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Kimberly Erin Davies
Tiktoker, Content Creator, Influencer, Blogger, Walkaboot Travel
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Hi all, my name is Kimberly Erin Davies and I am a travel Tiktoker (250k) and Content Creator based in Ontario! Queen of “this is what it’s like to travel….”

I also run an adventure based travel blog called

My content is informational and inspirational, light hearted and positive. A true traveler at heart.

I have always been a free spirit and a free thinker; and travel has always been my biggest passion. I firmly believe that travel is just education in a less formal environment and this is a concept that I love sharing with the world around me.

January 2017
Brantford, Ontario
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I want to join because my dream job is and will always be to have the opportunity to inspire others to travel the world through both my blog and media