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What are your travel predictions for 2022?
Share your anticipated travel trends for next year
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3 days ago
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Founder, Travel Massive

We're polling the Travel Massive community for your predictions for travel in 2022.

🏆 The top 3 most upvoted answers will get some merch from our new Travel Massive store, and we'll feature the best answers in our community newsletter.

👉 Here's a few examples of predictions you could answer: What destinations will be popular? What new technologies will launch to help travelers? Will there be new modes of transport? How will cities change to attract new people?

✅ RULES: Be creative, positive, and ambitious — we're creating the future!

2 days ago (edited)
Event Organizer & Traveler, GlobalGaz

After doing some travel in the Middle East and Africa recently and bumping up against some roadblocks, I am predicting (but really just wishing) for a global vaccine passport which will expedite travel for people around the world and help this struggling industry rebound in 2022.

2 days ago
Ceo/cto, Autoura

* Robotaxis will launch in San Francisco, Las Vegas & Miami (& Germany / China too), leading to a rush of innovations that use these vehicles within a tourism & hospitality context. For an example of how this may look, watch this video
* Blockchain will have a breakthrough year - specifically SSI (Self Sovereign Identities) within hotels & hospitality, and DAOs replacing some traditional functions currently done by DMOs. Not for bookings & distribution (at scale), but for satellite developments around the edges. Early days still.

And sorry 2022 but 2021 has already seen autonomous flying vehicles operating for tourism ;)

2 days ago (edited)
Co-Founder, Travellerspoint

That bus is awesome. More rough times ahead for the cab drivers of the world 😐

Ceo/cto, Autoura

At least in tourism, the human driver does more than drive. So it is harder to remove the driver than within other context (e.g. taxi services). Spent a few years on this problem, a tricky one. 2022 will be the breakthrough year for it though.....

14 hours ago
Founder & Director of Mappy Hour

I'm still bullish on hyper-local travel continuing to be popular. I'm excited to see which destinations and towns emerge as this trend continues.

2 days ago
Storyteller & Experience Advisor, The Storied Experience

I'm going to say less technology, more of a return to simple, slow, nostalgic travel. I think we're going to see a stronger backlash against overtourism, and people venturing to places that are rustic and nature-centric. Most importantly, I think we're going to see people wanting to be immersed into a culture in deeper ways - not just sightseeing, but getting to know the people and their traditions. At least I hope so :)

2 days ago
Entrepreneur, Neuwly

I think the tourism world in 2022 is very bright! And different. I think we’re going to see a unique “hybrid” world where guides and guests connect in both the virtual and physical worlds. A guest might experience a virtual tour, fall in love with the location, then travel there to experience it in real life. Or a guest might do a tour in real life, fall in love with the area, and do more virtual tours of the area once they return home from their trip. It’ll create a very unique relationship with guides and guests everywhere and allow, for the first time, guides to increase their repeat business astronomically. I do think the virtual experiences are here to stay as a supplement to guides, but will be instrumental to generating physical tours.

2 days ago
Travel creator

I think it might be harder to find cheap travel deals in 2022!

2 days ago
Founder and Head Guide: Adventure Out Loud, Adventure Out Loud Pty Ltd

Electronic passports and vaccination records that can be used globally. If they were secure, wouldn't that make life easier!

2 days ago
Director, Traveltech for Scotland

The 2022 I'd like to see is a year where we embrace all of the possible ways to reduce travel's climate impact.

More specifically, travellers embrace slower train journeys to replace quick flights.

We're seeing this in Scotland already, with a new train service from London called Lumo, that make it cheaper and easier for those in London or visiting London to travel to Scotland by train.

We're hosting an event about 'travel futures' next week. The aim is to come up with plausible futures for 2030, and then think of the future technology needs for entrepreneurs to work on: - Join us!

yesterday (edited)
Writer, WorldWideWriter

I think there will be a lot more use of travel agents and a return to traditional package tours. People will be wary of the do-it-yourself approach because plans have become liable to change at short notice (either because they contract Covid or because the rules have changed) and they will want to know that they can reschedule or get their money back.

Founder, Nomad Stays

I'm predicting the emergence of even more 'nomadic lifestyle travel'.

Where a traveling lifestyle combines exploration, career and even greater time chasing dreams, passions and sports around the world.

People choosing this lifestyle will develop stronger bonds and more engagement with local communities too.


After 18 months of closed doors, SafeScore is holding the (optimistic) prediction that the world will re-open in a kinder, and more conscientious manner

With regards to travel, this means travellers opting for more socially impactful trips. This could be in the form of giving back to local communities which have been so damaged by a lack of tourism. Spending money locally, conscientiously learning more about smaller communities and reducing the tourist footprint are elements of this.

Additionally, green travel is a clear headliner for 2022!

Whether this is in the form of a low-emissions journey, eco-friendly accommodation, or the entire trip, we feel that customers will look to have socially and environmentally-friendly holidays, both for themselves, and for the destination they're visiting 🌎

22 hours ago

Seeking relief in Nature to disconnect from digital overload will be huge.

22 hours ago
Co-Founder, Mudita Adventures

With the major shift happening in the workplace, it seems that this will spill over into how and where people spend both their work & leisure time. Instead of making plans to get away from offices filled with their co-workers, people will now plan to physically engage with their teams in a variety of settings and locations.

While meeting in an office doesn't take much (any) coordination, meeting in a one-off setting does. We're working to make it easy to plan, organize and execute these meet-ups so people can simply come together.

20 hours ago
Storyteller + Entrepreneur, GeotravelerMedia + Local Purse

While I'm a strong advocate for slow, extended travel, just because we start traveling again doesn't mean people will automatically get more vacation days. For example, 12 days of vacation in the US isn't automatically going to morph into 4 weeks of vacation just because travel resumes. But the future of work - remote offices - will mean more people outside of the travel industry will embrace a nomadic work situation where they can shift their base while enjoying the perks of travel - experiencing some place new.

This also means cities would have to advertise for and market towards longer stay visitors. In turn, countries will relax some of their working visa requirements to entice these types of remote working travelers, who revitalize the local tourism landscape.

The pandemic also brought a significant change in our online behaviors and expediated ordering services for convenience, so people will be doing a lot more online shopping, ordering food, and enjoying virtual experiences, even during their travels. The pandemic shut borders down and technology will continue to open them up virtually and in ways that are more accessible than even before the pandemic.

As we enter a new rising wave of COVID infections, rebooking fees for airlines will quickly become a thing of the past. To stay top of mind, airlines may institute no rebooking fees for the next 3-5 years. Airlines may even start covering the costs of PCR tests for passengers to encourage travel.

We all know the buzz phrase, "revenge travel" and this is what's going to make quintessential bucket list destinations such as the Maldives, Greenland, Mongolia, the islands of the South Pacific, for example, quite popular in 2022, if their borders remain open.

Here's hoping 2022 brings real change within the industry and that we've collectively learned our lessons due to the pandemic.

19 hours ago

Travel in 2022 🗓 ✈️
Let's start with the fun trends for 2022!
👪 Multi-generational travel. Covid offered us a moment to pause and reflect on our values and what’s truly important in life. Many cite quality time with their family and loved ones as the greatest unexpected gift Covid gave us. Travelers are now consciously choosing to prioritize these moments, and we are already witnessing a rise in multi-generational travel, especially around memorializing moments missed due to Covid. Grandparents are excited to take their grandchildren on trips to celebrate landmark moments in their life, such as graduations, birthdays, or first job, and we can expect to see this trend continue to rise into 2022.

🚲 Pedalling into 2022! Planes, trains and….bikes actually. Biking experiences are loving life as travelers seek out this active (and green) way of travel. City tours by bike are very popular, as are full-fledged biking trips with dedicated guides.

🏡 Sustainable Stays. Just as Covid impacted our change in values in regards to spending quality time with loved ones, it has also impacted our view of the planet. Never before have we been so confronted with the interconnectedness of the world and the impact a single person can make on a global level. Sustainability has been a rising trend for a number of years now, but whereas we were previously seeing a broad interest, we are now seeing travelers hyper-focus their choices around positive impact. Accommodation is one of the pronounced areas in the travel sphere we see travelers zero-in on and we expect this focus on accommodations to rise in 2022. LEED Certified properties, locally sourced toiletries, low water usage...these are just a number of amenities that we can expect 2022 travelers to look for when booking travel.

Now some of the more corporate trends ➡️
💉 Digital Vaccine Passports at airports, events and restaurants. While you should laminate that CDC Card, cause it will travel the world with you, the future is digital. As seen in the EU bloc, each nation has developed their own version of the QR-code-generating application, and its only a matter of time before all other nations follow suit. Fortunately, it’s a light-weight travel item!

🖥 Workcations. Travelers cannot always take 2 weeks off, but they still want to travel far! So peppering some work-days between the vacay-days is becoming very popular. Plus, what's more local than going to work (which is likely the local cafe), coming home (rented apartment), then going out (cooking class).

⛑ Insurance. Definitely not a fun topic! But people are seeking insurance to protect them in case of border closures, cancelations or illness abroad. Elsewhere’s partner Wanderwell reports a 20% increase in travel insurance in 2021 and sees no slow down.

12 hours ago
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