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Cres-Lošinj Marine Protected Area A protected area and ecotourism experience in Croatia

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More than 200 days of sunshine a year led Cres-Lošinj Marine Protected Area in Croatia to become known as the Island of Vitality. With 280 km of hiking and cycling trails, rich biodiversity and fascinating cultural heritage it shows a different side of what the Mediterranean has to offer.

🚲 Rhythm of the Senses Tour
The multi-day Rhythm of the Senses ecotourism experience, designed and managed by the protected area itself with support from the local Asl Agency tour agency, immerses visitors in the heart of the stunning protected area.

Guests can explore hidden coves, swim in beautiful beaches, and dine on locally grown ingredients at popular family-run restaurants.

As part of the experience, guests can enjoy learning about the protected area’s thriving bottlenose dolphin pod on an afternoon boat trip with experienced guides and get acquainted with the huge diversity of plant species in the island’s botanical garden.

♻️ MEET Network ecotourism model

By using the MEET Network’s innovative model for ecotourism development as part of the EU-funded sustainable tourism project DestiMED PLUS, the protected area has been able to create a unique experience that prioritises sustainability, while still delivering a high-quality experience for travellers.

The environmental and social impact of the experience has been measured using MEET’s impact monitoring tools, which helped the park to improve the sustainability of activities included in the tour and support service providers to become more environmentally conscious. With support from MEET the park is also using the experience to raise awareness about the value of nature conservation.

👉 Inspire your travellers with the MEET Experiences: www.meetnetwork.org/travel-industry

📹 Video credits: Green Traveller
📸 Photo credits: Oscar Piljek, Hrvoje Serdar, Sandro Tariba, Antonio Pavela, ASL Agency

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Hi there! This is Carla from the MEET Network.

Did you know that the Croatian archipelago is the second largest in the Mediterranean? It has more than 1000 islands 🏝

In this itinerary we take you to two of them: Cres and Lošinj. This experience is made to awaken all your senses, so you can appreciate the beauty this world has to offer with more than your eyes 👀 Scents, flavours and sounds can also make you travel!

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