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John McKenzie
Chief Executive Meanderer, GeODDgraphy

I’m an avid, experienced traveler with a passion for off-the-beaten track destinations, authentic travel experiences and a more travel-centric lifestyle. My focus is on geography, travel-related hobbies, and unusual quests. I'd love to expand the minds of those fearful of travel or people who think they can't travel. I plan killer trips, too!

October 2018
Rockville, MD
6 events
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I am embarking on a new journey to make travel a career instead of just a vacation.

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  • 🌍 Homebase: Rockville, Maryland, USA 🛩 How many flights? 12 🚞 How many trains? 1 📍What destinations did you visit? USA: Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Oregon, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida. International... show more


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