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#1. Tuscany Travel Vlog: How to Spend 7 Days: A personal look at my visit to Tuscany with my family (2 upvotes, 1 comments).

Posted by Kyle Kroeger in Video, Italy, Tuscany, Vlog, Itinerary, Family Travel.
Featured on Jun 21, 2024 (Today).
External link to website.


Kyle Kroeger (Founder, ViaTravelers.com):

Here’s my journey across Tuscany for a week. The video showcases my exploration of idyllic landscapes, quaint towns, and the always stellar Italian cuisine.

What did you like about this format of vlog?

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#2. Looking for career recommendations: Masters in Sustainable Tourism Development graduate: (5 upvotes, 3 comments).

Posted by Henni Schönlau in Discussion, Responsible Travel, Sustainability, Jobs, Career, Germany.
Featured on Jun 20, 2024 (yesterday).


Henni Schönlau (MBA Sustainable Leisure and Tourism Development, Hilfswerft gGmbH):

Hello everyone,

I am 27 and currently graduating my Master in Sustainable Tourism Development and I would really love to work in that field. As it is quite difficult to find a job I thought I ask for swarm intellligence!

Have you any recommendations for job options or companies / organisations?

So far I worked for 5 years in the field of Social Entrepreneurship and bring experiences in event- and project management.

Love to hear from you :)

Sarawut Takham (Community - Based Tourism Officer, Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration):

I’m unsure about a career at GSTC; You can visit the website. Maybe they want to hire
Good luck.

Henni Schönlau (MBA Sustainable Leisure and Tourism Development, Hilfswerft gGmbH):

Thank you, this is quite interesting!

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#3. Planning for a kick-off in Tokyo for one of my companies: (3 upvotes, 5 comments).

Posted by Christian Seiberlich in Discussion, Tokyo, Japan, Business Development.
Featured on May 31, 2024 (21 days ago).


Christian Seiberlich (Travel & Mobility Expert/Disruptor, Tergloba):


I am planning for a kick-off in Tokyo for one of my companies, Does anyone out there know who to contact for accommodation and event arrangements or is there one out there who might be an expert to handle this request?


Maria Stoyanova (Content & Community Manager, RaizUp):

Hi @christian.

Some time ago I posted a discussion about first time tips for Japan and I got a nice recommendation for a call with a local travel planner: www.thatch.co/seller/services/consultation/@kansai

You might find that helpful!

Christian Seiberlich (Travel & Mobility Expert/Disruptor, Tergloba):

Hi Maria, thanks for the tip.

Ally Hongo (Writer & Editor based in Tokyo. Founder of Japan Travel Awards., Shiitake Creative):

Hi Christian,

You'll just need to book a venue and perhaps catering, depending on the nature of the party. How many people are you thinking of? And what style? (casual, fancier, at a hotel, etc). I'm not an event planner, but I can help you navigate things around and connect you with other people who can help!

Christian Seiberlich (Travel & Mobility Expert/Disruptor, Tergloba):

Hi Ally,

In all, there are 45 persons at the moment. They are looking for a accommodation (sgl-rooms), activities like a go-cart ride in the city, bar crawl, and an excursion to Mt. Fuji. As most of them are around 30 years of age it should be a quite casual style of accommodation and most of their free time is to have fun.


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#4. The Galapagos Postman Challenge: Hand-delivering 50 letters around the world from an ancient postbox (20 upvotes, 24 comments).

Posted by Jon Beardmore in Tour, Charity, Accessible Travel, Galapagos, Ecuador, Adventure.
Featured on May 29, 2024 (23 days ago).
External link to website.

The Galapagos Postman Challenge is an adventure travel project to hand deliver 50 postcards around the world from an ancient post box on Isla Floreana in the Galapagos Islands, continuing a several centuries long tradition.

The main mission of the project is to raise awareness about Motor Neurone Disease (MND) and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and the challenges people with MND/ALS face in traveling and communicating. See the links in the comments for more details.

The Galapagos postbox has been operational for centuries. Since 1793, sailors on multi-year ventures once left letters for their loved ones, hoping they would be collected by passing ships on their way back to England, the USA, or their home port. This has become a longstanding tradition. Today, island visitors still leave letters and postcards in the hope that a fellow traveller will collect them, and hand deliver them to their destination.


Jon Beardmore (Commercial Storyteller / Adventurer, Strategic Proposals Limited):

A huge hello and welcome to The Galapagos Postman Challenge 2024.

My name is Jonny Beardmore aka The Galapagos Postman!!

This year I've set off on a grand adventure across the world hand delivering letters from one very special post box in the Galapagos Islands to unsuspecting recipients in an attempt to reconnect the world one letter at a time. I purposefully won’t contact the recipients in advance. The uncertainty of how this global challenge will unfold adds an extra layer of adventure.

The primary goal is to answer, ‘Are we living in a disconnected world?’.

In a post-Covid world dominated by social media, I’ll explore whether we’re becoming more disconnected from face-to-face relationships.


👉 About my fundraising efforts

Part of my motivation for this challenge is to raise money for MND/ALS charities, which focus on improving the quality of life, funding research, and campaigning for people affected by MND/ALS.

“My inspiration for this endeavour comes from my father, Eric. He battled MND/ALS for over eight years until he passed away in 2022. Through this project, I aim to reconnect people through the written word, emphasising the personal touch that letters provide. But there’s more: I want to highlight the loss of mobility and freedom of movement that my father and other MND sufferers experience—a reminder that we should never take these abilities for granted.”

You can contribute to our fundraising efforts by grabbing a unique TGP T-shirt the-galapagos-postman.teemill.com Every purchase supports the fight against MND (Motor Neuron Disease) and ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis).

All donations of any size would be gratefully received. mnd-new-zealand-fundraise.raisely.com/thegalapagospostmanchallenge2024/


👋 We’re looking for collaborators

The primary goal is to answer:
• ‘Are we living in a disconnected world?’.
• ‘Why do we feel disconnected when social media brings us closer together than before?’

The Galapagos Postman (aka, me Jonny Beardmore) is going to find out using a unique methodology… I’m on a mission to reconnect the world, one letter at a time… 😊🐢📮✉️

• Fans and Supporters: Follow my journey on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Share my posts, spread the word, and be part of this global goodwill project.

• Connect with Fellow Travelers: As I journey through the Americas, Europe, Central Asia, Africa, and Asia, let’s connect. Stay tuned for updates on my itinerary as the route unfolds.

• Collaborators: Are you aligned with our project goals? Let’s connect! Whether you’re a travel professional, an influencer, part of the media, or simply passionate about making a difference, your collaboration matters.


📍Technology – mapping & emissions tracking

Tracking Impact: Beyond the adventure, I’m tracking my emissions using mapping tools from zerosixzero. This analysis will help me understand the environmental impact of my challenge.

Travel & adventure mapping: I’m working with the fantastic team at ZeroSixZero who have created a bespoke map for the challenge. Maybe they could help you? Take a look at our map and let me know if you like what you see: z6z.co/galapagos-postman/


🌎 Connect and follow our adventure!

I invite you to get involved and follow my adventures on Instagram www.instagram.com/bigoadventures/ or on FB www.facebook.com/BigOAdventures

You can follow my tracking map at z6z.co/galapagos-postman

Jonny / The Galapagos Postman 😊🐢📮✉️

Ric Gazarian (Event Organizer & Traveler, GlobalGaz):

This is such a cool and unique project. Jon, good luck on this and smooth sailing. I am imagining a lot of fun interactions when you are dropping off this letters.

Jon Beardmore (Commercial Storyteller / Adventurer, Strategic Proposals Limited):

Thanks Ric. It's been a whirlwind so far. All of the deliveries so far have been a load of fun. And a bunch have been amazing experiences due to the people involved and the contents of the letters. A real privilege to be part of the connections they are bringing. Check out the stories on Instagram to get a feel. I've also got extended versions of several deliveries on YouTube. They are special.

Sassy Wyatt (Travel blogger, Blind Girl Adventures):

Please add alt text to your images, video descriptions and close captions to the videos.

Ian (Founder, Travel Massive):

Hey Sassy!

We don’t currently have alt text on gallery images (that can be defined by the post author). The video on the post is an embedded YouTube, so I guess Jon could add that.

Will DM, thanks for the feedback!

Jon Beardmore (Commercial Storyteller / Adventurer, Strategic Proposals Limited):

Thanks for the feedback Sassy. I'll take a look and see what I can do.

Sassy Wyatt (Travel blogger, Blind Girl Adventures):

Thanks so much, John. I think what you were doing is incredible and I wish you success! Fantastic way to raise awareness as well. :)

Brent Baldwin ():

I got to spend some time with Jon in Nashville on his adventure. He’s very enthusiastic and a lot of fun to hang out with. He’s also very sincere about his quest to reconnect the world the old fashioned way!
Go, Jonny, go!

Jon Beardmore (Commercial Storyteller / Adventurer, Strategic Proposals Limited):

Thanks Brent. It was great to hang out with you too. Thanks for making my stay in Nashville more fun.

Marian ():

Amazing, brave and above all, inspiring!

Jon Beardmore (Commercial Storyteller / Adventurer, Strategic Proposals Limited):

Thanks Marian. I think you missed out a little mad as well. :)

Paul S. Wilson ():

A pretty cool adventure, the kind most of us would love to do if we’d had the idea. Splendid, and what a way to get to know a heap of new people from everywhere. Truly connecting people.

Jon Beardmore (Commercial Storyteller / Adventurer, Strategic Proposals Limited):

You're absolutely right Paul. I'm meeting an amazing bunch of people along the way.

Ian (Founder, Travel Massive):

Hi Jon,

Thanks for sharing The Galapagos Postman Challenge on Travel Massive!

What a cool project with a fantastic mission and cause. I hope you get a chance to meet some Travel Massive members along the way.

Where is the furthest postcard to be delivered to? Or do we have to stay tuned as your itinerary unfolds?

Jon Beardmore (Commercial Storyteller / Adventurer, Strategic Proposals Limited):

Thanks, Ian. I've been chatting to Lee Huffman here in Nashville. I hope to connect with TM folk in San Francisco, Toronto, New York, and Boston while I'm in North America.

As for the furthest postcard, it'll probably be the last one I deliver. I will have carried it around the planet over the 12 months of the challenge. I don't know where that will be yet as I don't know my route. :)

Kirsty Cowan ():

This is truly an amazing adventure. I’ve been part of the planning and am part of the wonderful support team and following from the start. There’s always a new twist or turn to the story. Really one to follow!

Jon Beardmore (Commercial Storyteller / Adventurer, Strategic Proposals Limited):

Thanks Kirsty. Your support has been amazing!!

Jennifer Clarke ():

What an awesome adventure! Whose door will you be knocking on next!?

Jon Beardmore (Commercial Storyteller / Adventurer, Strategic Proposals Limited):

knock knock... :)

Andrea Zermeño ():

La aventura de Jon es muy interesante! Lo conocí cuando llegue a alojarse a mi casa de huéspedes en Puerto Vallarta y quede encantada con lo que está haciendo, repartiendo cartas escritas a mano desde galápagos para el mundo!

es una aventura que sin duda espero con mucha emoción cada video que sube para ver la reacción de la persona que recibirá la carta y la historia detrás de esta linda conexión.

Jon Beardmore (Commercial Storyteller / Adventurer, Strategic Proposals Limited):

It was a pleasure to meet you in Puerto Vallarta for letter delivery 9 Andrea. Thanks for helping and welcome to The Galapagos Postman family. :)

Neil Jansson (YouTube | Marketing Strategist, African Travel Crew):

Fantastic initiative.

Jon Beardmore (Commercial Storyteller / Adventurer, Strategic Proposals Limited):

Thanks for the support Neil.

Michelle Ellison ():

Feeling inspired to send a letter to someone I love now❤️ Keeping spreading the love and connection Jon x

Jon Beardmore (Commercial Storyteller / Adventurer, Strategic Proposals Limited):

Thanks Michelle. :)

End of comments.

#5. Digital Marketers: What do you find challenging about working remotely?: (10 upvotes, 12 comments).

Posted by Lindsay Cernickey in Discussion, Digital Nomad, Marketing, Remote Work.
Featured on May 29, 2024 (23 days ago).


Lindsay Cernickey (Digital Marketer and Content Creator, The Hairy Travelers):

Hello Travel Massivers! I am Lindsay and I am a self-taught Digital Marketer living on the road traveling full-time. I always want to connect with other Digital Marketers and what advice we can share. It's very important we network and connect.

What do you find challenging about working remotely?

Please share your response and let me know! I would love to connect :)

Han Talbot (Creative Project Manager, Han Meets World):

One thing I do occasionally miss is frequent opportunities to connect IRL with the community through breakfast briefings and and events!

Lindsay Cernickey (Digital Marketer and Content Creator, The Hairy Travelers):

I totally agree! I love getting to have the IRL connection like right now I wish I was getting to have this conversation with you all IRL, haha. But in order for me to see the world this is what I have to give up to live this life. I find differnt ways to connect instead like Travel Massive!

Desmond Langkilde (Tourism Consultant, Brand It Now):

Self-discipline is the biggest remote working challenge. Time becomes a mood-driven reality, resulting in less appealing tasks being easily postponed. I’ve been working remotely for 14 years and have had to establish routines to get things done.

As a digital nomad with no fixed abode, I relocate often and rarely sleep past sunrise. After breakfast (usually coffee and biscuits), my first daily task is accomplished by tidying my bed and living space before taking an hour of physical exercise (being dragged on a leash attached to Jaxx, my Siberian Husky companion - he even has his own website - jaxxhusky.co.za).

Attending to emails and social media posts is the next morning task, followed by at least 2-3 hours working on paid assignments (clearly, I don’t have enough of them). After an hour lunch break (usually a peanut butter sandwich swallowed with the days 5th cup of coffee), I spend the afternoon engaged in social interaction (like responding to this post) or maintaining websites that I manage.

Evening tasks vary depending on where I’ve laid my hat (and Jaxx’s leash). Right now, I’m on a farm where my board and lodging is bartered against cooking evening meals for the family and staff (being a chef and past guesthouse owner has advantages). Today is a public holiday in South Africa (voting day) - keeping track of days of the week is another remote working challenge.

By 19h30 the barter tasks are done and I spend the hours before midnight engaging with entrepreneurs that I mentor (most have day jobs, so evenings are best for them).

In summary, one has to be self-disciplined and establish set routines to work remotely, but it sure does beat wasting hours stuck in traffic while commuting to a physical office.

Ian (Founder, Travel Massive):

We’ve always been a remote team at Travel Massive but we have had some stints at co-working spaces in NYC (the old VoyagerHQ) and in Berlin. I gotta say I miss those days of going into an office to work with colleagues in-person! We got so much stuff done, could point at screens (no need to screenshot stuff), and go for coffees or drinks.

In a “digital marketing” context (which is broad, I take it to mean “getting people to click on stuff”) the hardest thing for me working remotely has been getting in a creative mindset. For example, writing newsletters or some copy, I have to be in the right mood. Somehow being around other people made this easier, but in the remote environment I find that I need a walk, or exercise, and some good music to get the creativity started.

I’d also agree with Han’s comments about networking - this is really important for marketers! Learning about new trends and other things is one of the benefits of in-person events.

Lindsay Cernickey (Digital Marketer and Content Creator, The Hairy Travelers):

I totally agree Ian! I feel like when I have people around doing the same thing I feel the energy and it gives me motivation and power to get things done and work harder. I do that today as well but when your by yourself it’s not as motivating. I am a freelancer and work for myself and it’s boring not having to many people to talk to or get inspired by. That’s why when I travel I make sure I stay in social hostels and always try and talk to locals and hang out with locals so I can have a sense of belonging of the area I am in. I am very lucky to be living this life I am living and not everyone can do this but at the same time it has some take backs. Also Ian I did send you a message on Travel Massive, not sure if you saw it or not. Would love to connect more with you 😀

Stacey Wallenstein (Founder, The Mint Chip Mama):

I agree. I’ve started some virtual networking groups to help with this. What about that? Something during the day EST? Maybe around 1pm for west time zones?

Stacey Wallenstein (Founder, The Mint Chip Mama):

I think it’s very isolating. I’m a team of 1 who works from home. I miss human interaction which is why I love attending events so much!

Lindsay Cernickey (Digital Marketer and Content Creator, The Hairy Travelers):

Yes I agree, I like having a work energy of other doing the same thing so I can be inspired.

Anne Cayer (Digital Marketing + Strategy, Go Squab):

One of the biggest challenges for me, having worked in agencies for so long prior to working freelance and remotely, is having folks nearby for a quick brainstorm, gut check, etc. Especially as I was building my career, it was so beneficial to have people nearby to help get an idea off the ground quickly.

Perhaps less obvious, but I also struggle sometimes with the likely perception of my lifestyle. When my clients are trapped under a foot of snow, and I'm calling in from somewhere warm, what must they think?

Josh Grocke (Corporate Partnerships Manager, Inspiring Vacations):

We recently moved to the High Country in Victoria Australia, so pretty remote, and my wife and I both work in travel, so has been interesting making the adjustments to full time WFH for both of us. We are loving the move though and living here!

Stuart Shaul (Head of Marketing, GigSky):

I just spent 3 days with 2 team members at a travel event in Spain and it was so nice to be in person and talk that way vs. over Zoom.

End of comments.

#6. Travel Massive returns to Bristol, UK: An evening talking sustainable tourism, overland travel and networking (14 upvotes, 3 comments).

Posted by Emily Downes in Article, Bristol, United Kingdom, Travel Massive, Responsible Travel.
Updated on Jun 1, 2024 (20 days ago).
External link to website.

Travel Massive returned to Bristol in the UK on May 22 at Runway East co-work/office space. It was our first Bristol meet-up in over 4 years! It's great to be back.

Runway East (runwayea.st) kindly sponsored the event with some free drinks & pizza. They offer the perfect combination of flexible & modern working space solutions and an amazing, fun community of co-workers.

It was a bit of a leap of faith setting up the event (after 4 years of hiatus) — but luckily quite a few Travel Massive members turned up! There were around 15 of us, and everyone seemed to enjoy the opportunity to reconnect. We had members from local tour operators such as Inside Travel Group (insidetravelgroup.com) and Sawdays (www.sawdays.co.uk), and some travel writers and content creators.

The two talks were focused on sustainability and delivered by Ben Lynam from the Travel Foundation (www.thetravelfoundation.org.uk) and Hannah Cox from the Better Business Network (thebetterbusiness.network). Ben spoke about the importance of facing the hard truths of the environmental impact of travel, and Hannah told us her story of travelling overland from Denmark to Bhutan to discover what makes them two of the happiest nations on Earth.

Big thank you to Runway East, Ben Lynam from the Travel Foundation and Hannah Cox. And thank you for Dan Beaumont and Heather Cowper for your help in organising and hosting!


Emily Downes (Travel Product & Commercial Lead, TravelLocal):

It was a pleasure to organise & host this yesterday evening! Already looking forward to the next one. Really great to reconnect with the local travel community.

Madeleine Anderson (Part time student, MSc Sustainable Development in Practice, Company Evolution):

Really enjoyable and engaging session. Look forward to the next one.

Lorena Fernandez (Content Creator, @Lorena_F):

It was so nice to see you all!

End of comments.

#7. Travellerspoint Travel Map: Build a (free) beautiful map of your travels to share with friends and family (26 upvotes, 6 comments).

Posted by Peter Daams in Website, Map, Planning, Blogging, Community.
Featured on May 24, 2024 (28 days ago).
External link to website.

The Travellerspoint Travel Map is a free tool (with optional ad-free paid version) to build a beautiful map of your travels to share with friends and family. The TP community have mapped over 1 million trips using this tool!

📅 Plan upcoming trips and map previous travels
✍🏽 Tell a rich story of your travels with linked photos, notes and blog entries
</ Embed your trip map on your own blog
🗺️ Save your map as a high resolution image
🧭 Draw custom routes between your trip stops
🚀 Unlimited trips on one map
📈 Discover just how much travelling you've done on your travel stats page
🔖 Bookmark websites to your trip plan


Peter Daams (Co-Founder, Travellerspoint):

Thanks for checking out Travellerspoint's travel mapping tool!

I'm Peter, the founder and developer of Travellerspoint.

This mapping tool has a long history dating back to 2002 when it started out as nothing more than a simple log of countries that people had visited and when they did so. The original intent was for people to be able to track down long lost travel acquaintances. Like a FriendsReunited but for travel.

That particular concept has long since been abandoned, but people did like logging their trips and now here we are, 20+ years later and the trip log has morphed into this full fledged interactive mapping tool.

Travellerspoint has grown to be an online community of over 1 million travellers, with tools to help you discover new destinations, organise your trips and share your travel experiences. The mapping tool is undoubtedly the most popular feature and I am continually updating it for the users.

As a traveller you can use this to

🤔 Clarify your travel plans with an itinerary map
🕸️ Map out all your old trips and marvel at your past travels
🏞️ Add photos and blog entries to your trips

As a blogger or tour operator you can:

💻 Embed itinerary maps on your website.
📍 Create custom itinerary maps for clients and let them explore the proposed route.
📝 Add notes to each stop to provide extra detail on what people will find there.

Aside from the mapping tool, Travellerspoint also has a really friendly and authentic travel community. We have a tightly moderated forum with some very active travellers available to answer questions.

Keen to answer any questions or take any feedback. Let me know what you think! 🙂

Jo Clark (Travel Writer/Photographer, Have Glass, Will Travel):

I've been wanting something like this on my website, to show the location of what I'm writing about at the top of an article. But do I have to make a separate map for each trip? Is it stored on your site? Do I paste an address into my article? Is there a fee to become a member? So many questions...so little time!

Peter Daams (Co-Founder, Travellerspoint):

Hi Jo, I guess it depends somewhat what your envisaging on having on your blog.

I'd be interested in knowing what you picture in your mind's eye to fill your need.

As for what Travellerspoint can do right now - it can show you a map of your trip with your current location highlighted on that map. You would need to map out that trip on Travellerspoint where the data will be stored. You can embed the map on your site. To embed maps on external sites, you would need to be a Supporting Member which comes at a price of $3/month. Providing your site allows embedding iframes, then you would need to copy / paste the code to embed into your site and that would do the trick.

Happy to answer any more questions or discuss in more detail privately too.

Dan Christian (Founder, Acceleration Team):

This is awesome. Love this!

Ric Gazarian (Event Organizer & Traveler, GlobalGaz):

looks like a powerful tool. will b checking it out

Peter Daams (Co-Founder, Travellerspoint):

Thanks Ric. Feel free to get in touch with any issues or feedback. Always looking to improve it!

End of comments.

#8. Some thoughts on travel content sites in the AI + Google HCU + whatever hit comes next realm: (11 upvotes, 7 comments).

Posted by Stuart McDonald in Discussion, AI, Writing, Blogging.
Featured on May 19, 2024 (1 month ago).


Stuart McDonald (Head Chef, Travelfish Pty Ltd):

Posted this on LI and Ian suggested may be of interest to some of you TravelMassivers, so here we go:

Thinking about “travel guide like content sites” in the AI + Google HCU + whatever hit comes next realm, and a few thoughts on going forward:

Go full indexing in the hope there’s enough resulting traffic to remain a going concern. Past iterations of this (Google Rich Snippets etc) indicate that while some traffic will result, it will be less than whatever preceded it. Prepare for a substantial—and steepening—business downsizing.

In a fantasy world where the AI platforms licence content, it will be a poison pill. Milk it for the year or so they pay up, then prepare for the above-mentioned downsizing.

Risk substantial to near-total loss of SEO-derived traffic—depending on how search shakes out over the next year or so, maybe sooner.

Have been asked about this a few times as moved my main site (Travelfish www.travelfish.org) to a hard paywall years ago. The hit to the hip pocket is real, as is a fall in rankings. The potential of this route depends on the site. If it has a strong community, or some very hard to find/compelling/niche content, then can be a smart move, but I can think of only one site in Southeast Asia that is well positioned for this (Vietnam Coracle www.vietnamcoracle.com), most sites are too hooked to the drive-by traffic that aggressive SEO delivers to make this move and stay afloat financially. LP nuking Thorntree is the all-time-classic head-desk move in this area.

A potential halfway house to a paywall. For most publishers this most likely necessitates building on another platform like FB or whatever, which entails its own challenges, but think can be a good indicator of the feasibility of a paywall approach down the track.

Ties in with the previous two. If the newsletter is going to be substantial in value, it is a truckload of work, and so will need to at least have a paid stream. As with paywalls, if the site doesn’t already have an engaged audience, getting drive-by traffic to pay for a newsletter is a big ask. Newsletter fatigue is real, doubly so for paid ones. Hard yards, very long game.

The good old “if you can’t make money from it, teach it,” concept has popped up a few times from publishers I know. Think is a very high-risk approach, but is something I’ve looked at in depth a few times in recent years. Aside from it meaning I’d need to shave more often and not work naked, it also requires an entirely different skillset, a hell of a lot of work to do well, and conceptually is quite removed from the actual provision of traditional travel information. Most examples I’ve seen that appear to have some traction are focused more on the generic pre-trip stuff rather than the trip itself.

Harder to make money from the newsletters. Discovery is an absolute nightmare.

No idea. I gave up and pivoted to mostly photos of my dog a few years ago.

Interesting times!

Ian (Founder, Travel Massive):

Thanks for sharing, Stuart! Some good thoughts to consider.

1. On "Block AI Entirely" — I've blocked ChatGPT in our robots.txt (probably a bit too late, but anyway). And yes, Google and others will train AI on our content but the cat is out of the bag on that. Blocking ChatGPT is a symbolic protest.

2. On "Private Communities" — if you don't own your community platform, your data is probably being trained by your provider (e.g. Facebook, MightyNetworks, etc). It looks like Slack is already doing it! arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2024/05/slack-defends-default-opt-in-for-ai-training-on-chats-amid-user-outrage/

(This is one of the reasons I developed the Travel Massive platform for our community and why we host and operate our own independent platform.)

3. On "Podcasts" — I'm not sure podcasts are safe from AI. I've seen a few indiehacker projects that are using AI to transcribe all the content in the podcast and make it indexable / searchable. Spotify, Google, etc could also be doing this but are yet to unleash it. If I can recall the project I'll come back and share it here.

Stuart McDonald (Head Chef, Travelfish Pty Ltd):

Yeah, I think it is a fair assumption that anything public-facing will be hoovered up—why I designated podcasts etcetera up top as private, but yes, unless you roll your own community platform one should assume the platform you use is ingesting everything. Many AI platforms don’t obey robots, so I block at Cloudflare level as well, but it is like a game of whackamole.

Matthew Barker (CEO, Horizon Guides):

Thanks for sharing Stuart

Some tactical thoughts/questions I've been mulling over:

Beta SGE vs what's been actually rolled out is VERY different, and I assume (/hope) because testing demonstrated users didn't really want a giant Mr Clippy on top of their search results. "AI Overviews" are really just pimped up featured snippets at this stage, although yes will obviously change over time as user behaviour adapts.

I've not seen any definitive documentation anywhere that says you need to allow Gemini access to your data in order to feature in the website link cards. Has anyone else? I *think* at the moment the website link cards are coming from the regular search algorithms. This seems like a good thing?

There will be an order of magnitude loss of SEO traffic, but I think the impacts will be very uneven. Users will still want premium, human curated expertise, and Google (and other LLMs) will still need their data to ingest. It might be wishful thinking but I can't imagine SEO going to zero.

As so who will get a smaller slice of a much smaller pie... who knows. Everyone thinks their baby is the cutest, every website owner thinks their content is truly high value. We're doubling down on the only thing we know how to do, and until it's demonstrated that you need to allow Gemini access in order to feature in the results we're also blocking all the bots in Cloudfare, although keeping that decision in constant review.... Perplexity might be an exception.

Stuart McDonald (Head Chef, Travelfish Pty Ltd):

As far as I understand it, blocking google-extended blocks Gemini (or whatever they are calling it today) and Vertex, but not the search crawl. See the May 14 entry in their changelog here: developers.google.com/search/updates#updated-the-description-of-the-google-extended-product-token

Link cards can be controlled via nosnippet

The issue is they seem to be intent on cramming so much crud up top, you’ll need a new level of intestinal fortitude to reach the organic links—sorry, I mean links to Reddit. See Rafat’s post on LI for a pretty amusing example.

I don’t think SEO will go to zero—there’s already a tonne of posts about on how to game for the AI results if you want to play that game, but yeah I think many may see somewhat of a lifestyle re-alignment.

As for quality content, I’m gutted to see our post of where to buy second hand women’s clothes in Bangkok is no longer ranking well—do not ask me why we ever had that post—at one stage it out-trafficked the entirety of our Java coverage—FML.

Ian (Founder, Travel Massive):

"What is (or was) your #1 ranked blog post?" could be an interesting discussion!

Stuart McDonald (Head Chef, Travelfish Pty Ltd):

No idea. I don’t check views/traffic at all anymore, disconnected GA a year or so ago and can’t figure out how to access the old data as GA4 was designed by people who are clearly not human. Traditionally the itineraries got a fair swack of traffic, a few million views at least, and for years we ranked very strongly for some weather queries that delivered a truckload of (mostly worthless) traffic, though we slowly lost those rankings. It’s a big site—around 70-80,000 pages (depending on what you want to call a page)—so more a sum of its parts than any particular one-hit-wonders. I nuked the second hand clothing one a while back.

End of comments.

#9. Photos from Almaty Travel Massive's Mini Conference: Showcasing 11 new tourism projects from Kazakhstan (14 upvotes, 1 comments).

Posted by Leonid Pustov in Article, Almaty, Kazakhstan, Tour, Startup, Travel Tech.
Featured on May 17, 2024 (1 month ago).
External link to website.

The [Almaty Travel Massive Mini Conference](www.travelmassive.com/events/almaty-travel-massive-3-2024-7163006190) was a two day event hosted by the Almaty Travel Massive community in April 24-25 this year, gathering over 100 participants. The purpose of the event was to showcase new travel products and TravelTech startups in Kazakhstan and to build new connections within the industry.

👇 Here's a short summary of the 11 tourism projects that presented — thanks to everyone who participated!

Day One: Tour Experience Day

The first day was focused on Tour Experiences with key topic about new travel products in the experiences, event, show, attraction segment in the domestic and inbound tourism market of Kazakhstan.

Article image #5
*Svetlana Chvanova, founder of [1hub.kz](taplink.cc/1hub) — a co-working network in popular establishments of Almaty.*

Six projects and initiatives presented at Tour Experience Day were divided into 2 categories which consist of traditional tour operators with active tour providers and emerging attractions and festivals with expedition:

1) [Altay Golden Festival](veters.kz), pitched by Natalya Borovaya, publisher of Wind of Change magazine and organiser of Birdwatchers community in Kazakhstan.

2) Drive Forum expeditions festival and gatherings, pitched by [Abduali Abdugali](/@abdugali-7519965519) board member of Autotourism Association in Kazakhstan.

3) [Hara Hura](harahura.kz) plastic training classes and production studio of how to reuse plastic as souvenirs (pitched by Yekaterina Dmitriyeva and [Anton Afanasyev](/@anton-afanasev-4914689491).

4) [Future of Camping and Caravanning](glamping.kz) and nomadic types of tourism including recent glamping developments in Kazakhstan, pitched by [Bayan Shapagatova](/@bayan-2629517560), President of Kazakhstan association of camping tourism and caravaning.

5) [Salem Kazakhstan](salemkazakhstan.kz) National Dancing Show traditional dressed multi ethno performance transports viewers into the world of Kazakh culture and traditions. Dances that toured the world tell the story of Kazakhstan nation authenticity and living heritage in movements, pitched by [Michail Vislin](/@mikhail-vislin-5530243370).

6) Snow Leopard school of mountaineering and [Turclub.kz](Turclub.kz) mountain guide training center presented information about their preferred learning management solution and IT tools for young ecotourists training initiative supported by Almaty city council, pitched by [Diana Frolova](/@diana-frolova-3150709115).

[Salem Kazakhstan](salemkazakhstan.kz) project was chosen as the winning pitch, voting of participants of the event. There were more then 60 visitors at the event. Thanks to the moderator of the first day, [Yerkin Tikenov](/@yerkintikenov) co-leader of Almaty Travel Massive.

Day Two: Travel Tech Day

The topics of the second day were TravelTech startups pitches and a panel discussion about Online travel market development in Kazakhstan.

Article image #10
*Igor Zabolotskikh is pitching [Resortix](www.instagram.com/bionikkz), a digital ecosystem for resorts and resort areas.*

There were five TravelTech startups selected to pitch their products:

1) [AlfredStay](alfredtheapp.com) mobile app – your personalized companion for an exceptional hotel experience. With AlfredStay, guests like you can seamlessly order room services, indulge in in-room dining, and even book a rejuvenating spa session, all from the convenience of your smartphone. Keep tabs on your orders effortlessly and stay updated on their status in real-time. Plus, explore rental car options, making your entire stay streamlined and hassle-free, all within one intuitive app. On the other hand, meet Alfred Business – the ultimate hotel management solution reimagined for the modern era. With Alfred Business, hotel staff can efficiently manage guest tasks with ease, assigning them to the appropriate personnel in a snap. Track the progress of tasks seamlessly, stay informed about room statuses in real-time, and set deadlines effortlessly to ensure smooth operations. Alfred Business empowers hotel management to deliver unparalleled service, elevating the guest experience to new heights. The project pitched by [Alikhan Tolembek](/@alikhan-tolembek-9158639409)

2) [Poymay.kz](web.poymay.kz/online-buy-fishing) is an electronic platform for fishery subjects and fishermen.
Poymay.kz is the first and the only platform in Kazakhstan aimed at digitalization of relations between fishery subjects, fishermen and state bodies, automating the process of selling fishing permits and using the function of mobile notification of poaching. Launch year 2021. [App is available in Play Store](play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=kz.poymay&hl=ru&gl=US). The project pitched by [Farid Khissamutdinov](/@farid-khissamutdinov-1078665567).

3) [Resortix](www.instagram.com/bionikkz) – digital ecosystem for resorts and resort areas. Resort service aggregator aimed at improving customer experience, increasing conversion rates, and creating package offers based on existing resort offers. The service provides businesses with such opportunities as a multilingual content service, a comprehensive analytical part, a B2B partner's cabinet, gamification of purchases and interactions within the ecosystem. Launched June 1, 2023. The project pitched by Igor Zabolotskikh and [Nikita Oleinik](/@nikita-oleinik-6667540903).

4) [Citypass Kazakhstan](Citypass.kz)- a single ticket for tourists, pitched by [Daniyar Omarov](/@daniyar-omarov-1092958879).

5) Tour aggregator – local network of tourists for sharing their tour experiences. Where you can see the experience of another tourist. By his visual posts. Choosing what you liked most and book his tour. Driving the entire route of another tourist, visiting the best places from his trip. Project is going to be launched in 2024. The project pitched by [Mazhit Berniyazov](/@mazhit-berniyazov-7430064658)

[Resortix](www.instagram.com/bionikkz) project was chosen as the winning pitch, by vote of event attendees. The meetup location was Almaty Creative - Center for the Development of Creative Industries of Almaty City Council. There was about 40 visitors. Thanks to the moderator of the Travel Tech Day, Almaty co-leader [Leonid Pustov](/@leonid-pustov).

Credits and thanks:

A big thanks to all the participants who attended, members who presented their projects, mentors, speakers and panelists, and to everyone who supported the event across the two days!

Mentors and speakers:
* Ainur Turezhanova, Head of the Tourism Development Department, Almaty Tourism Bureau
* Inna Yuryevna Rey, Chairman, Corporate Fund "Turistik Kamkor"
* [Dmitry Tin](/@dmitriytin), Center Smart Tourism
* [Alexey Yanshin](/@alexey-yanshin-2240770828), Director of Sabre Travel Network Central Asia
* [Anton Kochergin](/@anton-kochergin-1152945603), CEO of Tickets.kz
* [Oksana Serebrennikova](/@oxana-serebrennikova-3475264354), CEO of International Travel Plus
* [Yana Guryanova](/@yana-aryanova-6116678475), Commercial Director, Moy Agent

* [Travel Startups Community](www.t.me/travelstartups)
* [Tourism Technologies Community (tech4travel)](www.facebook.com/groups/tech4travel)
* [Kazakh Tourism](qaztourism.kz/en/)
* [Almaty Tourism Bureau](visitalmaty.kz)
* [1hub.kz](taplink.cc/1hub) co-working network of Almaty
* [Almaty Creative](almatycreative.com) for providing the venues.

Other links:
* [Almaty Travel Massive 2024 meetup agenda](www.travelmassive.com/events/almaty-travel-massive-3-2024-7163006190)
* Join [Almaty Travel Massive telegram group](www.t.me/travelmassive_kz) to chat with chapter members.

If you are interested to host an event or have any questions, please, contact leonid@travelmassive.com


Leonid Pustov (Business Development, Travel Startups):

Our Almaty Travel Massive "mini conference" had great interest from participants across the tourism industry in Kazakhstan, who wanted to learn about new projects and network with other members.

Hosting this kind of event demonstrated that tourism projects in Kazakhstan need a regular platform for presenting, receiving expert feedback, sharing experiences, and developing partnerships.

We look forward to the local community in Almaty actively participating in future events!

Please feel free to contact any projects mentioned above directly via their links, or leave a comment here if you need assistance with an introduction :)

End of comments.

#10. Member Poll: Travel Journals: What platforms or apps do you use for travel journaling? (8 upvotes, 8 comments).

Posted by Ian in Discussion, Writing, App.
Featured on May 15, 2024 (1 month ago).


Ian (Founder, Travel Massive):

At this week's meetup in Melbourne we met a student who writes a travel journal on his own Discord server, and shares it with a small group of close friends.

If you're not familiar with Discord, it's an instant messaging service similar to Slack, where you can host your own "server" to chat with your group or community. Discord is primarily used by gamers and live-streamers, but people are using it for other forms of communication, including travel blogging!

Do you write a travel journal? And if so, what platforms or apps do you use?

Kateryna T (Writer, Photographer, and Content creator, pathstotravel.com):

I tried journaling but it didn't stick, so now I mostly write down observations in my phone notes app. Though the romantisism of journaling does cross my mind every now and then, especially when looking at pretty notebooks :)

Nick Bratton (Writer, expedition planner and leader, NicholasBratton.com):

I have written thousands of pages in my travel journals and I work exclusively in hard copy. It feels more satisfying - in terms of both creativity and tactile sensation - to compose my thoughts and record my observations by putting pen to paper rather than typing on a device. Plus this platform is free from the bonds of electricity and connectivity. In this moment where so many people feel an urge to share everything with everyone, analog writing for an audience of one is an act of rebellion.

When I want to share my adventures and insights from my travels, I have a wealth of raw material from which to draw in composing my magazine articles, blog posts, and social media content. For my expeditions in the arctic my platform is Rite In The Rain journals paired with the Fisher Space Pen. I have never run out of batteries and never had to rely on an internet connection. It's a delightfully pure connection between thought and word, transmitting from the mind to the physical world.

Peter Daams (Co-Founder, Travellerspoint):

I'm using the Day One app for general purpose journalling, and have made it a pretty solid habit for at least 3 months now. Prior to using the app I was using pen and paper which is also very enjoyable. The main thing I like about using an app is that I can attach a photo to each entry.

For travel journalling, I'd be using the blogging platform on my own website Travellerspoint, though in the past I've never been particularly good at keeping the habit. Now that I've developed a daily journalling habit though, I think it will be a breeze next time around.

My main aim with journalling is to have a record to look back on later.

Angie Chua (Blogger, A Head Full of Travel):

I have played at the thought of using Discord for travel blogging, but never did get around to attempting it. However, I'm a huge fan of Polarsteps - I'm an early adopter of the app. I simple create my trip, let it track where I go, and then come back later to add photos and my thoughts. Everything appears on a beautiful map, and I get to go back and retrace my steps on each trip, which I actually do pretty often!

I do have a blog website too (which I have revamped under a new domain name), but I'm a little slow to update that one because of the care with words and design.

Maria Stoyanova (Content & Community Manager, RaizUp):

1) For myself: I use just a normal paper notebook I take everywhere with me – only writing there when it's something more significant, not all the time.

2) For friends and family: I also post on social media some travel updates every now and then and I include my impressions. I also have a family group chat where I share more instant impressions and photos.

3) For everyone else: And travel blog for more structured way of sharing information / travel experiences.

Kevin Wilkerson (Travel writer and publisher of PubClub.com, PubClub.com):

I write mostly on my own website, PubClub.com, and freelance for a couple of others (Men Who Blog, Cruise West Coast). I also write for Medium, which is a very big blogging network.

Kristen (omventure.com):

I love hearing about this! I journal via my blog posts on my website (like the old days, before we knew about SEO, when we visited each other's websites daily). I'm convinced all will gravitate back to websites for these things. =)

End of comments.

Upcoming Events


#1. Bansko Nomad Fest 2024

City: Bansko, Bulgaria
When: June 23-30, 2024 (8 Days), starting at 09:00

Bansko Nomad Fest brings together digital nomads, entrepreneurs and industry leaders in a way that maximises connection, collaboration and interaction.

A week-long celebration of the remote lifestyle featuring curated conference sessions, fun activities, networking, community led skill shares and of course a lot of fun on the mountain provides a great environment to build relationships. With an increased focus on business development and professional networking, Bansko Nomad Fest has even more value to offer attendees!

🎙 Speaker Program
Our program features more than 75 speakers and 10 interactive workshops on 3 stages. Our stages will be organised around relevant topics, allowing you to dive into those that resonate most.

🏐 Activities
Our program includes a wide range of activities. Many of these are included in the ticket price, such as hiking, games, fitness, yoga, while others such as our now famous hot-Springs pool parties are optional add-ons.

🍻 Parties
The park stage will be bigger & better this year. It will still feature an entertainment program but this year will have more workshops, activities and some new "corners" focused on interaction - a games corner, a creative corner and a networking corner.

🙋‍♀️ Un-conferences
We have 100 participant led unconference sessions covering a wide range of topics - if there's something you want to discuss this is your chance to put it on the agenda and find other nomads to collaborate with.

👉 Networking
The event is perfect for networking - we have a variety of lunch, dinner and drinks events programmed in, or participants have the freedom to engage in spontaneous meet-ups.

🌳 The Park Stage
The park stage will be bigger & better this year. It will still feature an entertainment program but this year will have more workshops, activities and some new "corners" focused on interaction - a games corner, a creative corner and a networking corner.

👩‍💻 Join us for Bansko Nomad Fest 2023 and become part of the story:

• Get a ticket: www.banskonomadfest.com
• See the Speakers: www.banskonomadfest.com/speakers-2024
• Be a Volunteer: www.banskonomadfest.com/apply-volunteer

🔥 Use code MassiveBNF24 for 10% discount.

See you in Bansko!

Link to event page

#2. Travel Massive Meetup at Bansko Nomad Fest 2024 with Flataway

City: Bansko
When: Wednesday, Jun 26, 2024, starting at 17:00

Travel founders and creators attending Bansko Nomad Fest – join us at Flataway villa for a casual Travel Massive meetup!

📍 Bansko Nomad Fest – Bansko, Bulgaria
📆 26 June, Wednesday
⏰ 17:00 - 18:00

The meetup will be hosted by Flataway in the backyard of their house - a 10min walk from the city park.

Who is it for:
• Travel bloggers and content creators
• Travel startup founders
• Tourism professionals

About Bansko Nomad Fest
This meetup is for creators and founders attending Bansko Nomad Fest – a week-long event that brings together digital nomads, entrepreneurs and industry leaders in a way that maximises connection, collaboration and interaction. It takes place in Bansko, Bulgaria.

🎟️ Use code MassiveBNF24 for 10% off the ticket price. Learn more at: www.banskonomadfest.com.

About Flataway
Flataway makes your location independent lifestyle easier by providing subscription living options for all traveling styles. All Flataway properties are with a laptop friendly workspace. Learn more at flataway.com

See you there!

Link to event page

#3. Inclusive Tourism awaits, down the Rabbit Hole at Grand Daddy Boutique Hotel, Cape Town

City: Cape Town
When: Thursday, Jun 27, 2024, starting at 18:00

Join us as we take you on a journey down the Rabbit Hole where we connect around LGBTQ+ Travel. Engage with industry experts, gain valuable insights, and learn about Grand Daddy’s inclusive spaces.

Join us in making travel welcoming and inclusive for all!

The Grand Daddy Boutique Hotel once again hosts an unforgettable celebration of LGBTQ+ travel and tourism in the Western Cape and South Africa! Queer Eye Tours will be sharing and introducing to you what they offer as an LGBTQ+ focused tour and travel company. While we indulge in delicious snacks, and a welcome drink by Grand Daddy Hotel, a cash bar will be available and delicious morsels of goodness by food sponsors AB Creations, as we soak up the vibrant atmosphere shining a spotlight on the importance of LGBTIQ+ travel and tourism and be entertained by The Drag Cartel.

Get ready to embrace love, acceptance, and unforgettable adventures with us in Cape Town
#PrideTravel #InclusiveTourism #WesternCapeWonders #QueerEyeTours #TravelMassiveCT #TravelMassive

Arrival and registration check-in from 17:30

Grand Daddy Boutique Hotel does not have parking facilities and street parking is to be utilised on own account.
Parking Garages are available at Picbel Parkade in Strand Street and then also at Mandela Rhodes Place if no street parking is available.

If you would like to find out more or sponsor a prize for attendees please reach out to community leaders Juan Locke on email juan@queereyetours.com or Fuad Peters on email at howzit@iamcapetown.co.za

Date: 27 June 2024
Time: 18h00
Venue: Grand Daddy Boutique Hotel, 38 Long St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town

Link to event page

#4. London Travel Massive Innovation Night

City: London
When: Thursday, Jun 27, 2024, starting at 18:00

Partnering with Stripe and the Entrepreneurs Collective, Travel Massive London is excited to announce this B2B Travel Industry Innovation Night.

💡 This is an opportunity to meet and network with a curated selection of startups.

Be part of something massive. It's a night not to miss. We're partnering with Stripe and the Entrepreneurs Collective to bring you an evening of exciting pitches from b2b startups operating in the travel sector. Startups have dramatically enhanced innovation in travel and hospitality and we're looking forward to an exciting exchange of ideas.

In addition to the evening's competition, you'll hear from a number of guest speakers.

Successful entrepreneurs and founders will share their stories and advice. Speakers include Tara Spielhagen Hale, Founder and CEO Swiipr Technologies and Fed Pereira and Georgia Aubrey founders of lovetovisit.com.

As the travel industry and competitor landscape continues to evolve at pace, this is an exciting opportunity to hear of the latest innovations and trends and gain exposure to emerging technologies and business models.

Who will be the disruptors of tomorrow? What opportunities should your own business be exploring? What does successful innovation look like? Join us to find out.

Participating startups include:
• Limitless Travel
• Emenu Now
• Navi Savi

Judges include: Rose Wangen-Jones: Managing Director, Marketing & Destination at London & Partners.

Further speakers, and judges to be announced shortly.

Important Details

📍 Address: Stripe's New Office! Stripe, 5th Floor, 201 Bishopsgate, EC2M 3UN.
🗓️ Date: Thursday 27th June 2024
🕕 Time: 18:00
✅ RSVP essential

Questions about this event? Please email your event host: Matthew Gardiner: matthew@travelmassive.com

Please note: when you register for this event (which must be done in advance) we will also be sharing your details with Stripe and the Entrepreneurs Collective to allow us to process your registration and facilitate your access to the pitch-night. There may also be photography at the event.

Link to event page

#5. TBEX North America 2024

City: San Juan, Puerto Rico
When: Tuesday, Jul 9, 2024, starting at 09:00

Join TBEX North America in Puerto Rico for 3 or more amazing days of inspiration, education, and serious business meetings. Leave TBEX with actionable tips, tricks, and advice you can put into practice right away. Network with peers who understand your business and the challenges you face in a way no one else does.

Rich history and culture, exceptional food, pristine beaches, majestic mountains, relaxation, adventure — all packed into one sun-kissed Caribbean paradise. Puerto Rico is full of people who are welcoming and buena gente (which is Boricua lingo for kind and friendly).

You’ll feel like you are family instead of just a visitor. Around every corner, you’ll find a celebration of life, a vibrant cultural experience, food for the soul, and a captivating rhythm.

If don’t want to miss our inspiring keynotes, game changing breakout sessions, serious business meetings and the most fun you have ever had at a conference Get your ticket to TBEX North America 2024 today.

Link to event page

#6. Amsterdam Travel Massive Summer Meetup (Canal Boat edition) 🤩

City: Amsterdam
When: Wednesday, Jul 17, 2024, starting at 19:00

Dear Amsterdam Travel Massive community,

Summer is on its way, and it’s time for a new Travel Massive Meetup. Join us for an exclusive Amsterdam experience—the ultimate canal ride! We’re renting a big boat to gather with travel industry professionals in Amsterdam.

🍺 Networking on a boat
⏱ Wednesday, Jul 17, 2024 @ 19:00 - 21.00
📍 Central location in Amsterdam, location will follow
🎟️ €25,- to be paid when boarding. Covers drinks and boat(s) rental

Don’t miss out—let’s cruise and connect in style!

Aye Aye,

Link to event page

Classified Ads

Here's the 10 latest classified ads:

Classified #1. Call For Speakers: The Extraordinary Travel Festival

• Company: Extraordinary Travel Festival
• Location: Bangkok, Thailand.
• The Extraordinary Travel Festival is a gathering of the world’s most accomplished, avid, and adventurous travelers. 200+ travelers are gathering in Bangkok (November 15-17, 2024) for a multi-day event full of speakers and social get-togethers. **Who Should Apply?** Those who can be categorized as accomplished, avid, and/or adventurous travelers. Check out the current speakers to get a sense of their travel CVs at https://extraordinarytravelfest.com/speakers/ **Keynote Talks:** Motivational, inspiring, unique, storytelling. Examples: • Travelling to every country in the world without flying on a 10-year unbroken journey • Building 17 schools in the fabled city of Timbuktu to fight Islamic extremism • Living with a local family in Mogadishu in a homestay **Breakouts Sessions:** Product experts in visiting a difficult country (e.g. not visiting Iraq for 3 weeks, but visiting Iraq multiple times over different time frames for cumulative months) Examples: • Visiting PNG over 10 times for a cumulative 12 months in the country • Travelling independently for 4 months in West Africa **How to apply:** Send us your pitch with your Bio and Topic Overview to info@extraordinarytravelfest.com with "Speaker" in the subject line. **👉 Members discount:** Buy your ticket today, and use code MASSIVE to save.
End of classified.

Classified #2. Destination Specialist – Asia

• Company: Vaya Adventures
• Location: Remote - Berkely, CA.
End of classified.

Classified #3. DS / Program Developer – Australia/NZ or North America

• Company: Vaya Adventures
• Location: Remote - Berkeley, CA.
End of classified.

Classified #4. Costa Rica Tour Operations Specialist

• Company: Ventura Travel
• Location: San Jose, Costa Rica.
End of classified.

Classified #5. New York City Tour Guide Extraordinaire

• Company: ExperienceFirst
• Location: New York City, NY.
End of classified.

Classified #6. Meetings & Events Lead

• Company: MAST Travel Network
• Location: Hybrid - Oak Brook, IL.
End of classified.

Classified #7. Senior Frontend Engineer

• Company: TravelLocal
• Location: Fully Remote (within Europe only).
End of classified.

Classified #8. Senior Partnership Manager - Travel Media

• Company: Stay22
• Location: New York City, NY.
End of classified.

Classified #9. Head of SEO

• Company: TourRadar
• Location: Vienna, Austria (Hybrid).
End of classified.

Classified #10. Travel Agent

• Company: World Discovery
• Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia.
End of classified.

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