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Fuad Peters
Director, I Am Cape Town
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Passionate about tourism development & marketing. With two decades of experience, assisting & supporting the industry, developing destinations & businesses. Working with existing & new brands to showcase what Cape Town & the Western Cape offers and expanding into the rest of South Africa.

As a leader for Cape Town, I look forward to helping build a strong & effective community to develop the travel & tourism sector for the destination to grow & having an impactful outcome in an innovative way.

As I AM CAPE TOWN we develop, support & create authentic experiences with entrepreneurs. I also offer consultancy services, allowing my expression of creativity for business development & marketing to flourish with the brands I work with.

Follow me on social media or the Travel Massive platform so that we may connect, contact me directly via the DM options provided.

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As an industry stakeholder my vision has been to be part of a connected and recognised network of industry folk and Travel Massive provides the perfect platform.