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Ric Gazarian
⭐️ Community Leader • 🤘 Rockstar • Travel blogger, author, documentary producer, podcaster, speaker, GlobalGaz

Join me in my quest to travel to every county in the world. I will share with you off-the-beaten path locations, unique experiences and must-see places on my blog, GlobalGaz.

I am the Producer of the top-selling iTunes documentary, Hit The Road: India and the adventure-travel documentary Hit The Road: Cambodia.

Also, I am the host of the podcast, Counting Countries, where I interview people who have traveled to all 193 countries in the world.

I am also a travel industry speaker and I have organized scores of travel events, online and in-person.


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Tbilisi Travel Massive

A travel community in Tbilisi
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Chernobyl X Tours

Private tours in Chernobyl and the exclusion zone
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Hiking in Acadia National Park

Hike, boat, or watch a sunset over the ocean on Mount Desert Island
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The Bo-Kaap in Cape Town

Meet some locals from Cape Town's Malay neighbourhood
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Road trip from Estonia to Bulgaria

Follow the Global Convoy's adventure across five ex-Soviet countries
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Tours & Activities 15 Years From Now

A look into the future of travel and flying cars
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Azores From Above

Take a drone flight over Terceira Island in the Azores

What are your top travel documentary films?

A discussion thread about travel documentaries
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Tarakanivskyy Fortress

Abandoned fortress in the middle of a forest in Ukraine
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Operation Groundswell

Backpacking with a purpose for socially conscious travellers
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Fishing on the St. Clair River in Ontario

The first stop on our Ontario's Southwest fishing road trip
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Polar Plunge in Antarctica

Going for a dip in the Southern Ocean 🥶
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Amsterdam Travel Massive

A travel community in Amsterdam
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Coffice Prague

Because coworking is not just about sitting behind the computer
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Paradise Ride

An epic card game to relive your wildest travel tales
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Ask A Local

Local know-how for wherever you’re going
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The Nomad's Kitchen

A kit to make delicious food on the road
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The Journey Backpack

Smart backpack system for experienced travelers
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Map Your City

A map to share and explore insider tips, events, and places
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Abandoned Soviet Summer Camp

A Soviet Young Pioneer Camp in Spitak, Armenia

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