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Where did you travel in 2022? Share your year in travel πŸŽ‰

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Content & Community Manager, RaizUp

As we wrap up our travels for 2022, what new destinations did you visit and how did you travel there? Bonus points for new skills or experiences!

🌍 Home base
πŸ›© How many flights?
🚞 How many trains?
πŸ“What destinations did you visit?
πŸ‚ New skills / experiences you learned

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Content & Community Manager, RaizUp

Here's mine:

🌍 Bansko, Bulgaria
πŸ›© 0 flights
🚞 6 trains
πŸ“2 countries β€” Greece and North Macedonia
πŸ‚ New skills: Windsurfing, Kite Surfing, Wakeboarding

1 year ago
Event Organizer & Traveler, GlobalGaz

looks like a busy and fun year!!!

1 year ago
Photographer and Travel Writer (independent), Wanderers Passion

Home Base: Vass, North Carolina
Flights: 2
Trains: 0
Cruise Ship: 1
Countries: Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Scotland, England
New skills: Photography in new places, environments, and peoples
I have been anticipating a trip to Iceland for many years.

1 year ago
Independent B2B Travel Writer | Travel Intelligence Media

🌍 Johannesburg, South Africa
πŸ›© 12 flights
🚞 0 trains
πŸ“Rwanda, Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe (domestic - Cape Town a couple of times)
πŸ‚ Learnt how to make "Jollof" in Ghana, learnt how to use Active Campaigns to automate comms to audiences. And relaunched our travel magazine. (We're back in publishing again!)

1 year ago
Tourism & Music consultant

🌍 Pescara, Italia
πŸ›© 4 flights
🚞 15 trains
πŸ“2 cities β€” Hamburg + Zurich
πŸ‚ New skills: snowboarding, snorkeling

1 year ago
Travel Writer/Photographer, Have Glass, Will Travel

🌍 Myrtle Beach, SC
πŸ›© 14 I think - 39 hours and 5 flights one way to Namibia! Plus one helicopter--doors off!
🚞 0 - unless you count the ones in airports between those 5-miles-away gates! LOL
πŸ“New River Gorge, WV ~ Gettysburg & York, PA ~ Namibia, Africa ~ Seattle, WA ~ Alaska ~ Tampa Bay, St Pete, St Augustine, DeLand, Kissimmee FL ~ Yadkin Valley, NC ~ The Homestead, Hot Springs, VA
πŸ‚ Ziplining; White water rafting; Making mozzarella cheese; making soap and scrubbing salts; creating charcuterie boards; Won two photography contests; climbing the largest sand dune in the world (Sossusvlei, Namibia)

1 year ago
Event Organizer & Traveler, GlobalGaz

🌍 Home base - Bangkok
πŸ›© How many flights? - 31
🚞 How many trains? - 0
πŸ“What new destinations have you visited? New countries -

Sierra Leone

πŸ‚ New skills / experiences you learned - Organizing the Extraordinary Travel Festival

1 year ago
Founder, Travel Massive

🌍 Orford, Tasmania
πŸ›© 6 flights
🚞 2 trains
πŸ“Bangkok, Ko Samui, and Melbourne
πŸ‚ Still learning Elixir (which runs this website!)

1 year ago
Content Creator, @Lorena_F

🌍 Bristol, UK
πŸ›© 14
🚞 8
πŸ“Valencia, Spain - Cornwall, UK - Dubai, UAE - Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Pompei, Italy - Devon, Uk - Manchester, UK - Med Cruise, Italy, France & Spain - London, UK - Calpe, Spain - Bordeaux, France - Kent, UK - Bodrum, Turkey
πŸ‚ Mainly food and drinks related, did a lot of cooking and eating regional dishes and a few wine tastings, as well as surfing lessons and kayaking

1 year ago
Travel Blogger, Exotic Gringo

🌍 Mumbai, India
πŸ›© 15 flights
🚞 2 trains
πŸ“3 Countries - Vietnam, Jordan & Thailand
πŸ‚ New experiences - Paramotoring, elephant care

1 year ago
Event Organizer & Traveler, GlobalGaz

and a great Travel Massive event in Phuket!

1 year ago
Tourist product developer, Made in Armenia travel

🌍 Yerevan, Armenia
πŸ›© 10 flights
🚞 27 trains
πŸ“ 12 countries: BelgiumπŸ‡§πŸ‡ͺ, FranceπŸ‡«πŸ‡·, PolandπŸ‡΅πŸ‡±, GermanyπŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ, CyprusπŸ‡¨πŸ‡Ύ, The Netherlands πŸ‡³πŸ‡±, Austria πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ή, Georgia πŸ‡¬πŸ‡ͺ, Czech Republic πŸ‡¨πŸ‡Ώ, Romania πŸ‡·πŸ‡΄, Slovakia πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡°, Moldova πŸ‡²πŸ‡©,
🎿 New skills: traditional cooking masterclasses and gastro festivals, hikings, cycling.

1 year ago
Event Organizer & Traveler, GlobalGaz

Apprek! A busy year

1 year ago

🌍 Koper, Slovenia
πŸ›© 2 flights
🚞 5 trains
πŸ“Calabria, 5 islands in Dodekanez, and many trips in Slovenia
πŸ‚ Tried weawing, repairing an umbrella and pottery in Ljubljana

1 year ago
Travel Blogger, Nourishing Ireland

I am an American who lives on the SW coast of Ireland. In March, my husband and I traveled to Dublin by train, then flew to Vienna for a couple of days, then to Soller, Mallorca for two weeks. While there, I took the antique wooden train between Soller and Palma.

In September, we repeated the trip to Vienna for two weeks. (My husband is Austrian.) I spent the entire month of November fulfilling two dreams: visiting Bali and undergoing a 28-day Pancha Karma cleanse at Oneworld Ayurveda near Ubud, Bali.

1 year ago
CEO, Travelsignposts Pty Ltd

🌍 Sydney
πŸ›© 16 flights (ex-Oz)
🚞 14 trains (and a few buses)
πŸ“Paris, Bordeaux, Lamazere, Homps, Aix-en-Provence, Greoux and surrounds, Roussillon, Gordes, Fontaine de Vaucluse, Isle-sur-le-Sorgue, Dijon, Avignon to Lyon, San Clemente (Calif), Singapore, Strasbourg, Moselle-Rhine destinations, Turin, Genoa, Florence, Volterra, San Gimignano, Colle, Siena, Rome (missed out one days and transits).
πŸ‚ Walking all day and GPS/map-reading, video/photo shooting on an iPhone anamorphic (I left the heavy gear at home!), surviving on public transport for hours wearing an N95!

1 year ago
journalist and content creator, FamiliesGo!

Las vegas, centra florida, Ireland and London for fun. Huntsville, AL and Happy Valley, PA for conferences.
10 flights ✈️
3 rental πŸš—
2 trains πŸš‚
One river taxi ⛴️

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Publisher and Travel Influencer, Luxe Adventure Traveler

🌍 Bordeaux, France
πŸ›© 2 flights
🚞 2 trains
πŸ“France + Corsica, Monaco, Italy + Sicily and Sardinia, San Marino, Malta, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic
πŸ‚ Learning how to photograph and make videos of my dog traveling for her dog-friendly travel Instagram

1 year ago
Editor, GoNOMAD.com Travel

Every year we publish a story called Where We Went on GoNOMAD Travel. Here is my list for 2022. From my homebase in Western Massachusetts I visited 8 countries and took 23 flights including domestic trips. I took the train three times from my house to NYC. Virginia Beach, Las Vegas, Jackson MS, Saudi Arabia, Nice, Antibes, Cannes France, Ventimiglia Italy, Netherlands, Marbella and Almeria Spain, Brno and Central Bohemia Czech Republic, Portsmouth NH, Peru, Chile. I learned how to create and produce a new travel podcast, the GoNOMAD Travel podcast, with 100+ episodes since March 2022!

1 year ago
Writer, WorldWideWriter

🌍Bath, UK
πŸ›©7 (odd number because still have to fly home…)
πŸ“Madeira, Iceland, Louisiana and Tivoli in Italy, plus lots of UK destinations
πŸ‚Lots of new places…

1 year ago
travel blogger, Rachel's Ruminations

🌍 Groningen, the Netherlands
πŸ›© 20
🚞 4
πŸ“US (Florida and California); UK (London); Lebanon (2x); Spain; road trip including Greece, Albania, North Macedonia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia; Germany (Berlin and Hamburg); Czechia (South Bohemia); Thailand (Phuket & Bangkok mostly)
πŸ‚ New skills? Does SEO count? Riding a scooter, using a tripod to do night photography, making a reel. So many new experiences I wouldn't know where to start!

1 year ago
Travel Blogger, Scuba Hank NYC

🌍 Home base: NYC
πŸ›© How many flights? 19
🚞 How many trains? 4
πŸ“What destinations did you visit? Fiji, Maldives, Philippines, St. Vincent, Indonesia
πŸ‚ New skills / experiences you learned: Learn how to operate an diver propulsion vehicle

1 year ago
Travel blogger and writer

🌍 London, UK
πŸ›© 10
🚞 4
πŸ“AndalucΓ­a (Spain), Porto (Portugal), Zadar (Croatia), Washington DC (USA), Milan & Turin (Italy)
πŸ‚ Experience a live, authentic flamenco dance in a small taverno in Jerez de la Frontera (arguably) its birthplace.

1 year ago
Photog/writer/tourleader, Mira Terra Images & Travel Services

🌍 Cardiff by the Sea, CA, US
πŸ›© 14
🚞 2
πŸ“Maldives, Qatar, Provence France, London UK, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Mexico; US: Chicago, IL, Phoenix, AZ, Monterey & PCH, CA
πŸ‚ sleep aboard yachting; shortboard surfing; EV (fully electric) road-tripping and charging; manual driving on a racetrack

1 year ago (edited)
Writer, Content Creator, AH Media

🌍 Toronto, Canada
πŸ›© 10 flights
🚞 0 trains
πŸ“Mexico, Dubai, LA, Guatemala, Miami, Barbados, Panama
πŸ‚ Snorkeling, Surfing, Night Fishing, Hiking

1 year ago
Founder, Nomad Stays

🌍 Home base: None - Digital Nomad
πŸ›© How many flights?: 4
🚞 How many trains?: 0
πŸ“What destinations did you visit?: Portugal, Spain, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, USA, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Albania, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Gibraltar
πŸ‚ New skills / experiences you learned: A year's worth!

1 year ago
Freelance tour guide and travel consultant and travel blogger.

🌍 On the road for +300 days, but I am registered as living in Denmark, where I spent 50-60 days a year.
πŸ›© +50. Do not know the exact amount.
🚞 No idea at all. I take the train 2-3 times a week at the moment. But in some places, like the Azores and Madeira, they have no trains. My guess would be 80 to 100 train rides this year.
πŸ“What destinations did you visit? Azores. Madeira. Amalfi Coast. Rome. Mainland Portugal. Kosovo. Albania. North Macedonia. Bulgaria. Istanbul and Edirne in Turkey. Vienna. Klagenfurt. Bavaria. Plus a few places I forgot right now.
πŸ‚ New skills / experiences you learned: Studied video editing and a few other tech related things that I suck at.

1 year ago
travel writer, marjorieturner.com

Home base: Bellingham, MA U.S.
Travel was by car, towing our teardrop T@B camper
Camping on the shores of the Bay of Fundy in St. Martin's New Brunswick (sea caves and the Bay of Fundy Way were highlights)
Sydney, Nova Scotia, the Glace Bay Miner's museum, and the Ferry landing headed to Newfoundland
Ferry crossing to Part Aux Basques, Newfoundland
Fossil Trees, Blanche Brook, NL
Multiple pelagic bird colonies in NL
Whale sightings
Puffins and pufflings (baby puffins) and helping with a puffling rescue
Bringing our adaptive tandem bicycle along on this trip, and riding it along the shoreline in Nova Scotia
On our way to visit grandchildren in Tennessee, visiting rail trails and riding our adaptive tandem in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, and Tennessee.
New skills: learning to fine tune living in our tiny camper for six weeks in NL with all the physical and emotional challenges involved. First time seeing puffins and standing a foot or two from a stranded puffling

1 year ago
Freelance Writer and Editor, Budget Travel, Forbes, more

🌍 Washington, D.C.
πŸ›© 6
🚞 4
πŸ“Tampa, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Williamsburg (2X), Wytheville, Harpers Ferry, Dingmans Ferry, New York City
πŸ‚ Having a great time sticking closer to home and being an Auntie to my two-year-old niece, who already loves to travel and do regional road trips ^_^

1 year ago
Founder, Bag Designer, Idea Mountain

🌍 Santa Cruz County California
πŸ›© a lot, more than I'd like
🚞 Not enough! wonderful experiences in Morocco and the Netherlands
πŸ“Jamaica, Minnesota, Morocco, Netherlands
πŸ‚ camel riding, working on my Vietnamese for next trip, designing more travel gear - backpacks and other secret pockets for my brand.

1 year ago (edited)
Tour Organizer, blogger, Wanderluster

🌍 Home base - Toronto
πŸ›© How many flights? - 8 Flights
🚞 How many trains? - 0, but one fast ferry in Greece
πŸ“What destinations did you visit? - New York, Athens, Naxos (Greece), London, Barcelona
πŸ‚ New skills / experiences you learned - extensive archeology site visits, learned about the various conquering people who lived on Naxos, had a private tour of the newly updated and unbelievably beautiful Acropolis Museum in Athens. Attended a music and beer festival in Seer Green outside of London, and ate razor clams (twice) in Barcelona. Highly recommended!

1 year ago
Digital Marketing + Strategy, Go Squab

🌍 Full time nomad, but I go back to Toronto, Canada
πŸ›© 7ish?
🚞 10ish?
πŸ“Canada: Vancouver Island BC, Toronto ON
πŸ“Spain: Barcelona
πŸ“France: Toulouse, Tarn area, Loire Valley, Le Mans
πŸ“Mexico: Nayarit, Mexico City, Veracruz
πŸ‚ New experience: 3-week paddleboard + camping trip!

1 year ago
Travel Agent, MichaelaJets

🌍 Uk
πŸ›©οΈ 9 not including returns & layovers
🚞 7
πŸ“ Turkey - Istanbul, Cappadocia, Antalya. Portugal - Figueira da Foz. Mauritius. Italy - Milan, Rome, Florence, Pisa. Croatia - Dubrovnik. Tobago and also Trinidad.
⛷️Skills/Experiences = Organising the whole trip

1 year ago
Design Lead, Travel UX Innovator, Entrepreneur, Memopin, Inc.

🌍 Home base - Yerevan, Armenia
πŸ›© How many flights? - 12
🚞 How many trains? - 1
πŸ“USA, Georgia, Qatar, Egypt
πŸ‚ New skills / experiences - Product launching, negotiation experience, becoming a travel festival sponsor

1 year ago (edited)
Event Organizer & Traveler, GlobalGaz

A great year!!

1 year ago
Design Lead, Travel UX Innovator, Entrepreneur, Memopin, Inc.


1 year ago

Pakistan, UAE, Holland, Netherlands, Italy, France, Canada, Bosnia, Serbia. I had to make up for the years of lockdowns and closed borders that Covid put us through. It's been a great year!

1 year ago
General Manager ANZ, Odigeo

🌍 Sydney, Australia
πŸ›© 11 flights
🚞 0 trains
πŸ“ Destinations San Francisco, Barcelona, Rennes, Nantes, Frankfurt, Fiji
πŸ‚ Lots of DIY

1 year ago
Digital/Programmatic Media Sales – Travel Vertical, ICCA

🌍 New York, USA
πŸ›© 8 flights
🚞 0 trains
πŸ“Los Angeles, Miami, Montreal, Canda, Spain, Portugal, Estonia
πŸ‚ Lots of new foodie experiences, heritage sites, Cannabis tourism, great vintage shopping.

1 year ago
Business & Product Developer, World Discovery

🌍 Trbovlje, Slovenia
πŸ›© 2 flights
🚞 0 trains, 1 loong bus
πŸ“3 countries β€” Bulgaria, Greece and Argentina
πŸ‚ New skills: Spanish language

1 year ago
Travel Blogger, Just Heading Out

Fun idea! Here's my year in review:
🌍 Berlin, Germany
πŸ›© 4 flights (tried to do less, but Europe's railway system still needs a bit or work)
🚞 19 trains and 1 overnight bus
πŸ“ Netherlands (5x to see my family), Portugal, Spain, Poland, Slovakia, Italy, Croatia, Austria, Luxembourg, Prague.
πŸ‚ Hiked 13 days straight (Portuguese Camino)

1 year ago (edited)

🌎 - no base, world nomad
✈ - flighs 14
πŸš‹ - trains 3
πŸ“ - destinations
Saudi Arabia
Yemen -Socotra
πŸ‚new skills - trying to conquor my fear of heights and discovering more wonderful local cuisines.

1 year ago
Travel Coach, John The Traveler

🌍 Homebase: Rockville, Maryland, USA
πŸ›© How many flights? 12
🚞 How many trains? 1
πŸ“What destinations did you visit? USA: Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Oregon, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida. International: Belgium, Armenia, Georgia.
πŸ‚ New skills / experiences you learned: too many to mention! Quit my job! Events - TravelCon, World Domination Summit, Postmark Collectors Club Convention, FinCon, Extraordinary Travel Festival. Gave a presentation for the Nomadic Network. First time renting a car solo in a foreign country. Working on branding and travel planning business.

1 year ago
Event Organizer & Traveler, GlobalGaz

How was Armenia? ;)

1 year ago
freelance writer, blogger, small group tour guide, Speck on the Globe

Fun way to see where everyone has been this year!

🌍 Home base: traveling full time still after a decade!!
πŸ›© How many flights: 29
🚞 How many trains: 11
πŸ“What destinations did you visit: California, Washington DC, Chile, Maine, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Las Vegas, the Azores, Charleston, Guyana & Brazil
πŸ‚ New skills / experiences you learned: making fresh pasta, finally learning how to drive a manual transmission, learning Portuguese and Spanish, Samba lessons & so many fabulous experiences throughout the year!

1 year ago
Writer, Speaker & Blogger, The British Berliner

This is a brilliant topic Maria. Nice one! OK, here's mine:

🌍 Home base: Berlin, Germany

πŸ›© How many flights? 4. Although, it should have been 6!
It's a long story but my flight got cancelled twice from Berlin to Bristol, so I took the train & bus from Berlin to London & back!

🚞 How many trains?
Gosh. Where do I start?
8 trains in France, 2 trains in Belgium, 3 trains in Spain, 4 trains in England, and many, many trains across North & East Germany!
Throughout the summer, the cost of train tickets anywhere in Germany, was just €9.00 per month for June, July & August, so I really took advantage of it!

πŸ“What destinations did you visit?
France - Paris & Cancale (Brittany). We took the train to and from Berlin!
England - London, Bristol & Bath
Belgium - I took the Eurostar from Brussels to London & back
Spain - Barcelona, Valencia & Malaga
Poland - Zgorzelec. It wasn't too difficult. I simply crossed the bridge from Poland into Germany!
Germany - GΓΆrlitz, Leipzig, Erfurt, LΓΌbeck, the islands of Sylt, Magdeburg, Rostock, WarnemΓΌnde, Schwerin, Weimar, Cologne, Gifhorn, Wolfsburg, Hannover, Spreewald, LΓΌbbenau, Caputh, BlΓΌtenstadt Weder (Havel), Brandeburg, Waren (MΓΌritz), and many more that I simply can't remember!

πŸ‚ New skills / experiences you learned:
Learning to Drive - I know. Don't judge!
Gardening - Apparently, I've got very green fingers and grew most of our vegetables, and lots of fruit.
Cooking - I've always hated cooking but have improved considerably. I even made Xmas dinner all by myself & I've also been making jams, chutneys and home-made vodka!
Academics: I started a PhD (part-time) - Doctorate of Business Administration in Higher Education Management (University of Bath), so I have to be in the UK every 6 months ...

1 year ago (edited)
Blogger, A Head Full of Travel

🌍 Singapore
πŸ›© 8 flights
🚞 2 buses and 3 ferries
πŸ“ 3 cities in Malaysia, 2 islands in Indonesia, 1 and a half city in Vietnam
πŸ‚ motorbike riding, mountain/volcano hiking, accommodation hunting, tour guiding

1 year ago (edited)
food, wine and travel writer

I'm a Canadian writer who splits her time between Canada and Italy. I'm already making plans for next year, including a road trip through Alsace.

🌍 Home base -- Calgary, Canada
πŸ›© How many flights? 17 (8 transatlantic!)
🚞 How many trains? 6
πŸ“What destinations did you visit? Italy, where I spent close to three months, and Canada, including our beautiful Okanagan Valley
πŸ‚ New skills / experiences you learned: Slowly, slowly I'm learning to speak Italian! Milan at Christmas is incredibly beautiful, as is the small town where my husband and I have bought a little place.

1 year ago
Creator & CEO, Createit

Here are mine!!

🌍 No home base until May 2022- Atlanta again
πŸ›© 16 flights
🚞 0 trains
πŸ“9 countries β€” Mexico 2x, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, USA, Portugal, Bulgaria, Turkey, Bahamas
πŸ‚ New /expanded skills: Freediving 30 feet+.

1 year ago
Co-founder, TripMapper

Free diving 30 feet! Wow!!

1 year ago
Content Creator / CEO, Mamacita On The Move

🌍 Deltona, Florida (Daytona area)
πŸ›© 15
🚞 4
πŸ“7 Countries - Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia,
πŸ‚ New skills - made my own ceramic mug!

1 year ago (edited)

🌍 Home base Celebration, FL, USA
πŸ›© How many flights? >30
🚞 How many trains? 4
πŸ“What destinations did you visit? Tanzania (safari); Duluth, MN; Show Low, AZ; Phoenix, AZ; St. Paul, MN; North Shore Road to the Canadian border (MN); Dublin, Ireland for the month of July; Jordan; Universal Orlando; Walt Disney World; St. Petersburg, FL; Orlando, FL; Fort Lauderdale, FL (twice)
πŸ‚ New skills / experiences you learned: safari (gosh, that's a truly bumpy ride!), learned some Swahili, waterfalls of Northern MN, new walks and hikes, toured the Saint Paul, MN state capitol building, participated in the Dublin Coastal Walk from Skerries to Greystone; first time at the National Concert Orchestra for the full orchestra with Apollo 13, first time seeing Riverdance 25 (at the Gaiety Theatre, their summer home), first time kayaking in Skerries, Ireland, first time climbing the Stairway to Heaven (northern Ireland), first time hurling and playing Gaelic Football; first time visiting Jordan - all the archeological and religious sites, seeing Syria or Jerusalem (from a distance) first time in Asia, first time scuba diving in the Red Sea, first time floating in the Dead Sea, first time dashing through the Wadi Mujib, first time camel riding in an actual desert (sat on one in Egypt but didn't ride it), first jeep desert sunset), first time in a Bedouin camp, first time treading the same ground Jesus and John the Baptist etc travelled. First time in nearly a decade visiting WDW or Universal Orlando - and now have annual passes to both! It's been an exciting year, I'm approaching my 300th published story and I'm excited to see what 2023 will bring.

1 year ago
Travel & Tourism Journalist | Greek Culture & Travel Expert | Founder & Storyteller @ TheGreekVibe.com | Writes for @gtpgr, TheGreekVibe.com

Home base: Athens
πŸ›© How many flights? 6
🚞 How many trains? 4
How many cruises? 2
πŸ“What destinations did you visit? Iceland, Ireland, UK, France, Germany, Austria, Netherlands
πŸ‚ New skills / experiences you learned - visited several Christmas markets, river cruise for first time, ultimate Iceland experience, crazy cycling in Amsterdam

1 year ago
Co-founder, TripMapper

🌍 London, U.K.
πŸ›© 6 flights
🚞 2 trains
πŸ›³ 1 boat
πŸ“Lake Garda, The Dolomites, Budapest, Tirana, Abu Dhabi, Scottish Highlands, Norfolk (U.K.), Sicily, Crete and Mainland Greece.
πŸ‚ Developed my knowledge and understanding about the history of the destinations I visited; explored the beautiful Scottish Highlands and shimmering lochs by foot, kayak and bicycle (& spotted native Scottish wildlife!); learnt about olive oil production in Greece; learnt about and tasted both traditional and modern Hungarian cuisine from a Hungarian chef who uses produce from his family farm; stayed in a beautifully converted 1920s winery in the western Peloponnese; and hiked up Mount Etna - what an incredible landscape!

1 year ago
Travel Journalist & Creator, Travel With Meena

🌍 Chicago
πŸ›© How many flights? 48
🚞 How many trains? 6
🚒 How many cruises? 5
πŸš— Number of road trips? 3
πŸ“Destinations? Egypt, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Paris, Amsterdam, London, Athens, Bogota, Reykjavik, Basel, Lucerne, Strasbourg, Normandy beaches, Heidelberg, Cancun, New York, Wisconsin, the Great Lakes
πŸ‚ New skills / experiences you learned? A few words of Arabic, swimming in the Red Sea, how not to freak out in a submarine, painting, mosaics

1 year ago (edited)

🌍 Sydney/Siem Reap
πŸ›© 9
🚞 2
πŸ“Bangkok, Koh Mak, Hoi An, Kuala Lumpur, Phnom Penh (from Siem Reap base)
πŸ“Adelaide, Wagga Wagga (from Sydney base)
πŸ‚ Always learning: new check out functionality on my email system and started a diploma in sustainability and many other lessons for life!

1 year ago

Home Base Coco Beach Florida
2022 travels: four cruises: 1 Greece, 3 Caribbean
Southern italy; avellino, naples, and ruvlo
US travel: Georgia, North Carolina,
Florida: Key West, Orlando
Joined travel club bus group for local travel
6 flights
Retired; constant traveler

1 year ago (edited)

🌍 Alicante, Spain
πŸ›© 34 flights
🚞 3 trains
πŸ“13 countries: Bulgaria, Cape Verde, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Arab Emirates, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Canada, US, Morocco.
πŸ‚ Surf, Yoga, Snorkel with turtles, Scuba diving with a whale shark, ate an scorpion, Full moon party, Thai cuisine class, Snorkel with mantas, Sandboarding, Pottery, Hot air balloon, Body rafting, Climbing, Food tour, Saw a Broadway Show (Beetlejuice).

Intense year! πŸ˜…

1 year ago

πŸ‘‹Hi and Happy New Year! πŸŽ‰
I'm new here (again – after a 2+ year break) and am excited to meet new fellow travelers!
🌏 San Diego, CA
πŸ›© 3 flights
πŸš‡ Lots of trains/trams/metro rides
πŸ“Lisbon, Portugal/ Puerto Morelos, Mexico/ Mexico City/Templeton, CA
πŸ‚ New skills - interviewing photographers for podcast episodes, French 101

1 year ago

🌍 Utrecht, Netherlands
πŸ›© 2 flights
🚞 5 trains
πŸ“Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Costa Rica
πŸ‚ Windsurfing, via Ferrata, Bird watching

1 year ago
Founder, Zulu Nomad

🌍 KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
πŸ›© 6
🚞 0
πŸ“International: Namibia and Seychelles. Domestic: Cape Town, Johannesburg, Qheberha and my own province
πŸ‚ Design Thinking, participated in the Lab of Tomorrow 3-day sprint looking at how we use technology to solve several challenges in Namibia's biodiversity and communities in biodiverse environments. Facilitated digital skills training and an innovation workshop to over 400 small business owners online and in person. In the Seychelles, I learned what it takes to develop an equitable destination.

1 year ago
Travel Blogger / Youtuber, Mochileros.org

🌍 Peru / Czechia
πŸ›© 2
🚞 10
πŸ“5 - Poland, Austria, Germany, Czechia
πŸ‚ Artificial Intelligence design / Animated websites on HTML 5

1 year ago
Yoga Teacher | Travel Creator, Scrapbook Journeys

🌍 Nairobi, Kenya
πŸ›© 8
🚞 0
πŸ“ Goma (Democratic Republic of Congo) Lamu, Malindi, Meru, Diani, Mombasa, Eldoret, Bungoma, Mombasa (Kenya)
πŸ‚ Earned my 200HRs Yoga Teaching Certificate | Attended the Lamu Yoga Festival in Kenya (such an epic experience!!)| And learned how to swim (still at it though :D) !

1 year ago

I earned my 200HRs Yoga Teaching Certificate this year as well! I will have to check out that Lamu Yoga Festival!

1 year ago
Travel blogger

🌍 Washington, DC
πŸ›© 14
🚞 0
πŸ“Costa Rica, Turkey, Montana, St. Louis, Jordan
πŸ‚ How to make proper Bedouin-style tea!

1 year ago
Tiktoker, Content Creator, Influencer, Blogger, Walkaboot Travel

🌏 Ontario
✈️ 9
🚞 3
πŸ“Portugal, Azores, France, Spain, Belize, Florida x 4
πŸ‚ walked across and entire country on the Camino De Santiago

1 year ago

I did the Camino de Santiago last year as well!!

1 year ago
Content Creator and Journalist, No Man Nomad

πŸ›© 31
🚞 10+ (not sure, I take the Amtrak often to upstate NY)
πŸ“Costa Rica, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, Rochester NY, Syracuse NY, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Italy, Ireland, Jamaica, Lake Placid NY, Myrtle Beach SC
πŸ‚ I saw two new world wonders, I finished my first year of law school (and subsequently decided it wasn't for me!), I finally invested in a good camera and learnt photography and editing skills, and above all, I got published with 4 publications and grew my blog traffic by 600% due to finally teaching myself SEO, affiliate marketing, and marketing in general! I also took my first 3 press trips with many more lined up for 2023.

1 year ago (edited)

🌍 Home base: Dallas, Texas
πŸ›© How many flights? 18 (ugh, gotta work on that footprint!)
🚞 How many trains? 3 (+ 8 buses)
πŸ“What destinations did you visit? France, Spain, Portugal, South Africa, Kenya, Turkey, Peru, Mexico, Honduras
πŸ‚ New skills / experiences you learned: Trekked the Camino de Santiago (Camino Frances), Volunteered as a wildlife conservation and photography volunteer in Africa (received honorable mention in PetaPixel wildlife photography contest for one of my photos), experienced my first hot air balloon ride during the Great Migration in the Masai Mara, earned 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training Certification and Reiki 1 & 2 Certification in Peru, tried to go after my diving cert in Honduras but alas that wasn't for me (yet!).

1 year ago (edited)
Travel Advisor, Unique Luxury Travels

20+ flights
5 trains
2 cruises
Scotland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Switzerland

1 year ago
Retired Travel Blogger

🌍 Home base. Montreal, Canada
πŸ›© How many flights? 15
🚞 How many trains? 2
πŸ“What destinations did you visit? Toronto, Quebec City, New York City, Arizona, Utah, San Francisco, Maui, Honolulu, Wellington NZ, Canberra AUS, Myloa AUS, Uluru AUS, Bangkok, Golden Triangle INDIA, Geneva, Portugal
πŸ‚ New skills / experiences you learned Birdwatching in new countries, Snorkelling in 4 new places, so many new geological walks.

1 year ago
CEO & Co-founder, Insured Nomads

Here is mine, much less in 2022 that usual of course.

🌍 Philadelphia, PA, USA (home base)
πŸ›© 22 flights
🚞 8 trains
πŸ“3 countries β€” USA, Canada and Brazil
πŸ‚ New skills: woah, I feel like I learn and improve skills daily. As I grow and learn through mistakes I realize how much improvement is needed. Coding and data science are focus areas, while reinsurance and parametric based solutions have been an area of growth/learning.

Thanks for this post, helped me reflect on the last year in a different light :)

1 year ago
Social Media, Content Creation, Copy Writing

🌍 Officially homeless as of 2022!
πŸ›© 20
🚞 10
πŸ“Colombia, Brazil, Spain, Turkey, Italy, France, Albania, Montenegro, Greece, USA, Tanzania, Mauritius
πŸ‚ New skills: Tennis, New Cooking Techniques

1 year ago


1 year ago (edited)
Travel Blogger & Digital Creator, Wanderluxe

🌍 Chicago
πŸ›© 37
🚞 1
πŸ“All over the US (Alaska was my favorite!!), Canada, Spain, Portugal
πŸ‚ Learned a bit of Portuguese, met lots of new people

1 year ago
Plus Size Travel Blogger, Jae Bae Productions

🌍 Home base - Vancouver, Washington
πŸ›© How many flights? 4
🚞 How many trains? 0
πŸ“What destinations did you visit? Hawaii
πŸ‚ New skills / experiences you learned - Photography

1 year ago
Tour operator and tour guide, skytrek transfers and tours

Traveled in and around Cape town with the family

1 year ago
Director, I Am Cape Town

Would like to learn about the hidden gems of Cape Town from your perspective.

1 year ago
Tour Organizer, Friendship Travels

Bhutan is Best Destination

1 year ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Why? What makes it the best destination?

1 year ago
Founder, Nomad Stays

Just catching up here Maria. Yep, 2002 was another big travel year.

🌍 Home base = None. Houses in Australia and France maybe count but are rarely used.
πŸ›© How many flights? = 4
🚞 How many trains? = 0
πŸ“What destinations did you visit? = Lots:
- Portugal
- Spain
- Gibraltar
- France
- Switzerland
- Netherlands
- Belgium
- Luxembourg
- Germany
- Italy
- Slovenia
- Croatia
- Montenegro
- Albania
- North Macedonia
- Bulgaria
- Greece
πŸ‚ New skills / experiences you learned = Lots! Much around international residency, tax, new tech apps, travel planning in a war period, the list goes on!

Happy 2023 yourself

1 year ago

🌍 Bansko, Bulgaria
πŸ›© 12
🚞 4
πŸ“(15) South Africa, USA, Germany, Portugal, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina

9 months ago
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