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John Arvanitis
Tour Organizer, writer, and blogger - Yianni's Definitive Guides

I write a blog about the Greek Islands (with some additional posts about Los Angeles, San Francisco, London and Paris). I am eager to expand its reach and learn from other bloggers.

I separately am arranging running travel excursions (currently for free, but hopefully someday would like to monetize it) - currently we are planning to take a large team from around the world to run the original marathon in Athens in November 2020. I have managed 4 different tours to Italy, California, and the Caribbean for long-distance running, paired with wine and food and cultural tours.

I separately run a healthcare business in Toronto and am a father of a very travel-enthused 2yr old.

January 2020
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I would like to expand my travel blog about the Greek Islands and to learn from other bloggers.

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  • 🌍 Home base - Toronto πŸ›© How many flights? - 8 Flights 🚞 How many trains? - 0, but one fast ferry in Greece πŸ“What destinations did you visit? - New York, Athens, Naxos (Greece), London, Barcelona πŸ‚ New skills / experiences you learned - extensive archeol... show more