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March 2019
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  • 🌍 Johannesburg, South Africa πŸ›© 12 flights 🚞 0 trains πŸ“Rwanda, Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe (domestic - Cape Town a couple of times) πŸ‚ Learnt how to make "Jollof" in Ghana, learnt how to use Active Campaigns to automate comms to audiences. And relaunched our... show more

  • Helloooooo!!! Just got back to Johannesburg from the beautiful Cape Town city. From the beach to the concrete jungle...! Heart sore! Anyway...! Fun fact, Johannesburg is known as the "City of Gold" or "Egoli" due to the gold rush many years ago. What's ... show more

  • English (duh right? 🀣) French (Just enough to get around) German (Just enough to get around) Tonga (Family mainly) Shona (Family mainly) Does Japanese from 10 years of watching Anime count?? πŸ€”πŸ€”