s, expat's, nomad's registered contacts.

Added benefit for your lifestyle:

🛋️ InstaPass airport lounge access (1300+ locations) for registered delayed flights around the world. InstaPass is a travetech product of Insured Nomads.

Plus, when you buy and annual membership you also receive: McAfee Digital Wellness with Total Protection (10 devices) to secure your life online with:
🔐 24/7 identity monitoring and alerts for greater peace of mind.
🕵️ A secure VPN to keep your personal info protected on the go.
🔰 Next-generation device protection automatically blocks new and evolving threats.

It's been a while in the making, and the thrill of seeing it come to fruition is real.

👉 Referral affiliate program for earnings of 10% available.
Learn more about our affiliate program at legal-guardian.com/affiliate

🙏 Grateful for your support and upvotes!

Andrew Jernigan (CEO & Co-founder, Insured Nomads):

Grateful for your support with this announcement.
Would you take a minute too for a vote on Product Hunt:

Ric Gazarian (Event Organizer & Traveler, GlobalGaz):

Interesting ... will be doing a deeper dive into this service. Definitely could add value to my travels.

Andrew Jernigan (CEO & Co-founder, Insured Nomads):

Thanks Ric!

Ian (Founder, Travel Massive):

Congrats on the launch @andrewjernigan and team!

Does Legal Guardian cover notarization services? As a real use-case, I've required notarization sevices in Germany and the Phillipines in the past. Finding lawyers who can provide this service to foreigners was the hard part, since it's quite a trivial matter most law firms don't take this work on.

Andrew Jernigan (CEO & Co-founder, Insured Nomads):

Thanks so much Ian!

You are right, most law firms don't take this on and each country is different. Actually, in most countries lawyers are not notaries so notary services are not considered as urgent and unforeseen legal events per the plan. These services would fall into the category of additional expenses, when dealing with an urgent legal issue. Therefore, they must be seen as additional expenses and on a country per country basis and not included on the membership for legal assistance by a law firm.

Dani ():

Sounds excellent!

End of comments.

#7. Stellavision Travel: Empowering solo female travels through diversity and authentic connections (13 upvotes, 8 comments).

Posted by Zoe Shapiro in Tour Company, Italy, Women In Travel, Diversity, Tuscany, Sicily.
Updated on Feb 26, 2024 (7 days ago).

Stellavision Travel is a boutique company specializing in Italian adventures for self-identifying women traveling solo. We are changing the narrative of solo travel with inclusivity at the core of Stellavision. Reflected in our thoughtfully curated itineraries, with tours designed specifically for plus-sized travelers, we are ensuring every journey is a celebration of diversity and body positivity.

Our intimate groups are limited to 8-12 women, with destinations currently available in Southern Italy, Tuscany, Sicily, and the Aeolian Islands. Stellavision caters specifically to women, nonbinary, and transgender travelers. We are committed to diversity, fostering a like-minded community where women find camaraderie, support, and empowerment.


Zoe Shapiro (Founder & CEO, Stellavision Travel):

Hi! My name is Zoe Shapiro, I am the CEO and Founder of Stellavision Travel. I am a marketing pro who took a year-long sabbatical in Italy in 2019. When I initially moved there, expecting a one-year remote-working stint, I was captivated by the country's spirit. Italy expanded my senses and taught me a new version of confidence and self acceptance.

As a frequent solo female traveler myself, I recognized the increasing trend and an absence of female-orientated, all-inclusive tours – so I launched Stellavision to make travel not just comfortable but celebratory. For me, Stellavision aims to eliminate many obstacles women might face when touring by themselves, while also creating an inclusive community of like-minded travelers that push past typical tourist barriers.

We will be launching a new size-inclusive tour later this year and I'm excited to share our amazing community with you all! Please feel free to reach out with any questions – grazie millie!

👉 Learn more about our story at www.stellavisiontravel.com/about-stellavision

Charles Shima (Founder/CEO, Tourifique):

Hello Zoe 👋
Welcome to Travel Massive. I love the travel concept.

Zoe Shapiro (Founder & CEO, Stellavision Travel):

Thanks Charles! Excited to be here. If Italy is ever in your horizons, please reach out : )

Alessandra Alonso (Founder & MD, Women in Travel CIC, Women in Travel CIC):

Hi Stella it is great to read about your business. I asked for a connection on LinkedIn. Would love to chat!

Ifeanyi Okonkwo (Travel and Tourism Consultant, Denvik Synergy (DenvikTravels)):

Hello Zoe.
I am a female travel company founder in Nigeria and championing the need for rest and vacations.

As a female founder and traveler and encouraging more women to travel and connect with safe communities in the host country

Zoe Shapiro (Founder & CEO, Stellavision Travel):

Couldn't agree more! And hope to experience Nigeria myself one day!

Ian (Founder, Travel Massive):

Hi Zoe, thanks for sharing Stellavision Travel with the Travel Massive community!

I’m curious about your take on solo and group travel and how your customers perceive this messaging. If the trip is taken as a group, is it solo travel?

Also, how did you come up with the name Stellavision? Is there a meaning behind it? It’s a cool brand name!

Zoe Shapiro (Founder & CEO, Stellavision Travel):

Ciao! And thank you.

I would say that our travelers are (most often) solo travelers. They're looking at our small group trips because their holiday budget or time off schedule doesn't necessarily align with the people in their lives. Or - they're looking to meet new travel buddies. At its core, Stellavision is all about community. There is plenty of down time and free time if people are seeking moments alone (I'm an introvert, I get it!) but the group allows for the options to be social, share these amazing travel experiences and more often than not, make new friends. Nothing makes my heart leap like seeing people who have met on a Stellavision tour have a reunion in London or LA or (last weekend) the Florida Keys.

My middle name is Stella so there's a quiet personal connection to the name! But more than that, I'm love a portmanteau / witty peice of branding. Stella is a beautiful Italian word that means stars and when it comes to travel experiences, I love the idea that as travelers we have 'stars in our eyes'. Our blog is called the Stellavision Channel. Fun little moments like that.

End of comments.

#8. What are good practices for client prospection to grow my tour business?: (6 upvotes, 9 comments).

Posted by Averil Huck in Discussion, Tour, Marketing.
Featured on Feb 21, 2024 (12 days ago).


Averil Huck (Founder & tour guide, Prague Feminist Tours):

Hi everyone, my name is Averil (founder and guide at Prague Feminist Tours). I'm new to the world of tourism and I need your help.

I'm looking for advice, especially from fellow self-employed guides, on what are good practices to find clients.

For now, I've mostly managed to find local customers (living in Prague), but not exactly tourists.

Except from a good use of social media and network, what is important to do? Leave brochures in key places? Submit your tours on online platforms for a fee? Send out emails?

Thanks a lot in advance for your wisdom! 😊

Dmitriy Tin (Founder, Center Smart Tourism GMBH):

I would advise you to first make a website and then place information about yourself on Google map and Tripadvisor.

Charles Shima (Founder/CEO, Tourifique):

Welcome to the world of tourism 👋
My advice is that you build good relationships, provide quality with your tours and share your story👍

The rest will happen.

John Brown (Technical Director, GCH Travel):

Create blog posts around Feminist tours and sightseeing trips and syndicate your content to social media and other travel platforms.

Ioannis Sampsonidis (Tour Operator, Group Leader, Vegan Travel Greece):

Another way to bring in new clients is to use some special software to set up an affiliate marketing program for one or more of your travel services and offer them for a commission to potential affiliates, influencers, and YouTubers.

Ian (Founder, Travel Massive):

Hi Averil, thanks for asking and a great question.

If you’re a solo business owner then my best advice would be to prioritize and focus on channels that can make the most immediate impact.

Establishing traffic (and converting) to your website and listing on OTAs might take over a year to see a return on investment (especially with a free tour model).

Have you explored B2B sales models, such as providing your tours to a conference/company retreat/school? You could probably build higher value, bespoke experiences with these kinds of clients, and use your branding/free tours as your “CV” to gain trust.

Along these lines would be partnering with group tour companies and providing a local tour that could be bundled with their trips.

Networking is also key! Get yourself along to local tourism conferences, or ITB (and attend all the networking events). There’s lots of experienced tour guides in our community but you’re more likely to get helpful advice over a beer than a keyboard.

Last idea, perhaps look for a mentor in the industry who might be a few steps ahead of you, and would be willing to give you advice relevant to your particular business and model.

At the end of the day, it’s all about distribution - so that’s the best mindset to have. Hope these ideas are helpful!

Rodrigo Pinto (General Manager, LATC Turismo):

Hi Averil,

You already have quite a few ideas rolling in (all of them great), but I would also try to get to know people at the local tourism office and Convention Bureau to pitch your unique take on Prague, which might be very appealing to them who are always searching for new ideas on how to promote your destination.

Tourpreneur.com is another great resource, more especifically their podcast. A couple of years ago I've listened to a series about 2 female business entrepreneurs in Australia who described their sucessess and failures building an unique tour in Canberra, Australia. I believe you will particularly enjoy this episode (#153) from July, 2021.


Best of luck!

Averil Huck (Founder & tour guide, Prague Feminist Tours):

I really liked the Podcast episode, thank you for sharing!

monicaroon (co founder, xabbitours):

Hello Averil! Welcome to the world of tourism! To attract tourists, consider collaborating with local accommodations, creating enticing online content, and utilizing review platforms for visibility. Best wishes! 😊

End of comments.

#9. Traveleva: An app to Plan, Travel, and Organize your next trip with friends (13 upvotes, 6 comments).

Posted by Amit, Rahul Goyal in App, Itinerary, Planning, Startup, Group Travel.
Featured on Feb 19, 2024 (14 days ago).

Traveleva is a travel planning app that's set to transform the way you explore the world.

📅 Real-Time Itineraries: Create dynamic itineraries personalised to your preferences, including the number of nights and your interests. Gain access to detailed information on top attractions, activities, dining options, and more.

👫 Trip Collaboration: Invite your friends to your trip, facilitating seamless coordination and shared experiences.

💰 Expense Management: Record and manage trip expenses, keep tabs on who owes what, and settle bills.

📷 Capture the Moments: Document your journey by adding moments and uploading photos along the way.

📲 Optimize Sightseeing: Traveleva helps you optimize your sightseeing route, suggesting efficient paths to visit multiple attractions. Spend less time in transit and more time enjoying the destinations.


Amit (Co Founder, Traveleva):

Hello TM community! 👋 We are thrilled to introduce Traveleva, a revolutionary travel tool designed to make your trip planning simpler and more enjoyable. Think of it as your travel assistant, streamlining your travel experiences and enhancing your adventures.

Why Traveleva? 🤔
In today's fast-paced world, travel planning can be overwhelming. We're constantly searching for flights, hotels, itineraries, and more across multiple platforms. Traveleva simplifies this by offering a unified platform for all your travel needs.

⭐️ How Traveleva Enhances Your Travels ⭐️
🌍 All-in-One Travel Hub: Say goodbye to the hassle of switching between various travel apps. Traveleva brings together flights, accommodations, itineraries, and more, all in one place.

🌍 Smart Travel Recommendations: With the power of AI, Traveleva not only provides travel information but also understands your preferences to offer personalized recommendations. Need suggestions for your next destination or the best local cuisine? Just ask.

Your Travel Benefits: 🚀
✔️ Save time searching across multiple platforms.
✔️ Access personalized travel recommendations tailored to your interests.
✔️ Enjoy a stress-free travel experience with all your information in one location.

Our Mission: 🔥
We created Traveleva to simplify your travel adventures and enhance your journey from start to finish. We are continuously evolving and eager to hear how Traveleva can transform your travel experiences for the better.

Special Offer for the Travel Massive Community: 🎉
As a token of our gratitude, we're offering exclusive access to Traveleva's premium features for FREE , just download traveleva & register with this referral code : BECEC14E

Discover Traveleva and join us in redefining travel convenience at www.traveleva.in

Ian (Founder, Travel Massive):

Hi Amit, congrats on launching Traveleva and thanks for sharing with the Travel Massive community.

I'm curious about the origin story of your startup — how did you come up with the idea, did you have a background in travel, and who are your co-founders? Can you share a little bit about your journey?

Ian (Founder, Travel Massive):

One more question: the app is not available in Apple App Store (Australia). What regions are you currently available in?

Amit (Co Founder, Traveleva):

Hi Ian, appreciate the opportunity to showcase Traveleva. Coming back to your questions, I and Rahul ( co-founder ) have been traveling together for about 9-10 years. We faced a lot of challenges when planning trips, so last year, after talking to frequent travelers and influencers, we started building Traveleva.
We have launched it around November'23 in India and is available on android everywhere, but iOS is only in India for now. We're working on making Traveleva available globally soon by making some changes to the registration process.

Kendrick R (Founder, TIPS Travel):


Congrats on the launch! Would love to connect with you, and see how we can collaborate together.

Amit (Co Founder, Traveleva):

Thanks Kendrick, I saw your product, would like to understand it more & then discuss on the collaboration opportunity.

End of comments.

#10. Recap from Atlanta Travel Massive Meetup: Meeting new members and sharing our latest travel projects (3 upvotes, 4 comments).

Posted by Amritha Joseph in Article, Atlanta, Travel Massive, Meetup Group.
Featured on Feb 16, 2024 (17 days ago).

We hopped in to HopDoddy's new location in Cobb last week to meet with Atlanta Travel Massive members and discuss our upcoming projects over beers and burgers.

Travel writer Paige Watts (@paigemindsthegap) talked about the release of her new book "What's with Atlanta?" covering all of Atlanta's unique attractions and quirks that make it so special — like the fact that there are just over 70 streets with the name Peach Tree in them.

Sierra Bush (@sierra-busch), founder of Creative Edge Travel (creativeedgetravel.com) talked about her process for creating bespoke, off the beaten path itineraries for travelers visiting Italy.

Leslie and Martina from "That couple who travels" (thatcouplewhotravels.com) said their business is growing so fast they're looking for more writers to bring into the fold and help them cover destinations.

What a great time we had dabbing over the grub at HopDoddy, thanks to everyone for making it out!


Amritha Joseph (Online Journalist, In Transit Travel + Food Blog):

It was so great to see our Atlanta Travel Massive community members turn up and hear about their upcoming projects, current challenges and partnership opportunities

Ian (Founder, Travel Massive):

Great video, this is what Travel Massive is all about! Meeting fellow travel people, sharing what we’re working on, and collaborating!

Andrew Jernigan (CEO & Co-founder, Insured Nomads):

Well done Amritha and the Atlanta team!

Charles Shima (Founder/CEO, Tourifique):

I visited Atlanta last year for the first time. It's a great city.
Anyone in the community who offer black travel experiences?

End of comments.

Upcoming Events


#1. ITB Berlin 2024

City: Berlin, Germany
When: March 5-7, 2024 (3 Days), starting at 09:00

The world’s leading travel trade show will once again take place LIVE at the Berlin Exhibition Grounds from 5 – 7 March 2024.

The exhibitor portal is the central contact point for your participation in ITB Berlin 2024. Here you can register your exhibitor stand, register your co-exhibitors and manage your service bookings around your trade show presence.

By clicking on “New stand registration” you can register as an exhibitor for ITB Berlin 2024 in just a few steps. After completion you will receive an automatic confirmation of receipt of your registration and further important information. Please note that this is not yet a binding order confirmation and does not constitute admission.

The official registration deadline for ITB Berlin 2024 expired on 1 September 2023. If you still register now, our team will be pleased to check the free spaces which still are for you.

Link to event page

#2. Berlin Travel Massive @ ITB Party 2024

City: Berlin
When: Tuesday, Mar 5, 2024, starting at 19:00

Kick of the biggest travel fair in the world with the Travel Massive community

Mingle and dance with content creators, influencers and travel industry professionals from all around the world at The Social Hub in the heart of Berlin at the start of ITB, the biggest travel fair in the world.

Grab your tickets quickly since the event sold out 2 weeks in advance last year!

Proudly sponsored by Stripe and Stay22.


⏱ Tuesday, Mar 5, 2024 @ 19:00
📍 The Social Hub - Alexanderstraße 40, 10179 Berlin (maps.app.goo.gl/679wEwHCkgM2ViAp8)
🎟 Tickets € 10 early birds / € 20 regular price
🍺 Some free drinks offered by our sponsors Stripe and Stay22
👉 Don't hesitate too long because last year we sold out 2 weeks in advance.

🪩 Berlin icon DJ Jimmy Trash will be spinning the decks
He is an Australian musician, film maker, festival curator and journalist and has been the lifeblood of Berlin good times for over 16 years. A rabid vinyl collector, his research work with afrocentric record labels, digging tours through Slavic and Balkan countries and love of unknown disco bangers from the world over have gained his sets a notoriety for their passion and curiosity.

🌍 About Stripe
Stripe is revolutionizing the travel industry by providing seamless and secure payment infrastructure for the movement and managing of money. By leveraging advanced technology infrastructure, Stripe eliminates the frustrations and inefficiencies associated with traditional payment methods - including offering a unified platform that seamlessly integrates with various travel services, enabling travelers to make hassle-free transactions across the globe. Stripe simplifies the payment experience for travelers, ultimately enhancing their overall travel journey and satisfaction.

🌍 About Stay22
Stay22 helps travel media companies and creators effectively monetise their content. Our AI-powered affiliate program will dramatically improve RPM and supercharge affiliate links, unlocking additional revenue streams for your organization. Stay22 offers a fresh avenue for monetisation that enhances existing channels, without disrupting ad revenue.

🌍 About The Social Hub
Whether you’re staying for a day or a year, we’re a hotel for digital nomads, travellers, students, coworkers and everyone in between. From work to play, choose your own adventure at The Social Hub.

🌍 About Destination Digital
Destination Digital is a content and influencer marketing agency with over 12 years of experience, based in Berlin. We connect content creators, influencers, tourism boards and travel brands from around the world. 👉 Interested to learn more? Catch Bjorn at the party or just drop him an email at bjorn@destinationdigital.agency

🌍 About Travel Massive
The Travel Massive community connects thousands of tourism professionals, travel media, influencers and startups from around the world to meet, connect and share ideas. Our Berlin ITB meetups have been running since 2013 and have played host to some of Berlin's biggest travel meetups at venues across Berlin.

What's happening at ITB Berlin?
Are you attending? Share your talks, sessions, and meetups on this discussion thread: www.travelmassive.com/posts/whos-going-to-itb-berlin-2024-383863179

Link to event page

#3. Travel Massive Mumbai Meet Up & Networking

City: Mumbai, India
When: Thursday, Mar 7, 2024, starting at 6:00 PM

Travel Massive Mumbai is back with a new meet up !
We've been away for a while but we're back now and want to know what you our brilliant travel community has been upto.

The world has changed in the last couple of years and it's affected the way we travel. It's affected the way we operate and the way the entire travel industry works.

Come join us as we discuss and navigate our way forward and make travel more accessible even to the places that aren't deemed fit to visit. Come meet journalists, content creators, industry specialists and travel curators who are leading from the front!

We're meeting for a free flowing conversation over coffee and some great food at StandBy Coffee so we can all network and meet everyone from the community.

Thursday 7th March 6pm to 9pm
StandBy Coffee, Worli Mumbai

Link to event page

#4. The Future of Personalised Pricing

City: London
When: Thursday, Mar 14, 2024, starting at 6:00 PM

London Meetup & Networking: Join us in Old Street, as we share expert views and research on the Future of Personalised Pricing.

💥 This March: An in-person networking event at Stripe's Old Street offices.

How do you deliver strategic and ideally dynamic segmentation of inventory and customers? How from a revenue management prospective, do you harness the opportunities that AI is presenting?

Increasing diversity of channels, means increasing opportunity for more tailored pricing strategies. How though should travel businesses embed linkages beyond revenue management, recognising that price is not the only leaver to be pulled, acknowledging the importance of having significant tie in with marketing channels?

Join Travel Massive in Old Street on Thursday 14th of March, for an evening of insights and discussion with Stripe, OC&C Strategy Consultants and IDeaS Revenue Solutions on the Future of Personalised Pricing and how it will impact on the travel industry.

This is an opportunity to network with industry leaders over drinks and hear from a panel of industry experts. We welcome those in revenue management as well as travel industry leaders, startups and travel tech companies, entrepreneurs, and members with an interest in how revenue management is changing and impacting the future of travel.

💡 New insights on the Future of Personalised Pricing from OC&C Strategy Consultants and Stripe.

📖 The launch of a new industry white paper.

🎤 A lively panel with experts from the travel and leisure industries.

🍷 Informal networking with peers over drinks and canapés.

Important Details:

📍 Address: Stripe, 3rd floor (The Tower), The Bower, 211 Old Street, London

🗓️ Date: Thursday, 14th March 2023

🕕 Time: 18:00–21:00

RSVP Essential (here on Travel Massive)

Schedule of events:

18:00: Arrival, registration, drinks, and networking

18:30: Welcome from Matthew Gardiner at Travel Massive, followed by a presentation on the Future of Personalised Pricing from Stripe and OC&C.

18:45: Revenue management panel featuring industry experts. Speakers to be announced shortly.

19:15: Networking, drinks, and canapés

21:00: Event ends

Questions about this event? Please email matthew@travelmassive.com

Please note: when you register for this event (which must be done in advance) we will also be sharing your details with Stripe to allow us to process your registration and facilitate your access to their offices. There may also be photography at the event.

It is important to note that Stripe also require you to bring photo ID to enter their building.

Link to event page

#5. Deep Travel Study Tour to Iceland

City: Reykjavik
When: April 4-9, 2024 (6 Days), starting at 12:00

This 6-day deep travel study tour is ideal for travel professionals keen on innovations and growth. It’s for those who are pushing boundaries in technology and travel, and want to transform how we experience our journeys.

We're going to engage with local experts and industry movers and shakers to gain insights in tourism business development, green technology and sustainable practices.

After that, we'll immerse ourselves in the rich Icelandic culture and explore the natural wonders and local traditions through carefully selected, innovative and sustainable travel experiences.

We might even get to see the northern lights from up close.

If you’re a travel specialist, innovator, researcher or part of a startup, this trip is for you.

Why should you attend?

👉 Expand your professional travel network
👉 Explore Iceland's innovations in travel & tech
👉 Experience unique culture
👉 Discover sustainable practices
👉 Gain the latest industry insights

Spots are limited so hurry up. We're accepting applications until Feb 15 2024.

Check out our website for more info or DM the organizer.

We're closely following the situation with the volcano eruption and we'll update any interested participants if there will be any changes to the tour.

Link to event page

#6. WTM Africa 2024

City: Cape Town, South Africa
When: April 10-12, 2024 (3 Days), starting at 10:00

Join the industry at the must attend business-to-business travel and tourism event for African and International travel professionals.

World Travel Market Africa delivers the leading global events for the travel industry. One of six shows in the WTM portfolio, our Africa show was launched in 2014 under the Africa Travel Week umbrella to bring the benefits and opportunities of our global industry expertise to travel professionals in this region.

Join over 6000 travel industry professionals as they attend Africa’s leading and only business to business (B2B) exhibition for both the inbound and outbound African travel and tourism markets.

Mirrored on WTM flagship events like WTM London and the Arabian Travel Market in Dubai, WTM Africa delivers a proven mix of Hosted Buyers, Buyers’ Club members, Media representatives, pre-schedule appointments, networking, evening functions and invited travel trade visitors.

Beyond the event we continue to help professionals in the African travel industry to drive commercial success with year-round access to make connections, industry news and developments, trends and technologies from around the world.

Through our industry networks, global reach and regional focus, WTM Africa creates personal and business opportunities providing our customers with quality contacts, content and communities.

Link to event page

Classified Ads

Here's the 10 latest classified ads:

Classified #1. Social Entrepreneurship Competition in Tourism enters its fifth round in 2024

• Company: Social Entrepreneurship in Tourism
• Location: Berlin and world-wide.
• **Applications for the annual competition for social entrepreneurship in tourism are open from April 1, 2024** **Information event at the ITB on March 06, 2024, Hall 5.3 - Hybrid Stage** **Berlin, February 27th, 2024** – Social entrepreneurs in tourism will at soon be able to apply for the fifth edition of the "Social Entrepreneurship Competition in Tourism". The competition is the only one in the world that focuses on social innovation and social entrepreneurship in tourism. It aims to strengthen social entrepreneurs worldwide through expert knowledge, a mentoring program and international attention. The "Social Entrepreneurship Competition in Tourism" will support start-ups in developing products and services that pursue inclusive, sustainable or socially just goals. Professor Dr. Claudia Brözel from the Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development initiated the competition in 2019 and organized it together with partners ITB Berlin, Berlin Travel Festival and Travel Massive. Experts from the travel technology provider Amadeus and the digital travel company Booking.com are joining the international jury for the first time this year, which is made up of the established partners who have been active members of the competition since its inception. The structure of the competition is based on the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals and aims to contribute to achieving the goals of quality education, gender equality, decent work, and economic growth as well as industry, innovation and infrastructure. The application phase covers the period from April 1 to June 30, 2024. Applications can be submitted in the categories "Launch Track" (for new ideas and projects that have not yet been implemented) or "Growth Track" (for existing projects that are to be further expanded). In the last competition in 2022, around 200 applications – 51% from women – were received from over 50 countries worldwide. The expert jury evaluates the applications using the four-eyes principle. The 10-week mentoring and coaching program for ten finalists is designed to strengthen the founders' knowledge and skills in the areas of pitching, human-centered design, business modelling and impact measurement in one-on-one meetings and group sessions. The winners will be selected by the international jury at a digital awards ceremony on November 18, 2024. Both cash and non-cash prizes are available for the winners in both categories – two prizes will be awarded in each. "We are delighted to be able to host the competition again this year with the great support of the tourism industry. With the Social Entrepreneurship Competition, we have established an important platform that helps to promote social innovation in the tourism sector, support social entrepreneurs, build networks, and drive forward the increasingly important sustainable transformation in the industry”, says founder Professor Dr. Claudia Brözel. **Why our new partners are supporting the Social Entrepreneurship Competition:** “At **Amadeus**, we are glad to become a partner of the 2024 Social Entrepreneurship Competition in Tourism. Through this partnership, we aim to empower innovative entrepreneurs who foster an inclusive and sustainable development of the travel and tourism industry. It’s also a great opportunity for our company to meet partners and new social entrepreneurs and, together offer travelers more sustainable tourism choices.” says Audrey Mourguiart, Head of Social Innovation at Amadeus. The tourism industry offers the best conditions for new business models that address social sustainability in the core business. We are thrilled to support the Social Entrepreneurship initiative, starting this year. With our **Lufthansa City Center** network of entrepreneurs worldwide, we are convinced that we can create optimal synergies through our new collaboration. Says Markus Orth, Managing Director Lufthansa City Center Reisebüropartner GmbH **All new partners will be presented at ITB, March 6, 2024, between 1 and 1:45 p.m. in Hall 5.3 on the Hybrid Stage.** Prof. Claudia Brözel will discuss the topic "Social enterprises drives positive impact in tourism" with company representatives: • Dr. Neal Bermas, Founder & Chairman STREETS International, • Carole Carlson, Professor of the Practice at Brandeis University, USA, • Audrey Mourguiart, Head of Social Innovation at Amadeus, • Michel Visser, Head of Societal Impact at Booking.com and • Paola Vulterini, Leader of Valueable network | Assoziazione Italiana Persone Down. The event will be followed by a get-together to which all interested parties are cordially invited. https://www.itb.com/de/besuchen/eventuebersicht/#/event/social-entrepreneurship-in-tourism-competition--6e796e69-ef0e-430d-9d28-93cf78a8eda3 More information https://socialtourismcompetition.com/ Follow us on Instagram or Linkedin #care #create #change #socialtourismcompetition
End of classified.

Classified #2. ASTA Entrepreneur of the Year Contest

• Company: ASTA Travel Advisor Conference
• Location: Dallas, Texas.
• **Calling All Travel Entrepreneurs: Win $10,000 to help your business grow** Are you passionate about your new travel endeavor? Do you have an idea that will change the travel landscape? This is a great opportunity for travel advisors, agency owners, travel technology start-ups, travel suppliers, and more! If you have a dream, we want to help you make it a reality. Three lucky finalists will appear onstage at The ASTA Travel Advisor Conference in Dallas, Texas, May 29-31, 2024, to participate in a LIVE competition to see who will win the $10,000 cash prize. **Application Deadline:** Entries will be accepted online beginning on February 5, 2024 and ending on March 29, 2024. **Who can apply?** All travel advisors, agency managers, suppliers, and others in the travel and hospitality industry are eligible to receive the Award. See evaluation criteria and event details on the link.
End of classified.

Classified #3. Destination Manager

• Company: CAS Trips
• Location: Prague, Czech Republic.
• This is a full-time role based in Prague, Czech Republic for a CAS Trips (https://www.castrips.org) Destination Manager. The Destination Manager will be responsible for managing all aspects of the student tour experience in one or more of CAS Trips' portfolio of Destinations, including, but not limited to organizing activities, recruiting and booking trip leaders, booking accommodation, arranging transportation, liaising with client school points of contact, nurturing and managing partnerships in the city and coordinating all trip logistics. **Qualifications** • Bachelor's degree in Hospitality, Tourism, Business, or a related field • 4+ years of experience in the travel or tourism industry • Experience managing large groups of students or clients • Network of contacts in the group tourism field (tour guides, restaurants, transport etc) • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to collaborate and build relationships with cross-functional teams, vendors, and clients • Extremely detail-oriented, with the ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously in a fast-paced environment. • Native or C2 fluency level of written and spoken English • Preferred professional experience in marketing and/or sales, as well as operations. • Meticulous level of organization and time management • Experience using G Suite, Excel, Office (ppt, word, excel) essential • Experience using Adobe Design Suite (in Design, Photoshop), Canva, Asana, CRM software and AI • Proactive and use independent initiative at all times
End of classified.

Classified #4. Creators: Join the NaviSavi WhatsApp group

• Company: NaviSavi
• Location: World Wide.
• By joining the NaviSavi WhatsApp group, you will get the latest updates about new partner and campaign announcements first, our new double pay $ videos, as well as the ability to connect with fellow Savi Travelers from the NaviSavi app! Connect now, invite friends, and start earning more $$$! 🤳 Don't have the app yet? Download NaviSavi at https://www.navisaviapp.com **Make more money from your content!** Behind the scenes, we’ve been working really hard to create more ways for you to earn more money from your content. Which now includes the possibility to work with other travel companies that are looking to license user-generated videos! **So what does this mean for you?** Well, if your video(s) are selected in the NaviSavi app, not only does it mean you might be in with the opportunity to put more travel brands on your portfolio, but you will also make some extra cash (without lifting a finger) on those video(s). Consider it like some extra passive income! **How will I know if my content has been selected?** As we mentioned before, you won’t need to lift a finger. Interested partners will make their selection and we will get in contact letting you know if your content has been selected, and to take you through the process. **When will these partnerships begin? ** We’ve already begun with TUI: one of the world’s largest travel and tourism agencies. Take a look at some of the NaviSavi community videos featured in their Madeira Reel (https://www.instagram.com/p/C2rajmOtMUo/) and their New Orleans Reel (https://www.instagram.com/reel/C3HvTJXp7KB/).
End of classified.

Classified #5. TravelCon 2024: Call for Speakers (May 15-17)

• Company: TravelCon
• Location: Portland, Oregon.
• **WHO SHOULD APPLY TO SPEAK?** Travel Creators -- bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers, social media influencers, authors, coaches, and anyone else creating online travel content. **WHAT TOPICS SHOULD I PITCH?** All pitches should fit into one of the following themes: (1) Going Pro as a Creator -- How you went from a hobbyist to a full-time travel creator (2) Scaling Your Creator Business -- How you took your business to the next level once you went full-time as a creator We are looking for narratives and story-based sessions that take your peers behind the curtain in a "How I Built This" or "Here's My Success Story" fashion. It can be about your business as a whole OR a particular area of it (ex: email marketing, SEO, hiring a team, membership course, etc.). We're looking for case studies, real numbers, transparency, and no pre-packaged talks. **SELECTION PROCESS** We will have rolling speaker announcements throughout the Spring until all speaking slots are filled. All applicants will be notified about the status of their submissions no later than April 1, 2024. (Translation: The sooner you apply, the greater your chances to fill one of the slots. The longer you wait, the greater the chances that there will be fewer slots left to fill.) Learn about TravelCon 2024 at https://travelcon.org/. See more details about the Speaker Application on the link below.
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