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Hey everyone, I built this community to do something good for travel.

👉 How I started this. Before starting Travel Massive, I co-founded a software consulting firm — and worked on many projects (too many to list) including the first search engine for large-scale climate research data. On a trip to the US (way back in 2006) to visit some colleagues at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, my friend sent me on an adventure to the Green Tortoise hostel in San Francisco. That trip mostly changed my life, and I decided to build my own travel startup to help connect fellow travelers. I quit my job (blah blah) and continued traveling and after a few months of living cheap and working from internet-cafes in Thailand and Laos, I presented at CES Australia (2009) and met a travel insurance company who bought my startup. At a hostel in Sydney, me and a few friends started a meetup for travel startups and bloggers, that accidentally grew to a few cities around the world. After a few thousand meetups in a few hundred cities, this created Travel Massive :)

I've also invested in a few startups, including an accelerator in Sydney that funded (which floated on the ASX). I'm interested in programming, the open internet, and ways to help people connect and share ideas online and in-person.

I've spent time living in Sydney, Bangkok, Berlin, and Tasmania. Get in touch!

December 2014
East Coast, Tasmania
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    ShadeMap 3 days ago

  • Hey Kevin and Mark, when are you planning the next Dublin meetup?

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